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Sept. 19: Film in WR (Story)
Sept. 20-21: OneDesign Regatta (Story)
Sept. 27: Marmetta Cup (Story)
Oct. 4: Gov. Point Race (Story)

Oct. 25: Commodore's Ball!


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Mons: Football Night 5:30
Weds: Hamburgers/Brats
Thurs: Tacos/Carne Asada

Fri: Potlucks

An interesting survey.
Apple Specialists:
Yacht Sales & Charters:
Canvas, Upholstery: 
Casino, Dining, Resort:
Catering Services & Facilities:
Electrical Repairs
Electrical Repairs &
Supplies, Furnaces:
Engine Repairs &
Financial Services:
Insurance, General
& Marine:
Special-T Sign & Graphics  
Marine Cooling Systems:
Marine Fuel:
Marine Services:
Marine Supplies:
Outboards, Stern Drives,
Boats & Repairs: 
SEPTEMBER 16-22, 2014

SAD NEWS: We lost a beautiful spirit and one of our own last week. Veronica Vernon has passed on to a peaceful place, now free of turmoil, pain, and the trappings of this world. She graced our presence with her smile, beaming from ear to ear, a gentle spirit full of kindness and light. It's hard for us to express the love we all shared with Veronica. We miss you greatly, and look to each other for comfort and strength. Michele Bodtke, Commodore  
WED: Sept. 17 - 5pm Burgers and Brats, 6:00 PM ELECTION NIGHT; THURS: Sept. 18. - 5pm Carne Asada; FRI: Sept. 19: FRIDAY@5!  SAT Sept 20: BBOD Events
WED: Sept 24: 5pm Burgers and Brats; 6:00 PM MEET THE CANDIDATE NIGHT THURS: Sept 25 - 5pm Carne Asada;    FRI: Sept 26: Come on down to your club!
ELECTION NIGHT IS 6:00PM THIS WEDNESDAY! Ballots must be received by 7:00 PM Wednesday night, when the ballot box officially closes. Please get your ballot in the mail or better yet, come to the club and vote in person. Ballot Box is open from 6:00 to 7:00 PM. You are electing your leadership - it's important, so please vote. See you at the club Wednesday, Michele Bodtke, Commodore
SAD NEWS: We lost a beautiful spirit and one of our own last week. Veronica Vernon has passed on to a peaceful place, now free of turmoil, pain, and the trappings of this world. She graced our presence with her smile, beaming from ear to ear, a gentle spirit full of kindness and light. It's hard for us to express the love we all shared with Veronica. We miss you greatly, and look to each other for comfort and strength. Michele Bodtke, Commodore  
PACRIM REPORT: Thanks to the dedication and hard work of so many members of the Bellingham Yacht Club and the Bellingham Sister Cities Association, the 2014 Pacific Rim Challenge is now over and the United States Team comprised of our sailors from the BYC took first place - the first time since the inception of the race in 1989.
    The results, details, pictures, and summary of the event will be completed next week, but each and every member of the BYC can be proud of the work, time and effort put in.  Every single Country made a point of letting the Planning Committee know that this was the best PacRim event they have participated in.
    Most importantly, from the PacRim 2014 Planning Committee, thank you to everyone for making the event the success it was!  Your efforts not only showed how great the BYC membership is, but also you were great cultural ambassadors for our community. --- John Gargett & Terry Tavelli

FRED MEYER DONATES TO SAILING KIDS IF WE LET THEM! Jack Levine has signed up the Sailing Foundation as a recipient of charity dollars from a new Fred Meyer program, and your fuel and goods purchases will earn them. Click here to get the details. Thanks to Fred & Jack!

