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  • Team Thursday Is Looking For Bartenders
  • Friday at Five features
  • Door Lock Access Codes Update
  • PITCH Reports & Stories
  • Captain Homie is Back with Book Reviews
  • Past Commodores' Dinner on the 23rd

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Our Club's elections are really important, for it is here we will choose your next officers and Board of Trustees.  You must have mailed your ballot to be at the Club by Wednesday, September 15, or you can cast your ballot in person on that date between 6:00 and 7:00 p.m.  Please participate, it's really important, and it alsp inspires the candidates to do their best for you knowing you care abour our BYC!

There as a minor mistake on the election ballot you got in the may be to late now, but the instructions were wrong: you needn't sign the ballot itself, only the envelope.  Sorry for the confusion!

To make the evening more fun, Windows on the Bay will be serving the following menu from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.
Served with French Fries, Onion Rings or Caesar Salad:
The Hilltop Steak – a very tender flat iron cut 8 oz. $14.95 or a Charbroiled Wild Salmon – 6 oz. with whiskey glaze $12.95 or a Deluxe Cheeseburger $7.95 or a Deluxe Bacon Cheeseburger $8.95 or a Wild Salmon Fillet Burger $10.95
Served as Listed:
3 – Piece Cod Fish & Chips $10.95 or a Caesar Salad with Charbroiled Chicken $10.95 or a Caesar Salad with Blackened Wild Salmon $11.95 or a Bowl of Clam Chowder $4.95 (with Caesar Salad $7.95) or a Small Caesar Salad $3.95

Can You Bartend this Thursday?

John Van Haalen is seeking a bartender for this Thursday.  Please help out!  Call him at John Van Haalen 360-650-9319 ( We thank you in advance for your willingness to help! You might consider signing up to help more than this one time, too...

It's Friday at Five this Week!

This week we're inviting everyone to meet our incoming trustees and officers and bring their favorite appetizers to our popular gathering.  Steve Moore's delightful flyer is here.

About the Door Locks...

As we told you last week, the new door locks are in, and a few key volunteers in our Club have a temporary code for access to either floor.  At this weeks Board Meeting (this Thursday, September 16) the Board will determine how the coding and access will be set up, at least for the near future.  Al Callery, who is our "keeper of the codes" will be following through as the plans are set.  We appreciate your patience, it will be worth the wait!  In the meantime, if you have a code, remember the drill: Enter the code of the keypad with the red light.  When the light turns green, PUSH then PULL the door handle to get in. 

PITCH Reports & Stories...

First, the Results....

No one went thirsty at the 2010 Wilson Motors/Mercedes Benz PITCH Regatta thanks to the Dead Pirates, Park (Coast Aluminum and Architectural, Andy and Kevin (NW Rigging and Anacortes Brewery), Tim (Squalicum Marine Canvas) and the BYC bartenders; no one went hungry, thanks to the Dead Pirates and Windows on the Bay; no one who wanted to ‘shake a leg’ didn’t, thanks to Gertrude’s Hearse. No one went home without some of the best Bellingham Bay sailboat racing in a long time, thanks to PRO Michele Bodtke and her crack race committee crew, and of course, Mother Nature. 
Saturday morning saw light shifty wind: just to get the fleet in gear PRO Bodtke started promptly at 10:00 AM in a steady Southerly that eventually died and called for an abandonment.  After some cat herding by Jan and Skip, a shifty Southwesterly filled in which led to 3 full races, extending well into the advertised happy hour and dinner schedule. But, as PRO Bodtke told this reporter, ‘they came to race, not eat dinner’, and race they did.
Each fleet saw aggressive starts but no OCS and most importantly no I flag, clever mark rounding and close finishes. Speaking of fleets, this regatta marked the resurrection of the North Puget Sound San Juan 24 fleet, with 7 boats and the continuing emergence of the Fleet 16 Etchells, with 11 boats on the line. 
P1 was a mixed bag, with 4 multi hulls and 1 mono hull in a separate division (except for the Kelly O’Neil cup where they were scored together). Cat Sass was the multi winner and Flash the mono hull winner – Steve Travis wrote, “Even though there was no one to race against, it was a good practice for new bow guys for start of fall season!!  Steve is a great supporter of PITCH.
P2 saw lots of action with a huge class break spread. It ended up as a 1D 35 sandwich, with BYC’s  Extreme wedged (like many of the starts until Jack got his race horse up and moving) between two CYC-S J 109’s,  Tantivy in first and Illusionist in third.
P3 Etchells, was won by Dave Steffan on Callipygian (you write him and ask what it means), followed by Gary Baker’s Toast and Tom Malone’s Warlock.  This mostly BYC fleet is an awesome, up and coming group with universal destiny. If you are an Etchell’s  sailor, you want to be here.
P4 was dominated by Brad Butler in his Port Madison YC Sierra 26 Dos, followed by AYC’s    J-27 Stranger, skippered by Ian Sloan and CYC-B’s J-33 Hraven , skippered by Todd Koetje.
P5 saw a lone CYC – S boat, Rubicon, a S2-9.1 crossing the finish line most consistently to take first, followed by the BYC hounds of Blackfoot, a Hotfoot 27 and another S2-9.1, Flying Circus.
In P6, the San Juan 24 class, there was a  resurgence back to ‘the day’ of PITCH - quarter tonner’s duking it out!  Seven of them, and one winner and two runners up and, by the sounds of them in the bar, no sore losers!  Hooty Hoot! Shannon Buys – Magic Juan was first, Dave Klingbeil, Merlin was second and Dave Steckman’s Renaissance was third.  But, to listen to them, they were all winners-as the MC said, ‘this is what sailboat racing is all about!. Look for the pictures on the Internet.
Finally, in P7 it was kind of lonely (well not as lonely as P1 mono hull). Betsy Wareham made the trek from OIYC to take first in Red Eye Express (does she get up too early?), followed by Team Handyman (I need something fixed), and Corky Brown’s (get me some new) Blue Jeans.
For the first time in a long time, the first overall award went to a small boat with a big boat attitude, and that’s what we like: Shannon Buys Magic Juan wins the black jacket…and his wife was so thrilled he bought her one to match. Watch for them on the water.
Finally, the Kelly O’Neil cup was dusted off and brought back out. For those of you who don’t remember, the BYC initiated this cup in 2004 after Kelly’s unfortunate passing. In tribute to her love of the sport of sail boat racing, this cup commemorates her spirit. It’s a team trophy to the yacht club that joins together and collectively achieves the best score, using a formula similar to 48 North’s top 25.  This year’s KON winner is Team CYC – Seattle, a first for them.
Full results and a link to Jan Anderson’s fabulous pictures can be found at
Thanks overall to Mercedes Benz/Wilson Motors and Port of Bellingham for their enduring support of this regatta and to the rest of our sponsors who donated such awesome items to the Youth Sailing Fund Raiser Raffle. There is no regatta in Puget Sound (or anywhere in the United States) that isn’t subject to the perils of uncooperative weather, the economy and schedule conflicts - we appreciate everyone who made the effort to join us; we enjoy the opportunity to share the beauty and pretty much always good wind of Bellingham Bay, and we really want to see you all (and more) again next year.
Hooty Hoot!

