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WEEK OF JULY 26-AUG. 1, 2011

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  • Have You Heard? Orca Rules Changed in May...
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Bar Open: Wed-Sat 5PM - Close Bartenders: Wed & Fri Paid; Thu. Jon Knowles & Joe Young; Sat. Dick Johnson
Special Activities this Week: Wed: Mess deck @5:30, Burgers & Brew


SUBJECT:  Dues for 2011/2012
At the Town Hall Meeting on 17 June, it was the consensus of the members present that the dues for 2011/2012 should be raised to $400 (CPI + 14%) for an Active Member (other membership categories are a percentage of the Active membership as per the Policies, [SECTION V]).  According to the by-laws, any increase in dues above CPI + 5% must be approved by a 2/3 vote of the membership in attendance at any regular or special meeting of the Club called for that purpose [ARTICLE XVI. Section 2]. 
Therefore, please plan on attending a special meeting of the Membership on 4 August at 6pm to vote on the dues for the 2011/2012 year. 
Questions or concerns may be directed to
 ---- Meredith L. Ross, Secretary, Bellingham Yacht Club 

[Editor's Note:  The CPI calculations above are for one year.  Over many years, the dues changes have been well under the CPI.  For example, in the 1999-2000 year the dues were $348.  That was twelve years ago, the earliest year I have specific information.  This change to $400 in 2011-2012 will cumulately raise them only one and one-quarter percent per year since that 1999 dues billing! (In 1999, the CPI was 166.6 and at the end of last year, it was 218, an average change of about 2.8%.)  In other  words, our dues have histoprically increased at less than half the historic rate of inflation! --- Joe Coons]

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Ahoy there! Please welcome three local Bellingham families who have joined us this month:
  • Bob Nevitt and Dayle Humphries, along with children Clayton, Jade, and Kiah, own a 19' Whaler.
  • Bruce and Kirsten Reid, with daughters Chloe and Clara, sail a 17' Thistle named Cool Change.
  • Karen and Chip Lauckhardt don't currently own a boat, but they are looking.
 Look for them at the club and encourage them to join us at Inati Bay for Crab Fest Weekend or the Buccaneer Cruise!

And do you remember those new members who joined us in January and are currently living in Saudi Arabia? Well, Dirk and Kathy Vermeeren sent me a note telling us that they are currently enjoying their sailing summer in 110+ degree weather. Hard to imagine! The real news is that they plan to be in Bellingham in September and are looking forward to visiting us at the club while they are in town. So keep an eye out for them!

--- Marian Welsh, Membership Secretary


Thanks to Brian Pemberton & NW Explorations!  We a generous contribuion from them for the deck furniture during the week, but Mike Welsh, our Assistant Treasurer, reports that's the only one to vcome in during the period.  

If you can donate, please make a contribution to the project. You can send your check to Treasurer, Bellingham Yacht Club, 2625 S. Harbor Loop, Bellingham, WA 98225, or you can contribute with cash, check or credit card any time the bar is open.  Thank you!  --- Joe Coons

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You Have To Come to the 2011 BYC Crab Fest Or You Will Lose Out!

You are the fisher (actually crabber), you are the participant, and you are the one who makes it fun!
The 30th and 31st of this month is our annual Crab Fest held at Inati Bay. 

This will be a relaxing raft up and crab fest, and it is probable the first boats will arrive Friday night, July 29th. (I know I will, I have to mow and get the beach ready!)
This entire cruise will be an evolving cruise, meaning that who ever shows up will be participating. There is no formal schedule; this is a raft and Crab Fest up for fun:

Friday & Saturday – Boats away from Bellingham and over to Inati Bay.
For those of you who can make it Friday night – lets plan on a beach fire and have some great stories by the fire. Maybe also some of those s’mores! These beach fires are so much fun, we will just have to do it again on Saturday evening. Oh, and did anyone say this was a Crab Fest?  Better haul the pots before dinner!
Saturday morning (at a time when everyone is ready) – A Potluck Breakfast. Now this might be on the boats, it might be on the shore, but the goal is to just continue to relax and have a good time with your friends from the Bellingham Yacht Club.  There will be no formal potluck, but if we all decide to come to the beach, great!
Saturday afternoon (or late morning, whenever) – Play on the beach. Maybe hikes on Lummi. Maybe a little napping. Maybe a hike up the mountain or out to the Point. Maybe a little reading, but for sure, setting the Crab Pots for Saturday Dinner.

