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  • Friday at Five This Week...
  • Buccaneer's Cruise this Weekend...
  • Poet's Cove Cruise Update...
  • The Background on Bar Prices (an editorial)...
  • Club Seeks Officer & Trustee Candidates
  • More Contributions for Club Improvements
  • Boating Course Offered

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Friday at Five This Week...

Steve Moore announces that this week is a "Dog Days of Summer" Friday@Five! It is HOT-HOT-HOT!  Bring your favorite summertime plates to help us through our unseasonably hot weather...there's no flyer for this one...

Buccaneer's Cruise This Weekend

The Annual Buccaneers Cruise is set for August 20th, 21st and 22nd at Inati Bay! This is the third annual Buccaneers Cruise and it's Open to ALL...  There will be a Treasure hunts for kids and adults, a live band, kegs, a raft up, it's a party! 
We'll be there Friday & Saturday nights sleeping in tents, boat bunks, whatever.  If you don’t have a boat-- Just show up. We'll be running speedboats back and forth to Taylor Street Dock.  If you can play music, bring an instrument. We will play into the night! Best of all, we'll have RUM.. and tattoos..and Pirates! For more information and to help with preparations, please contact Troy or Cori Curran, 360-380-9973,

Poet's Cove Cruise Update

First, it seems that everyone who wanted a room has gotten one, but what is interesting is that the count for the dock spaces is lower than the room numbers. Since all but one of the rooms is going over in their boat, that means some people have not made their slip reservations.  You need to do that now.  So call the Marina office (1-250-629-2111), but tell them it is for the BYC Cruise. For the rooms in the Lodge (or Cottage) you must call the front desk (1-888-512-7638) and tell them you are booking for the Bellingham Yacht Club.

Second, as I am sure you all know, September 19th is “National Talk Like A Pirate Day”.  Actually it is International Talk Like A Pirate Day, and in honor of this John & Teresa Van Haalen, along with Matt & Brenda Dennis, have decided to make this the theme of the Scavenger Hunt.  They have named Friday Nights event (after the dock party) “Talk Like A Pirate Treasure Hunt” – that means wenches, rum, gold, swords, or at least I think it does.  And if you do not believe this is a real, it is.  Check it out at, and when you do, take time to read about the history.  Also read Dave Barry’s column on the day (  Finally, we will be posting our event on the Talk Like A Pirate Day website as one of the international events.

Concerned About Our Bar Prices?  An editorial comment from Joe Coons...

I studied economics, "the dismal science", in college.  After a BYC member recently bellyached to me about our bar prices, I thought about his remarks and was reminded of the following:

1) Our spirits "pour" is now 1.5 ounces, the largest in town, by far!  Most places pour only an ounce or even 7/8ths of an ounce.  Our wine pour yields only four glasses to the bottle, over six ounces --- compare that to other places where they get five or six glasses per bottle, and of course our wines are much higher quality than in the past! Our draft beer is 16 ounces, and our stout is 20.  We don't use thick glasses with 1" bottoms, either.  Have you noticed our draft beer quality is better, too, because of our new system?

2) Yes, our drinks used to be cheaper, yet we still made money, when all our bartenders were volunteers.  Obviously, when we had no labor costs, we ran the place for less money!   If you were not a regular, every-two-months-volunteer-bartender, you are the reason we now have professionals! If you were not a regular volunteer,  perhaps you should not be complaining! When we hire a bartender, and the prices are the same, we have to sell about 75 extra servings in a night to pay for a bartender; we don't, so we have to charge more. Unless everyone does their share as a volunteer,  we must hire bartenders some nights. Personally, I guess Judy and I are like many of you: we'd rather have a pro on duty than work ourselves --- and we used to bartend frequently when called upon!  We're glad to pay the same as at other quality places to be in our own Club with our good friends.  The old formula, "no labor cost plus smaller drinks equal lower prices", was unsustainable given the amount of time our Members were willing to give reliably and freely.

3) The service we're getting now is so much better.  Our place is clean and tidy, the drinks are consistent, the selection is better.  Combine this with our generous servings, and the BYC bar is the best value in town!

4) On our busy nights, aren't our professionals terrific?  Sam and his colleagues bring us reorders, clear our tables, and best of all, serve us couteously and promptly. 

5) Finally, cancel the thought that our bar prices have anything to do with the remodel.  They don't.  Our cash flow for overhead is the same as before!

In fact, there are just a few Members of our Club who keep complaining, and they are unfair to our officers and board all of whom are working hard to make us all proud and happy BYC-ers, giving us a terrific, comfortable, and pleasant gathering place with consistent service. 

Let's all try to tell our leadership how much we appreciate what they're doing, and squelch the complainers.  Running this Club to suit everyone ain't easy, and the Board deserves our warm, enthusiastic support.  Thanks for listening!

Nominating Committee Looking for Board & Officer Candidates

The election of your Officers is one of the most important activities in the Bellingham Yacht Club.  Commodore Foti announced that Nominations are open, and they will remain open until September 1st.  Serving on the Board is a very rewarding experience.  Board meetings are the 3rd Thursday of each month, generally from 1800-2000. Beyond this you are expected to serve on at least one of the Club’s Committee’s, and attend, if possible, Opening Day, the Commodore's Picnic and the Commodore's Ball.

Contact any one of the committee members: John Gargett, Randy Nulle, Karen Callery, Jon Seestrom, Cheryl Meyers, John Van Haalen, or Kathy Brown

More Contributions Received for Club Improvements

We've received generous contributions from Bob & Bev Bingham and Matt Ursin that will go toward remodeling and facilities costs at our Club; the plaques recognizing their gifts will be in place on two of our chairs soon. 
There are still have more opportunities for donations for capital improvements to our Club, and each $250 will remembered with a chair plaque with up to two donors names  (a single $1,000 donation will be recognized with five chairs named as you wish). We also are looking for a sponsor for the Junior's Midshipman's Bench along the upper lounge wall; this opportunity for a significant recognition plaque is valued at $2,500.  If you're interested, call Joe Coons at (360) 739-1528 for details.

Boating Course Offered by Power Squadron...

Bellingham Sail & Power Squadron offers America’s Boating Course at Bellingham Technical College Tuesday, Sept. 21 to Nov. 9, 2010, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. This introduction to maritime safety and piloting teaches the basics for safer sail and power boating.  It includes navigation of local coastal waters using the mariner's compass, nautical charts, and plotting tools.  It is recognized by insurance companies as a factor in lowering risk and fulfills the requirements for the Washington State Boater Education Card. 
For a $95 fee, students receive instruction, course manual, chart plotter and membership in the United States Power Squadrons. This course is the first rung in a ladder of more advanced courses – ranging from seamanship to celestial navigation – offered locally by the Bellingham Sail and Power Squadron.  Students will need dividers and NOAA Chart 18421 (Strait of Juan de Fuca to Strait of Georgia). To register call BTC at (360) 752-8350 and ask for Item #4560. For more information go to

This week: Friday at Five, Bar open Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday-Saturday, Buccaneers Cruise this Weekend!

Remember to submit your articles to  Deadline is Monday noon.

Fairwinds and Following Seas, your JibSheet editors.

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