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Oct 31: Halloween Party & Costume Contest
Nov. 1: MAST Permit C

Open 5PM Wed - Sat

November bartenders

Click here for hours

Mon: Football Night 5:30
Thurs: Tacos/Carne Asada
Fri: Potlucks

Round the County
Apple Specialists:
Yacht Sales & Charters:
Canvas, Upholstery: 
Casino, Dining, Resort:
Catering Services & Facilities:
Electrical Repairs
Electrical Repairs &
Supplies, Furnaces:
Engine Repairs &
Financial Services:
Insurance, General
& Marine:
Special-T Sign & Graphics  
Marine Cooling Systems:
Marine Fuel:
Marine Services:
Marine Supplies:
Outboards, Stern Drives,
Boats & Repairs: 
Oct. 28 - Nov. 3, 2014

WED: 29 Oct: Bar open; THURS: 30 Oct: 5pm Carne Asada;  FRI: 31 Oct: Blue Moon F@5 and HalloweenSAT: 1 Nov: Club Open - Bar Closed; MON: 3 Nov: Monday Night Football

Halloween Party on Friday!

It's a 'Blue (Orange?) Moon' Friday's at 5 this week, AND it's Halloween!  Trustee Rick "Boo" Laursen is organizing a costume contest, so get creative and come on down to the Club!  Judging for the contest will take place around 8:30pm, so you have plenty of time to tend to your Trick-R-Treaters and get to the Club.  Prizes will be awarded and everyone is encouraged to bring a Halloween-themed dish to share.
The New Club Year is Underway and Dues are.. Well, Due!!
Thanks to all of you who responded in a timely fashion to your annual dues invoices which were mailed in September. Your new member cards should be on the way. We are glad to have you with us and look forward to seeing you at the club soon.
    If you have not yet made your payment (due October 1) please submit it now.
    You can arrange to pay your full annual dues by way of our Direct Debit program. A program enrollment form can be found here.  Any Active member may elect to pay dues in four quarterly installments, but you must enroll in the Direct Debit program to do so. 
    If you have misplaced or have a question about your invoice, please contact Assistant Treasurer, Mike Welsh at
Memorial Donation Honoring Veronica Vernon
Michelle Millar, owner of Mi Shoes is organizing a donation in memoriam of Veronica Vernon at this year's Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services gala auction, which will be held on November 1st at the Silver Reef Event Center. Anyone wanting to contribute to this group donation, please stop by Mi Shoes (1315 Railroad) to drop off your check (made payable to "DVSAS"). Alternately donations (payable to DVSAS) may be left at the Club and Sally Poorman will pick up/drop off. There is still time to participate in a lovely memorial to a dear friend and club member that we all miss. If you leave a donation at the Club, please do so by Thursday evening, the 30th. --Sally Poorman
It’s going to be a busy week (again) at the club! Here’s the latest dope!
    WED: We are introducing SOUP KITCHEN NITE! It’s much too cool for grilling burgers, so we’re moving the festivities inside with HOT ’N’ HEARTY SOUPS. The menu will change from week to week, so keep checking this space for the week’s offering. This week we’re starting things out with SOUP KITCHEN CHILE! Come on down, ladle out a bowl and get warm from the inside out! Yum!
    THUR: Monica celebrates her 50th by preparing Carne Asada and her scrumptious burritos for your dining pleasure! Can she blow out 50 candles? We’ll see!
    FRI @ 5: HALLOWEEN PARTY! The lounge is taking on overtones of a haunted house for the annual Halloween Costume Party. There will be a special prize for the most goulash outfit, so get in the swing of things and outfit yourself to suit the occasion!
    SAT: High School Singlehanded Regatta. Lounge open but BAR CLOSED in order to better accommodate our young participants.

