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WEEK OF SEPT. 7 - 12, 2011

  • P.I.T.C.H. 2011 -- A HUGE SUCCESS!
  • SKYLARK II UPDATE: from Susie and Gordon

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Sponsors: Squalicum Marine  |  The Landings @ Colony Wharf  Tri County Diesel Marine

NOMINATIONS MEETING: Wed., Sept. 7 at 6:00 pm at the BYC

The Nominations Committee will announce the names of the candidates for Flag Officers and Trustees who have chosen to run.  Nominations will from the floor will also be accepted.  Terry Tavelli, P.C. and chair of the Nominations Committee


I’m not sure if John Van Haalen is back from vacation, however, but I’ve opted to overstep my duties since Monday Night Football at the BYC starts up next week and I have an URGENT need for Volunteer Bartenders.
If your available to Bartend for either the MNF Double Header opener on Monday 9/12 from  4PM-10PM and/or the regular week 9/19 from 5P-9P please get back to me ASAP.  Reply back to the is message or call me @360-303-5465
Then…. If you have an open Monday Night between now and Dec 26thand can tend bar, please contact me and I’ll put you on the schedule.
Unless I find MNF Helpers, I’m adding to the Bartending tasks cooking up a self service pot Polish Sausages and selling squares on the football pool.  MNF Help Wanted: You don’t need to be a bartender to help out with the MNF event.  It’s a 16 week season and it would be great to have a team to spread out the work load.  There is help needed with shopping, cooking dogs, coordinating bartenders,  etc.  If you are able to help, please contact me.

Last year we only required one volunteer bartender, however, if you interested but not too comfortable with running the bar solo, please let me know, and I’ll pair you up with an experienced bartender.

Monday Night Football Double Header @ The BYC September 12
Keep your Mondays open for NFL’s Monday Night Football at the BYC.  This first Monday Night Game is a Double header on September 12th with New England at Miami at 4 PM followed by Oakland at Denver at  7:15 PM.  There will be games, food and drink specials. 

--- Jonathan Knowles, Bar Manager

Sponsors: Special-T Striping & Sign | Chuck McCord, Realtor | West Coast Marine Services

P.I.T.C.H. 2011 -- A HUGE SUCCESS!

Thanks to the entire Club Membership for making this event, in its 38th year, such a tremendous experience.  It’s hard to know where to start with the recognitions and thanks,  there are so many choices: race committee volunteers, bartender volunteers, registration and sales  volunteers, Pirate volunteers, clean up volunteers, raffle ticket sales volunteers, communications and marketing volunteers, merchant volunteers,  Board of Trustee members who created the necessary infrastructure and filled critical volunteer positions with all the volunteers and, finally, all the members who showed up for the Friday’s at Five to welcome the racers and pay tribute to the ongoing legacy of this regatta ( I especially enjoyed chatting with Max King about his exploits ‘back in the day’).  I hope everyone gets the drift of this report by now, and so I will begin to thank all those I can remember.

First, we would not be able to produce an event of this magnitude without the generosity and financial support of our sponsors: member Dave Steffen  and KarMART USA  for their title sponsorship; member Geoff Chamness and Lake Union Sea Ray for the Pin Boat (also known as Target!);  Mike Endsley and the Port of Bellingham for their support and opening up slips to the visiting boats; member Mike Reese and Redden Marine for their generous sponsorship of the band, Ten Feet Thick; member Dale Delmage and Nylatech for their sponsorship of the skipper’s hats; member Jim Langei and Sterling Taylor’s America’s Cup for their sponsorship of the Saturday night Beer Garden; the Bellingham San Juan 24 Fleet for their sponsorship of Sunday’s awards libations; the Dead Pirates for the F@5 barbeque (and for helping out on short notice on Sunday);  Seaview Boatyard for the lending us their parking lot for camping and raffle contributions, along with West Marine, Landings at Colony Wharf, Silver Reef Casino, Samson RopeSqualicum Marine Canvas and an anonymous donation  of two BYC polar fleece vests (please let me know who you are) . 