Now, some kudos:   WE DID IT!!!
We showed the better part of all the Puget Sound Yacht Clubs that we are ALIVE and WELL!  We put on an awesome 37th PITCH regatta and we kicked A**.  And, it goes without saying, we could not have done it without Mother Nature…
  • This year, in addition to Mom N’s great wind and weather (OK, so it was a little challenging on Sat morning, but that’s why we ‘pay’ Michele Bodtke the ‘big Bucks’ to keep this all together), we had lots of members volunteering:
  • At the club on Friday Night @ 5, showing the visiting racers what a good time it is to visit the BYC…devilled eggs, come on, where else? And the Pirates? Come On! Carne Asada and beer? Where else? And all the rest of you that socialized and created such a warm, welcoming environment -  the club just oozed good will.
  • On the shore, Jody Erickson and her crew of volunteers: Matt, Lisa, Verna and everyone else, you guys rocked! 
  • On the water, it was Michele Bodtke and her posse of Jane, Jamie, Ginny, Jack, Bob, Terry and the cast of thousands on the mark boats: Don M., Don J. and Steve and whoever they had with them.
  • And, Windows on the Bay dished out some great grub and kept all the tummies full on Saturday and Sunday and the drinks flowing every night – THANKS!!!
Volunteers make this happen - behind the scenes are also the innumerable folks that provide  infrastructure – Ray and Sally with the website; Katie and the youth sailors who sell the raffle tickets, all of us that call sponsors and run errands, the favors we call in from friends to tap into their resources (graphic design and color printing) at discount prices and the sponsors in the community who dig deep to support us with their raffle donations. Support them whenever you can.  A link to Jan’s fabulous pictures are on the PITCH website.
None of this would happen without everyone’s involvement.  And, with that said, can’t wait to see you across the table next year!

--- Neil Bennett, SV Garufa

Captain Homie (that's Frank Richardson) has a Book Review...

[We kept leaving this out...Sorry, Homie!  -- Ed.] 
Capt.Homie  has a couple of Books to recommend.

First is Clam Gardens by Judith Williams. This will help you understand something that you’ve probably seen but never knew how they came about. And remember where there are clams there are probably crab, cause that's what they eat! Not a lot of chicken or turkeys waking around on the ocean floor, so crans have acquired a taste for those bivalves.

Second is The Sea Runners by Ivan Doig, available at Village Books and on Amazon. Based on a true story. I met a fella once at The Deep Cove YC (Indian Arm B.C. Canada) who thought it would make a great movie and I agree.

I'll share some other Good Reads as I dig thru my many boxes of stuff that have been removed from the CAROLINE, which, sadly, I’m selling. You bet, the waterline is coming up a bit!
Don't Forget the Past Commodores' Dinner!

Our P.C.'s are getting forgetful in their old age (I know, the editor this week is one!)  So a reminder to all of us: There's a Past Commodores' Dinner at the Club on September 23rd at 5:30.  Call Karen Callery ASAP if you can attend and haven't already signed up!  (360) 676-0784

Remember to submit your articles to  Deadline is Monday noon.

Fairwinds and Following Seas, your JibSheet editors.

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