    MONDAY NITE FOOTBALL with $1 hot dogs! Such a deal! Come on down, watch the game and munch a doggie!
THAT’S ALL FOLKS!  See you in the lounge!   --- Steve Hayward
Bartenders Needed!
Have you thought about bartending at the Club? Now is the time! We are hosting a Mandatory Alcohol Server Permit (MAST) training class at the Club on Saturday morning, 1 November, at 10:30am.
    The class will take approximately 3 hours and you will receive your permit at the end of the class. Cost is $25 (if we have a minimum of 10 folks participating).
    Most volunteer bartenders are scheduled for one evening shift per month. Some choose to work more shifts, mainly because it can be an enjoyable way to spend an evening at the club and get to know some folks you haven’t had the chance to interact with before! It’s an easy and fun job, and a great way to support your club! 
    If you’re interested, let Steve know at the bar, or email him at
Ed. Note:
Your permit is good for 5 years and the class is taught by Kevin the Wine Guy - a very entertaining guy who knows his stuff.
Congratulations to Dave Steffen and the Vitesse crew for coming in 4th (and scoring a bullet in the last race!) at this weekend's Grand Prix Invitational Regatta, hosted by the Seattle Yacht Club!
NEXT TRIP: Hosting Sailors for the Round the County Race!
Rear Commodore Neil "Budget" Bennett reports that the BYC finances are strong and stable.  Volunteerism is still the heart of the BYC and every hour you give allows us to maintain a strong balance sheet; maintain our assets; and pursue worthy projects.  Click here to read RC Neil's full report.
What a great Commodore’s Ball!  I’ve received very nice feedback on theme, food, dance music and frivolity!  Thank You to all those who attended and for making it a memorable event.  And, a special Thanks to those who help plan & decorate.
    However, the most enormous Thank You goes to my enormously loving and enormously beautiful wife Ann.  Who, somehow managed to pull off this enormous event between her enormous responsibility as a full time physician, her enormous job of raising our 3 smart and talented children and her enormous patience of putting up with me and all my enormousness.
    And from the bottom of my enormous heart…  I love you!
    (If you don’t understand my message, you’ll need to ask someone who was there. Otherwise, there will be enormous consequences of my 22 years of marriage if I attempt to dig myself out!)
    BYC’s Halloween Party & Costume contest is this Friday. On Saturday & Sunday,  BYC is hosting the ISSA High School Singlehanded Sailing Championships followed by ICSA College Championship on the weekend after this.   And, don’t forget to mark your calendars for the BYC Sailing Awards Banquet on Nov 18th & Tom & Jerry Party on Nov 26th.   AND… you’ve better started working on your Lighted Boat Parade design.  I’m challenging the BYC Membership to make this year’s LBP on Dec 6th the biggest in recent years.
    Help keep our club vibrant and active by attending one of these clubs event or anytime the club lounge is open  … MNF, Taco Night, Fri@5
Cheers  --Comenormous Knowles, Commodore
I would like to send a special thank you to everyone who made the Commodore’s Ball a success this year.  There is no way to pull off this event without club participation and I was so lucky to have a crew that made it possible. To Marian Welsh, who tirelessly ironed tablecloths and napkins and overlays, I cannot thank you enough!  To Donna Olson, Linda Levine, Lisa McArdle, Maya Allsop, Ariane Ringler, Kim Warshawer – thank you for creating such beautiful tables in the dining room and in the Club.  To Sue Day & Katy Day, thank you for cutting netting and decorating the club walls and editing my crazy ideas!  To Susan Henderson & Levi thank you for staying up late, singing 60’s and 70’s tunes and working on the seating charts!!  To Mike & Judy Powell, Sean & Emma, thank you for helping clean up the Commodore’s room, picking up the cake and setting up picture station– all the last minute details.  To Laura Corcoran, thank you for buffing chargers with me, they looked fabulous!  To Mike Allsop for the additional décor – the clipper ship was so beautiful!  To Mark Santosuosso, thank you for hanging and taking down the lanterns!! To my daughter Marle for decorating around the fireplace in the Commodore’s Room, taking pictures at the ball and for being such a great kid overall! Thank you also to the clean-up crew on Sunday morning – I was so bleary eyed that day – but to the Welsh’s, the McArdles, the Powell’s, the Hayward’s, the Riek’s, Mark & Jack Santosuosso, Katy Day, Sandy Labadie & Megan Link, you made such quick work out of it!  I am hoping I have not forgotten anyone – but if I have, please forgive me.
    Again – I thank all of you – I sincerely could not have done this without your help!   --
Ann Knowles
Last week's photo of the rainbow was taken near Roche Harbor. No one correctly identified the location, although Jamie Foti was close.
This week we see a quiet scene. If you know the location, send your answer to
   Jib Sheet Editor this week is Michele Bennett
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