Please support these sponsors in return for their generosity in any way you can.

OK, time to talk about volunteers.  Let me start by saying that I have spent a lot of time standing in the line to the bar after a lot of regattas and I have NEVER seen a happier line:  when I walked in on Sunday after getting off the water, I was witness to a line that stretched into the Commodore’s Lounge… ‘whoa, I thought, trouble’!  But no, behind the bar were more volunteer bartenders than I have ever seen, each with their name badges and smiles, serving and chatting, extending hospitality that was out of this world.  Thank you, each and every one of you, and to John  VanHaalen and Jonathan Knowles for drafting a world class team for this incredibly important component of the regatta- it’s as much the impression of the club house and bar that visiting racers take home and talk about as it is the racing.  The BYC is becoming known in the Puget Sound yachting community as the ‘volunteer club’ – so much so that a visiting racer offered her 15 year old son, who helped mark boat driver Randy Nulle both days pulling mark anchors.

And, speaking of racing, PRO (Principal Race Officer) Michele Bodtke and her race committee crew pulled off a ‘first cabin’ race program.  The wind was mildly recalcitrant on both days, but Michele’s team coaxed all that could be out of what Mother Nature offered up.  Perhaps this was by way of an apology for 2009, who knows, but all I observed all weekend was explicit, creative and calm race management.   54 boats, divided into 10 starts got as much racing as there was to offer and there is no better measure of success than that. Job well done!   Neil Bennett, chair P.I.T.C.H. Regatta 2011


Race Committee
As the PRO for the PITCH Regatta I would like to personally thank all those that volunteered two days out of their holiday weekend to help put on a stellar event. It takes many people to pull off the quality racing we were able to provide to those that came from Canada and points south - Seattle and beyond. It was top quality work by everyone - kudos to all, I could not have done it without each and every one of you - it takes a village!

Many of the racers thanked me personally for doing such a great job in difficult conditions, particularly on Sunday, a day many of them thought there would be no racing at all.

Great Job To ALL: Bob Snowball, Jack Delay, Virginia Jepsen, Jamie and Tom Ashton, Mike Seal, Jack Keinast, Jane Slyvester, John and Joyce Pedlow, Neil and Michele Bennett, Donna Olsen, Tierney Owens, Megan Link, Dick Grimshaw, Angie Santosuosso, Randy Nulle, and Curt Johnson.
Again my sincere thanks to everyone! Michele Bodtke, PRO, Fleet Captain

Sponsors: LFS Inc. Gary Baker Realtor Matthew Harris Surveyor | Hardware Sales, Inc.

Here is the Election Schedule…

It’s time to start thinking about elections and who you would like to see on your Board for the 2011/2012 year.  We will have openings for 4 Trustees and a Fleet Captain.  Job descriptions for these positions can be found in the BYC By-laws (Articles X and XII), as well as a detailed outline of the election procedures (Article IX, Section 3).

On Wednesday, 7 September, a Nominations Meeting will be held.  Candidates who have chosen to run will be announced and nominations from the floor will also be accepted.

On Wednesday, 14 September, a ‘Meet the Candidates’ night will take place at the BYC.  Candidates, who have decided to run, and have met the qualifications, will be on hand to answer questions and introduce themselves to the membership.

Finally, on Wednesday, 21 September, elections will take place.  Ballots will be mailed to each voting member and they can either be mailed in or returned in person on election night.  Results will be tallied that evening and winners announced.

If you are interested in serving as an officer or on the Board of Trustees, please see the story above.  Thanks!


A Very Successful Weekend!
It’s Monday morning, the sunshine is streaming through the window, my first cup of coffee is sitting next to me and I’m reflecting back on an amazing weekend.  I’m tired, as I’m sure many of our volunteers are feeling right now… but WOW!  Can we put on a first-class regatta?  We sure can! 