    The club will open Monday evenings for Monday Night Football again!This Monday (9/22) it’s the Chicago vs. NY. Game time is 5:30. We will have bar food available, including $1 hot dogs, Monica’s special gourmet hot dogs for $2 (check these out, they’re a Mexican street vendor specialty and really good!) along with $2 carnitas (corn tortilla stuffed with pork, onion and cilantro – yum!). So come on down and catch a game and get stuffed! 
    Starting this week, the bar and lounge will open at 5 PM and we’ll have bar service five nights a week (closed only on Tuesday & Sundays). We’ll continue with burgers and brats on Wednesdays, starting at 5 and serving ‘till 7:30 or so, depending on how many hungry souls show up. On Thursdays, Monica is doing her “to die for” carne asada, refrieds and bean burritos, along with that nearly famous roasted salsa you’ve been hearing about! Come on down and check it out. Bring the whole crew!
    Finally, on Friday & Saturday this weekend
 is the Dale Jepson One Design Regatta.
riday is a Friday@5, so let’s get back into the swing of things with potluck dishes to share. Come on down and hang out with friends and have a bite or two! See you in the lounge! --- Steve Hayward
HELP NEEDED FOR THE ONE DESIGN REGATTA! The club has been buzzing with event after event. It seems that every day has been a party, and the volunteers have been busy busy busy...  I am hoping that folks can put on their volunteer hats one more time for one more event to cap off this incredible month of September.  
    The Dale Jepsen One Design Regatta planning is in full swing. We will have loads of boats and lots of action in the club. At this time, we are in need of a couple more folks for shore-side tasks. These include helping to set up dinner on both days, registration,stuffing registration packets, and whatever miscellaneous things need to be done.  We are also in need of 3 to 4 people to help launch and land trailers to make the launch ramp run smoothly. This job will be Saturday from 10 to 11 and Sunday from 9 to 10, as well as in the afternoons both days for about an hour after racing is done.  It is a great way to see the boats and to mingle with the owners.
    This Thursday Sept. 18 we will meet at the club at 5:30 to hand out marching orders and to fill any holes we may have. 
Please e mail me at to offer help.  It will be much appreciated.
--- Mike Poulos, DJOD Chair
FALL RACING: WHEW! With all the races & regattas lately the BYC race fleet is looking forward to our fall distance races to relax and enjoy the baySeptember 27th will be the annual Marmetta Cup followed by the Governors Point Race October 4th. Boats planning on the Marmetta cup please give me a heads up so we can factor the start times for the always fun reverse start. --- Bart Maupin, Sail Fleet Captain

NEXT TRIP: Hosting Sailors for the Round the County Race!
    On Friday September 19th BYC's youth fleet will be hosting the screening of the movie "The Unknown Sea: A Voyage on the Salish". It's a body of water we are all very familiar with but I'm sure we can learn a thing or two more from this film. 
    Captain Kevin Campion who owns and operates Deep Green Wilderness's historic 64' yawl sailboat, Orion, as a floating classroom for students of all ages will be visiting BYC .The company offers a variety of programs designed to introduce students to the thrill of classic sailing and encourage stewardship of the marine and coastal landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. Captain Campion and the Deep Green Wilderness crew are also passionate about community education and outreach. They are currently putting the finishing touches on their first full educational film, entitled "The Unknown Sea: A Voyage on the Salish". This exciting half-hour documentary film captures the wild beauty of the newly designated Inland Sea, while also touching on the current threats to its ecological health and long term sustainability. Here's a link to the film's new trailer:
    Doors open at 7.00pm in the ward room, there will be an introduction and discussion after the screening. Donations at the door will go towards the movie and the Orion's continued success.   --- Mike Powell, Youth Fleet Captain

    What a fantastic week we had hosting PacRim!! I couldn't be more pleased with the event - I'm just thrilled and beaming with pride. All the hard work, hours of preparation, meetings, decisions, fund raising - really and truly paid off in spades. A huge thank you to all that participated, spending countless hours over the last two years so that the club would be ready. A special thank you to John Gargett and Terry Tavelli - our co-chairs of the event. This wouldn't have happened without their dedication. At the end of the day, everyone had a great time. The weather cooperated, we had good racing every day, and the tours were enjoyed in fabulous sunshine. At the closing ceremony the mood was light, celebratory and over-flowing with camaraderie as folks traded clothing and gear from country to country - while the Russian contingent cruised the room with shots of vodka and dill pickle chasers. The evening filled your heart with happiness, hope and good will. PacRim will be a fond memory for me for many, many years to come. Thank you everyone!
    Next for me - getting the club transitioned into our next year. Please join me at the club this Wednesday for elections - it's an exciting time for the club and choosing those that will lead the club is very important.  
    Serving you from the Helm, Michele Bodtke, Commodore (360) 720-4155

Last week's photograph was taken near Cree Island, in B.C.'s Broken Group, looking Easterly toward Beale Point on Vancouver Island. Dean Altschuler suggested a similar view elsewhere in B.C., while Jane Sylvester and Dick Vetter named views in other PacRim Challenge countries.
This week we see a substantial building built over a canal. If you know the location, send your answer

   Jib Sheet Editor this week is Joe Coons
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