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JANUARY 7-13, 2014
WEDNESDAY JAN. 8 ("Tomorrow" for most readers): WELCOME STEVE HAYWARD our new BYC Bar & Lounge Manager. Steve and his wife Monica are returning here! Steve comes with years of experience, including owning and managing his own bar and restaurant. He has spent most of his life around yacht clubs, and is an avid boater. Steve will be formally introduced. --- Michele Bodtke, Commodore
MEMBERSHIP MEETING THIS WEDNESDAY: The meeting is January 8th at 6:00 PM, with a pot-luck dinner at 5:00 (please bring a soup, salad or entree to share, desserts also welcome). This month we will be introducing the new bar manager, Steve Hayward (see above). There will also be an update about your Club from the last board meeting. It's important that you attend, it's the best way to keep informed about what's happening with the club.
THIS IS AN "OFF-WEEK FRIDAY", so there's no special Friday at Five.  BUT, come on down to your Club anyhow for fun, there'll likely be a good crowd anyway.  Bring an appy if you can...
BOAT SHOW BUS SIGNUPS UNDERWAY: The bus is a great way to go to the show, and it's a Club tradition! Here's the flyer. With Jody's new job selling real estate, she's turned over the event to Donna Olsen; she will give us a great excursion!  Leaving at 8:30am. and returning at 7:30pm, you’ll have fun with no parking or ticket hassle, and admission to both the in-the-water and exhibition hall shows included. On the bus, great food and drink both ways for only $45.00 P/P covering it all!  Sign up on line only at BYC.ORG to enter all the details! Seats are limited…and they are starting to sell. GET YOUR RESERVATION IN NOW, DEADLINE 1/15! 
SUNDAY 2/2 SUPER BOWL PARTY: The club will be open at 1pm. Game time kickoff is 3:30pmOur event will start off with BYC's traditional CHILI COOK-OFF.  Details to follow, including rules for the contest, however be prepared to present your chili no later than 1:30 PM and to clear the chili pot at kick off (the rules are here). The coveted "Silver Ladle" trophy will be awarded at the club during the football game. Contact Neil Bennett (number below) for questions.
    One-Hundred (100) dinner tickets are available for the event. Ticket includes an amazing Tritip steak, Caesar salad and baked potato bar. Dinner tickets are $25, which includes a $1 square on the board. Prizes will be awarded throughout the game to square holders. All dinner tickets will be pre-sold before the game. Dinner tickets are available for purchase exclusively for use by adult BYC members and their families through January 26th; after this date guests of members may buy dinner tickets. No Member (householdor members' guest may buy more than four dinner tickets. 
    To  purchase tickets, contact one of the following Superbowl Party Hosts: James Santosuosso (360) 927-4844Neil Bennett (206) 919-0371Tim Mumford (360) 961-8128.
A SWINGING FRIDAY AT FIVE next week, February 17, will feature the Bellingham Youth Jazz Orchestra brought to us by the BYC Jazz Supper Club Committee.  Come hear these 20 young people play great jazz for an hour (with some breaks) beginning around 5:30.  If you heard them at Opening Day, you know what we mean!
IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: This is the last time we'll run this item: We are returning to the first Friday@5 plan: Camaraderie week's end, supplemented with appetizers and finger food provided by all those that can do so! Of course, this does not any sponsors for a Friday event, and providing more than finger food! If you or your group would like to do that, you will be reimbursed up to $150 towards the cost of food. Please contact me if you would like to reserve a date. Commodore Michele or 360-720-4155
CRUISING REMINDER: Angie Santosuosso is BYC Cruise Chair for 2014. She has some amazing cruises for our members, including three on land and more than ten on water!  You can help host one or more, to destinations such as Deer Harbor, Rosario Resort, Sucia, Friday Harbor, Anacortes, Poet's Cove, Desolation Sound and our own Inati Bay! Angie's done a lot of the groundwork, reserving slips and supplying basics; you will help with planning of activities and at the cruise. Please contact her to help!  It'll be fun for all, including you! Email or call 360-319-7863.
PAST COMMODORE'S CRUISE SET: PC Jody Erickson has set the date for July 18-19-20 at Rosario Resort with lots of activities!  Put it on your calendars now and plan for a fun time! 
WE WILL STILL NEED VOLUNTEER BARTENDERS to help Steve cover events, except now there'll be a pro on hand to help with your bar duties. Thanks, volunteers! Email Steve here.
THE ROSTER IS COMING, HERE ARE THREE THINGS TO DO (DEADLINE 1/26/2014): (1) Send your best photos for inclusion in our BYC RosterIf you're not already in the Roster (which is mailed around February 1), we want a good shot of your faces and your boat! (We can crop your photo for you!)  Look at this year's Roster photo pages in the back of the "Members" section to get an idea what we want. Send photos with the names of the subjects listed to  (2) Send us the name of organizations you work for. This will give our Members a list of BYC folks with whom they can do business.  They also go there... (3) Be sure you check your address in the your 2013 Roster to be sure it's correct; if not, let us know at! (4) Remember that the Roster address listings are never to be used for any solicitation of any kind not directly related to our BYC!  Thanks! --- Joe Coons. Roster Editor
JOE COONS SAYS, "I'M GETTING OLD!" That's why he's looking for some folks to help with writing and editing of the Roster.  He has pledged to teach you all about the tasks, too, making you more computer-proficient.  He will train you and work with, at least for 2014, you'll do, at most, half of the job,  Call him at 739-1528 for details or email here. 
As we embark on another year, I am reminded in many ways of how fortunate all of us are to live in such a beautiful place in a free and democratic country. For those of you that have travelled to less developed countries you know what I mean. For those of you that haven't, I'd be happy to share my experiences with you - just find my ear when you are at the club. 
    I am also reminded how fragile life can be - that we should never forget to live every day as if it's our last. Just his morning there was a fatal accident at the end of the street on which I live. Others I know are suddenly thrown into a tailspin with news that they will be battling what could be a life threatening disease.
    These reminders help ground us in our daily lives; making us stronger and more compassionate towards one another. Please take a moment, as we start this new year, to consider the blessing in your lives and to remember that we all have different life experiences that shape us.
    Here at our BYC, I'm looking forward to the coming year, enjoying our club together and making memories, and getting to know more of you better. ---- Serving you from the Helm, Michele Bodtke, Commodore
EDITORIAL: This past week I got some correspondence from a Member who had some concerns about the Club, and I was able to answer her questions and more important, learn from her concerns! That's one reason our format for the Jib Sheet has changed a little. But here's the point: If you have any concerns about the way our BYC is running, contact someone!  Only then can we do something about it. If you don't know who to call, contact me, and if I can't help  you, I'll know who can!  Thanks for helping. --- Joe Coons, Editor (click here to email me).
Last week's picture was of "Evita's Balcony" on the Casa Rosada, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Mark Harding submitted the only correct answer. Thanks to John Van Haalen for the photograph.
    This week we see a yacht (the next Serendipity?) at anchor. If you know the name of the yacht, or the location of the anchorage, send your answer to

   Jib Sheet Editor this week is Joe Coons
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