I can’t begin to describe how proud I am of this Club and all the amazing people that jumped in over the course of the weekend to lend a hand.  Folks sold t-shirts, parked boats, poured beer, bought supplies – and then bought supplies again because we sold out of everything!  They flipped burgers – on our brand spankin’ new grill! – they sliced onions, they bussed tables, they sold raffle tickets, they stuffed race packets and they showed what volunteerism is all about.

I received many compliments from visiting sailors that were so impressed by our clubhouse, our race management, and just our general hospitality.  We shone… and it showed.

A Busy Week Ahead… 

It’s September, so that means elections for the BYC.  Wednesday night at 6pm is our Nominations Meeting… a chance for the Nominations Committee to bring forth their list of candidates that are choosing to run for office, and also a chance for members to nominate from the floor.  Don’t miss this opportunity to have a say in who is on the ballot!
And to end the week with a bit of fun… it’s the annual Commodore’s Picnic at Inati Bay.  Come enjoy a great weekend at your outstation.  The BYC provides the food and beverages, you supply a side dish, and we all supply the camaraderie and fellowship that makes this place so special.  The Marketing Committee is planning a terrific menu, some fun games, and Joe Young will be bringing along his guitar to entertain us around the campfire.  Oh, and did I mention it’s my birthday too?  So come celebrate and have fun with your fellow members.  And thank you for making this year a great one.
At your service, Commodore Michele


Al Callery and Roger Almskaar correctly identified Dry Falls in Eastern Washington.
"Nothing dry about this place....":   this week’s place

Send your guesses about what they are to Steve Ross at

Keep up the Fun and Games:  If you have something to contribute to the Jib Sheet, send it to

Sponsors: Dawn Durand Realtor  | Rasmussen Marine Electric |  Seaview North Boatyard

OMG…  the most crazy, busiest  time I’ve seen at the Club to date. The Club was packed with a festive PITCH crowd that I was told was reminiscent of the old days.  Although the Bar had planned for the busy week with veteran Bar Manager Dick Johnson stocking up supplies, the PITCH racer overwhelmed inventory and we had to do supplies runs each morning. 
I would like to thank the volunteer PITCH bartenders who were the front line solders of our all Volunteer Club:  Jim & Sterling Langei, Joe Young, Michelle & Neil Benett, Terry Tavelli, Joe Carpenter, The Dead Pirates, Bud Hansen, Jeff Vaughn, Donna Olsen, Mo & Peter Ryan, Dan Ringler & Sandy Hanson.
Also, not enough can be said about our admired paid Bar Man Sam, who with confidence, authority and a million dollar Val Kilmer smile, Sam ran the bar seamlessly over the weekend.  On Sunday, Sam saved my aft end.   Commodore Michelle had exposed a major error in my estimated numbers for Sunday’s PITCH Awards/Raffle and planned to use all volunteers behind the bar.   Sam, who raced PITCH on Dave Steffen’s  Bennetau 36.7,  Vitesse that day, not only agreed to help bartend, he did so as a VOLUNTEER and applied a very sizable TIP JAR towards the Jr Sailing Fund.  Thanks Sam.
The final numbers are not in yet, but I’m confident that as a direct result of a hugely successful PITCH weekend put on by Neil Bennett and his army of volunteers, the BYC Bar will exceed its original projected budget that was set before lowering prices last December.  Thanks everyone for supporting your club and having confidence in the Bar Committee.
Bar Hours changes for Fall & Winter
With the end of the Dinghy and Wednesday racing as we head into boating hibernation, the Bar hours will be reduced.   The initial plan is to have to Bar open Mondays during the Monday Night Football, and Thursday and Friday Nights.  Due to the lack of member interest, the Bar will be shutting down on Saturdays.  A big “HOWEVER”,  if there are any members desiring to keep the Bar open Saturday and help promote programs and events, please let me know.   If you will build it, they will come.
I should be able to arrange volunteer bartenders for you.
Election Night NY Steak Dinner & New BBQ Christening
Our new BBQ was installed last week just in time for the free PITCH BBQ.  The Dead Pirates cooked up over 200 burgers for PITCH racers, BYC Members and guests on the shiny new 6 burner natual gas Weber  BBQ.    But, the new stainless steel beast requires a more fitting ceremony with “Pomp and Circumstance”.  So, we will have an “Official BBQ Christening”  on BYC Election Night, Wednesday September 21st with Bob “Cookie” Kehoe putting together a menu of NY Strip Steak, Potatoes, Salad & Cornbread for around $12.95.   ADVANCED MEAL TICKET WILL BE REQUIRED so we can plan accordingly.  More details to follow…
 Cheers!  Jonathon Knowles, Bar Manager

