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It was cold last winter!
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May 13 - MAY 19, 2014
F@5 THIS WEEK: See Steve's BAR MANAGER Column!!
It's rewarding to look back at our BYC just over four years ago in January, 2010.  That's when scores of us came down to the Harbor, and in an amazing example of teamwork, we demolished the old bar, lounge, and Commodores Room in the first step to create the wonderful space we have today.
     I ran that campaign providing furniture for the new space, and you were amazing in your response!  Within a few weeks we raised over $50,000 for chairs, tables, TV's, and more.  
    Now, four years later, our Club is completing another remodeling, but this time, our gang got it done without shutting the Club or engaging scores of us. That's because this time the work was less dramatic, more a task for specialists. No opportunity for sledgehammers, pry bars and saws, and more need for painstaking detailing.
    And that has left us very appreciative...but less involved.
    Now, I'm asking you to get involved. Stop in at the Club and look at this wonderful, all-new space (if you haven't seen it already). You can use your access code and take a self-guided tour! You'll see beautiful trophy cases to protect our Club's treasured mementos; gorgeous buffets with laminated counters and lots of outlets to make pot-luck dining easy and gracious; a food-prep area for Members and renting organizations to bake, microwave, and keep refrigerated their refreshments; wonderful lighting, video and sound systems to accommodate parties or presentations; a new, raised and recessed ceiling with gorgeous woodwork to give it a feeling of both tradition and contemporary design excellence.
    This work was done by a small team of the same people as in 2010, led by Mike Allsop, TerryTavelli, Mark Santosuosso, and others...we'll give all them full recognition in the room when the finishing touches are complete. They've worked hard on our behalf, and once again they've joined with the team donating thousands of hours; this project which cost around $45,000 is worth well over $90,000.  It's gorgeous!
    Now you can do your part, helping us recover some of this cost --- and you'll be recognized, too*.  Once again we're asking you to kick in some cash. We have set a $30,000 goal (less than $100 per Member) for this fundraising effort which I have been asked to lead once again. Judy and I are contributing, of course, and I'm hoping you will join us.  I promise to keep you all informed how it's going, so that on July 1 when this campaign ends, 49 days from now we will have, once again, exceeded even our own expectations!
    Here is a link to connect you to our BYC.ORG website where you can make a donation to help the Club recover it's well-spent money on this beautiful project. *We will contact you personally to OK any mention of your gift. THANK YOU! --- Joe Coons

A GREAT MEMBER BENEFIT! Sea Magazine is offering us a free year's subscription! All you have to do is click here.
MEMBERSHIP DRIVE SUCCESS: The Membership Drive has officially ended and it was a success!  Thanks to all the volunteers for getting us ready for the drive.  Thanks to all the members and to everyone who helped spread the word!  We had a successful week.  Extended thanks to the families and friends who signed up for BYC Membership and to their sponsors.  We received applications from both power and sail boaters, and non boaters.   With a total of 18 from Washington and Oregon.
    If you have questions regarding Membership, please contact me at (360) 961-7359. ---Donna Olsen, BYC Membership Chair
Conditions on Saturday were very favorable, with moderate winds and a few sunny periods. The around Vandovi Island Race was on and we got the pleasure of seeing the returning sailboats with their colorful spinnakers. Everyone helped out with raising and lowering the sails and a good time was had by all.
    Thanks to everyone who participated. We raised over $1,200 which will go to help Youth Sailing upgrade the dinghy fleet in support of both the Learn-to-Sail Program and the racing teams that are being developed.---Arne Ahlen

BRAGGING RIGHTS! As part of the remodel, we are going to showcase members' boats with a wall of boats on the lower floor! If you have questions or want to submit a photo of your boat, please talk to Maya Allsop, Missy Steffen or Commodore Michele
ROOM FOR RENT: Member Caron Marconis has a nice room for rent. Please contact her at: 360-671-1188

Come join us on Wed. for burgers ’n brats, as usual. We’ll be serving ‘till the fleet’s in, also as usual!
    Carne Asadas are back! Come on down Thursday for Monica’s carne asada, hot off the grill, and maybe a bean burrito or two. And don’t skimp on the refrieds, either. 
    This Friday is another Fri@5. We’ll feature a baked potato bar (while they last)! Seems we have some leftover spuds from last week’s steak nite, and this seemed like the best use for them. Bring an appetizer or main dish and have a spud to go with it!  See you in the lounge!  --- Steve Hayward

NEXT BYC CRUISE Ahoy, our fellow BYC friends!
Are you ready for our next adventure? New members Vickie & Chris Olson and Jim & Angie Santosuosso are your cruise hosts for this rendezvous. Click here for updated information about our this great cruise to Fisherman's Bay on the lovely Lopez Island. The Dates for this cruise are May 23-May 26th, 3 Day Memorial Day weekend.  
    There are still some slips available reserved under the BYC, call 360-468-2233, Lopez Islander Resort, to reserve and pay for your slip asap.
--- Angie Santosuosso & Vickie Olson

A big congratulations for to Ward Naviaux and his crew of Blade Runner for their over all victory of the Oregon Offshore, battling it out with 28 other boats in conditions that were anything but civilized.  The challenging weather conditions made for record breaking speeds and exciting stories with the overall record being broken by several hours and most competitors arriving in Victoria for breakfast on Friday.  To put the speed of the race in perspective, the race starts Thursday morning; in years past most crews spend Friday morning floating around off of La Push, sometimes Saturday morning too. Congratulations to all the BYC members who participated in the race!
     Closer to home, eight boats enjoyed a consistent breeze for our Vendovi Island race, crossing paths with Anacortes Yacht club boats who were racing to Viti Rocks.  It made for a crowded bay of boats.  Results are pending, thanks to everyone who came out to play!    
--- Bart Maupin
All BYC Racing Sailors: The PacRim racer application form is now posted on the BYC Pac Rim site, on the "Information" tab. It is a web-based form to complete on-line and will allow you to upload your sailing resume. Have fun!  --- Fleet Captain Neil Bennett
OUR COMMODORE'S COLUMN: We are reaching the end of another milestone - and one to be very proud of. The remodel of the lower clubhouse is nearing completion. Still on the list for the Junior area are educational items: a rigging station, knot tying station, and chart table. These improvements will serve the club well for several decades to come. The board approved the remodel knowing how important a quality facility is to a thriving club. I'm sure you would agree, after seeing the space, that the investment was needed.
    The Board is now asking for your continuing support of the club. I ask you to please read the important lead article in the Jib Sheet by Joe Coons. After you do, it would be wonderful if you can contribute to the future of the club, while also recognizing the thousands of man-hours and hard work donated by club members, by helping with a monetary donation. The club belongs to all of us, we couldn't do it without you! --- Serving you from the Helm, Michele Bodtke, Commodore (360) 720-4155

Last week's picture taken on Isla Mujeres, a small island near Cancún, Mexico. Both Murray Hill and Jim Gibson correctly identified the location.
    An old bridge festooned with colorful flowers dominates this week's picture. If you know the location, send your answer to

   Jib Sheet Editor this week is Cathy Franklin
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