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May 31: See story!
June 14-15, Luau/Pig Roast
July 4 Th Deck Open
July 11-13 PC Cruise, Anacortes
Aug 2-4, Sucia Cruise
Aug 16-18 Buccaneer Cruise
Aug 24 Sat CrabFest


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May 31, Blue Moon F@5

See special events above!

What can happen if you rear-end another boat

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MAY 28-June 3, 2013

FRIDAY AT FIVE THIS WEEK, MAY 31: It's Blue Moon Friday@5, and it's a Member Mixer, a "Meet and Greet Fiesta", with Tacos, Margaritas, and Live Music by Joe Young.  It’s hosted by the Marketing Steering, Programs, and Membership Committees. Arribba! Arribba!! 
    New Members, you will not want to miss this very special Fridays@5! Committee Members from the Social, Facilities, Cruising, Youth Sailing and Sail Racing Committees, along with Trustees and Bridge Officers will be available to chat with you informally and answer your questions from 6:00-7:30.
    Of course, Fiesta appetizers and side dishes are welcome! For more info: please contact Kathy Brown at or 970.218.9628 (voice or text).

CLICK THIS WEEK'S LINK (in the left column) every issue for widely varied knowledge...

A REALLY IMPORTANT ARTICLE ABOUT YOUR CLUB! The Policy & Planning Committee has issued another article tho give you perspective on our Club's challenges, and what we're doing about them.  Please read it here!

IT'S BURGER TIME EVERY WEDNESDAY...  The traditional Burger & Beer for racing nights continues. Patties with cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, chip and condiment complements start coming off the grill around 6:00.  (Matt Ouilette, chair, could still use another volunteer or two for future Wednesdays...

DON'T FORGET TO TIP THE PAID BARTENDERS! Ask for a printout of your tab, then add a tip and sign, just like you would do if paying with a credit card. Our Paid bartenders rely on tips as part of their income, so reward them for good service! --- Mike Welsh

COOKBOOK CONTRIBUTOR REWARD!  Get a free copy of the historic BYC “Mates Favorites” cookbook by sending just six of your favorite recipes to the cookbook committee!  It’s easy to send in recipes with the online form at Members.BYC.Org. Here is a great flyer prepared by the Committee, or for full details, click here. --- Alex Marr
NO ONE HOME: .The Club will be closed tight June 9 - 12: The tables are being re-topped!

    Youth Sailing Classes 
Registrations are continuing to come in for this summer's sailing classes, but many more spaces are available.  Keep spreading the word and if you know of places where flyers can be placed, please contact Megan Link, John Stocklass, or me to get flyers or let us know where to place them.
    Ranger 26 Sailing Lessons There are still four spots available for the Sunday, June 2 date.  To register, e-mail me at  If there is enough interest, we would like to set up a date in mid June just for teenagers.  It would be a great way for someone looking for experience in a keelboat to get some like-minded friends together and go sailing!
 If interested, e-mail me at or call 360-201-9895 --- Arne Ahlen

FUEL DOCK HOURS CHANGING: Summer hours Monday June 10, 7am to 8pm seven days a week. This goes through Tuesday September 3 Labor Day weekend. September 4 they change to Fall hours.

WANT TO HAVE SOME FUN HELPING OTHERS?  Mike Poulos asks sailboaters to participate in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters Sail on Sunday, July 28th.  Details here. Guaranteed to warm the cockles of your heart...Thanks to Blackfoot, the first to sign up!
Hope all of you had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.  If only that weather man cooperated a little more...
    This week brings the Blue Moon Friday @ 5 (the 5th Friday at 5 in May), sponsored by your BYC ALL-Volunteer club!  There is a wonderful schedule of events for this coming Friday at 5 and Joe and Laura will be playing, which is fabulous!  Hope to see you all there…for Tacos and beverages!
    I wanted to mention to all of our Members that we DO have an all-volunteer club and knowing that, we need to remember to bus our own tables at the end of the day:  The Bartenders will appreciate it and all of us can pitch in to help.  Thanks for remembering!
    Be sure you have the next few weeks of events on your schedules…you will not want to miss out:
  • May 31, 2013 -Blue Moon Friday at 5 Sponsored by your ALL volunteer BYC club!  Music and the fixings will be provided.  I want to see all of you there to help celebrate Boating season!
  • June 7th, 2013 Town Hall Meeting. Don't miss this event.  Come hear VC Michele Bodtke and the Policy and Planning Committee's ideas about hiring a Club Manager and more. This is also a Friday@5 sponsored by Neil Bennett and several new members. Theme to TBD, watch for details. 
  • June 14 & 15th (First Annual) All-Clubs Luau.    Come help kick off this event and celebrate a fun and safe boating season with all of our local boating clubs. We have events planned, and we're even roasting a pig on Saturday. Watch for details!
    About the Ship's Store: Be sure to check out the items in our Ships’ Store: Burgees are in, and there is a good selection of items for sale. (If you would like to purchase an item, just pay your friendly bartender.) We are looking for more volunteers for the committee; in case you would like to join it, please contact me!   In fact, if you are a new member and would like to be a part of ANY committee, let me know! I will help make arrangements for your participation. I will be going through the new member committee forms this week.  If you have turned one in, I will see that a Committee Chair contacts you.  (If you need a form, just let me know.)  We welcome and encourage all volunteers!  Step up and continue to make our club an ALL-Volunteer club, our membership is what makes our club special!  Hat’s off to all of our dedicated volunteers, who prove each and every week our club is the most awesome club in the Pacific Northwest!   Welcome to all of our new members!
In hopes that our summer season should arrive soon, I wish all of you a wonderful week full of fun, smiles, sunshine and safe boating.
See you at the club!
Fair Winds and Following Seas --- Jody King Erickson
Last week's photo was taken at the Byte North American Championships which BYC hosted in the late 1990's. Dick Rose, sail racing guru, brought the event to Bellingham and was the Principal Race Officer for the event. No one correctly identified the specific event, although Jim Gibson, Lisa Megard, Al Callery, and Terry Tavelli were all close.
There is a really big fish in this weeks photo. If you know the location, send your answer to

Jib Sheet Editor this week is Joe Coons.
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