Sponsors: Wilson Motors | Bellingham Yacht Sales & Charters Northwest Explorations

SKYLARK II UPDATE: from Susie and Gordon

Friday Aug 26 - Morning chores today was cleaning all 4 of our sea strainers, got in a hurry and turned on the generator before opening up the sea valve. (Don't never do dat) Within minutes the generator overheated, faulted and shut down. Oh ya, the sea valve, put the strainer back in and opened the valve. Fired up the gen but no water flowed out the exhaust.. hum, better check the impeller in the seawater pump. By now it was time to head out to our next destination, Pender Harbor so I'll get back to the generator later in the day.  We had a great run down Malaspina Strait about averaging 9 knots with the current.

Pender Harbor - Back to trouble shooting the generator. Opened up the seawater pump and sure enough, the impeller needed to be replaced as the blades were damaged and nearly broken off. We always carry spares and replacement was a one beer job (remember the engine room was hot after running for 5 hours). Ok started up the generator but, no water flow out the exhaust. Now what? I pulled hoses off each section of the seawater path, ran the engine briefly to check water flow. Good after the pump, good after the heat exchanger, good at the return into the exhaust line. Started engine again and sure enough, water was now flowing out the exhaust. Another beer to contemplate, I must have created an air lock when I originally ran the engine with the sea valve closed.  Opening up all the hose locations got it flowing again.. Old dog learning new tricks.

Pender is a great place to hang for awhile and also to restock the stores. We made plans to stop at Jedediah Island and tour the old farm, it's a great hike through the woods and then into the open pasture up to the compound.  There was no room in Deep Bay so we had to look for another anchorage and landed in Boho Bay on Lasqueti Island. It's close enough to dinghy over to Deep Bay and do the hike. It was better than we remembered and Bernie & Rea really enjoyed their first visit. We saw one of the old sheep with dreadlocks as he grazed in the apple orchard. We concluded this was one of our best stops of the trip.

The weather was still great and the seas were pretty calm so we decided to push on to Nanaimo and found space for both boats on the Nanaimo YC Dock. Bob & Jane arrive the next day and we all had a great reunion & crab dinner on the dock. Oh ya, there are crabs to be caught right off the YC dock, about 8 keepers in two pulls.

Today, August 31st we stopped at the fuel dock (US$4.98/gal)on our way to Ladysmith. Our timing was good for a 3knot push through Dodd Narrows. We heard a call out on VHF from a boat named K2 that we recognized from Mexico. Had a great chat as we motored along toward Ladysmith. All's well that ends well, perfect day on the water, anchored by Dunsmuir Islands, great dinner aboard Lindy Lu and a red sunset to boot.

Gordon & Susie

Sponsors: San Juan Sailing & Yachting |  Mike McGlenn, Surveyor | Phil Dyer, Realtor


The BYC Past Commodores/Blue Gavel Chapter will be meeting on September 22 at the BYC Clubhouse, starting with cocktails at 1730.  Contact P/C Karen Callery ( for more information.
--- Steve Ross

JibSheet will be back to its normal schedule for next week September 12 from its Labor Day Holiday schedule. 

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Fair Winds and Following Seas from your JibSheet editors: Kathy Brown, Joe Coons, and Jim Langei.

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