Saturday night – Beach Fire. Oh, and did anyone say this was a Crab Fest?  Better haul the pots before dinner!  And if you bring the ticket (obtained by registering at you may win a crab related prize – but you must have your ticket when the award is announced.

Sunday morning (at a time when everyone is ready) – A Potluck Breakfast. Now this might be on the boats, it might be on the shore, but the goal is to just continue to relax and have a good time with your friends from the Bellingham Yacht Club.  There will be no formal potluck, but if we all decide to come to the beach, great!

Sunday – well, Sunday we will head back home, but probably not before another potluck, hike, beach relaxing…

If you have not ever been to one of the Bellingham Yacht Clubs raft ups at Inati Bay, now is your chance. The only formality is the date. It is a great nearby location for family and boating fun. It might be 5 boats, it might be 50, but head on over!

For Information Contact John Gargett, 656-5700,


The winner from last week is Dean Altschuler, who identified the photo as the marker of the Arctic Circle in Norway.

This week's picture was taken at midnight, local time, which should be a sufficient hint ...

Send your guesses about what they are to Steve Ross at

Isn't this fun?  If you have something to contrubute to the Jib Sheet, send it to

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Wednesday Night Mess Deck:  $5.00 Burger & Brew Special
This week Quinn Selsor will be your Host Cook flipping $5 Burgers & Brew Special on Wednesday Night     ($3 Burger & Soft drink).  There is no requirement for you to own a boat or be racing to enjoy a tasty 1/3 lb Cheeseburger with all the fixing and side potato salad.  The Volunteer Cooks get setup around 5:30 PM, so bring the spouse, family and guests down and enjoy some casual dining at the BYC.  If the sun is shining hot, the deck doors will be open.
Thursday Night Joint CYC/BYC Racing $5 Burger & Beer Special
Again our BYC Members and CYC Guests will be heading to the club house on Thursday after racing for another extension of the Wednesday $5 Burger & Brew Special.  This event starts later than Wednesdays, sometime around 8:00 PM after the racing has concluded.   So, if you find yourself not having had dinner around that time, come down and grab a burger and meet up with Bellingham Sailing crowd.
Wednesday Race Night BYC Cooks Needed!
We are on the last weather leg of Wednesday Racing Night’s $5 Burger & Brew special.   Last month’s bar financials numbers indicated that it’s a popular event.  Bar sales numbers are just eclipsing those of last year’s, which is quite impressive since the sailing fleet is about ½ the size of last year and bar prices were lowered.   The success is attributed to all the BYC volunteer cooks who have donated their time.
Through the course of the racing season so far, I’ve tapped a core set of cooks pretty hard for which I’m extremely grateful.  But now it’s now time for others to take the helm and steer for a night.  It’s really quite easy, fun and a great way to meet members.
What’s required is around 4 hours of your time, from 5:30-9:30 PM, slicing a few veggies, laying out the condiments, flipping burgers, and cleaning up.   All the supplies will be there ahead of time, so there is no need to run the grocery store.
--- Jonathan Knowles, Bar Manager

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Member Dean Altschuler reminds us about the new rules passed by NOAA that apply to Washington State:
All vessels must not be closer than 200 yards of an Orca. (Old law was 100 yards.)  Also, vessels can't be within 400 yards if intercepting or in the whale's path.   Maximum penalty is $ 1,025. 

You can read about it at


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AT LAST, SUMMER IS HERE: Remember to submit your articles to  Deadline is Monday noon.

Fair Winds and Following Seas from your JibSheet editors: Kathy Brown, Joe Coons, and Jim Langei.

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