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October 25: Commodore's Ball!


Click here for hours

Weds: Hamburgers/Brats
Thurs: Tacos/Carne Asada

Fri: Potlucks

July 11-13th Sucia Island Luau Cruise/Rendezvous
July 18-20th Past Commodore's Cruise 
August 2nd Commodore's Picnic at Inati Bay
August 22-24th Buccaneer's Cruise at Inati Bay
September 13-29th Desolation Sound Cruise

A Rescue at Sea!
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JULY 8-14, 2014
WED: July 9 - 5pm Burgers and Brats   THURS: July 10 - 5pm Carne Asada    FRI: July 11 - The Club will be open for a drink and Potluck. July 11-13: Cruise to Sucia Island Luau with Angie; See the cruise flyer here and see the Saturday hours change in Steve's Bar Column below!
NEXT WEEK:  MON: July 14, 11:30-3:30, Memorial gathering for the late Past Commodore Dick Johnson. WED: July 16 - 5pm Burgers and Brats THURS: July 17 - 5pm Carne Asada   FRI: July 18 - A Casual Friday: C'mon down to your Club!  
July 18-20 - Rosario PC's Cruise with Jody (See important update below!)
COKE MACHINE FOR SALE! Asking $400, call Commodore Michele!
THE DICK JOHNSON MEMORIAL GROWS: Dick was a great BYC-er, and thanks to all of you that have contributed to the Ward Room Project in his memory (his obituary is here.). We're putting two tasteful plaques in the room: One will indicate the names of folks who have given in memory of Dick, and another for undesignated gifts to the room itself, and I'll be contacting all donors to confirm their choice. If you wish to give, (and I sure hope you will), here is a link to connect you to our BYC.ORG website where you can easily make a donation. THANK YOU! --- Joe Coons
AND MORE ABOUT DICK AND KATRINA: A graveside inurnment will be held on Monday, July 14 at 11:00 AM at Bayview Cemetery, followed by a Celebration of Life at our BYC from 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM. Casual attire has been requested by the family. Sadly, when Karina was returned to Sue, a large mass was discovered on her leg which turned out to be cancer. Katrina was put down; both Kody's and Katrina's ashes will be laid to rest with Dick! Ironic, sad, but fitting... 

ANOTHER SCHEDULE UPDATE/CHANGE! It's lonely on Saturdays in the lounge, so, starting this week the bar will be closed Saturdays as part of summer hours. Regular Saturday service will resume Labor Day weekend. That means the bar will be open Wed-Fri, opening at 3 and shut when the troops are gone! Meaning, if you’re a’drinkin’ we’re a’servin’, at least up to a point! (Not that you can’t come on in, throw open the doors, and lounge about on the deck anytime you want! You can, and you should!) It’s your club, and it’s always available to members (unless it’s rented out, of course).
    THIS WEEK: Don’t forget Burgers ’n’ Brats on Wednesday, starting at 5 and continuing ‘till the fleet comes in; Thursday, Carne Asada prepared by Chef Monica! Great full ⅓ pound burgers and the best carne asada this side of Mexico! I guarandarntee it! On Friday come on down and hang out with friends and enjoy the view from the deck, while Scott pours your favorite libations! Bring a snack to share, or throw something on the grill! 
    Next Monday, the 14th, the club will be open from 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM as part of the Memorial Service for Past Commodore Dick Johnson. Dick’s family is hosting the gathering, so come on down, share some time and hoist a glass in remembrance. See you in the lounge! -- Steve Hayward

SUMMER IS BOATING TIME and many are cruising to wonderful Salish Sea destinations and even more distant places. Reciprocity with other clubs is a good way to find moorage and save expense. Yacht clubs with which we have established reciprocal agreements are listed on our website. A few yacht clubs take reservations but most are on a space-available basis, outstations not included. Since each club has its own protocol, please be sure to check out the website of the clubs you will be visiting before leaving Bellingham to ensure that you are aware of their policies. Happy boating! --- Alex Marr, Reciprocity Coordinator

*July 11-13th* Sucia Island Luau Cruise/Rendezvous ---For important update, click here! Contact Angie Santosuosso: cell 360-319-7863 or email:
*July 18-20th* Past Commodore's Cruise, La Dolce Vita! --- Jody will be cooking and serving pasta on Friday night's potluck. Last Chance to get a slip at Rosario Marina for the PC Cruise! The marina has booked seven slips so far for the PC Cruise, and there are still slips available. Call the marina and get your reservation in even if you are coming for just Saturday night!  Hope to see you there; also I need ice cream freezers, crab pots and cookers, and folding chairs! Contact Jody Erickson:Cell:360-223-2119 Email:jody.erickson77@ For more info, click here.
*August 2nd* Commodore's Picnic at Inati Bay ---Contact Michele Bodkte: cell 360-720-4155 or
*August 22-24th* Buccaneer's Cruise at Inati Bay ---Contact Shaun Thompson: cell 360-661-1327 or
Ginger Thompson: cell 360-303-5346 or

*September 13-29th* Desolation Sound Cruise ---Contact Rich Hanset: cell 408-839-1530 or email: For more info, click here

TUESDAY NIGHT RACING NEEDS YOUR HELP!  It's been going strong for the past month. There has been a nice turnout, with 10 boats or so on the line. PRO Dick Grimshaw and mark boat operator Joe Warren LaCasala have been stalwarts, setting courses and getting times so that the program can continue.  The racing has been fantastic, with both adults and juniors on Lasers and FJs. The racing is scheduled every Tuesday to the beginning of September. BUT, in order for the program to be successful, just like everything we do at the Club, it needs to rely on the support of volunteers like YOU. 
    Because of the Vic Maui Race, and PACRIM, we have lost some key personnel.  We need people and a signals boat to continue to maintain and to build upon our program's success. 
Tuesday racing has been going strong for 11 years and we hope to build and continue it for 11 more. We need the dedicated signals boat starting July 16th  (up until now, it has been a hodgepodge).  If we could find one member with time and a boat on Tuesday afternoon, that would be outstanding.  It is super fun, you get to help run the races and enjoy the camaraderie.  It would be great if someone could commit to every week, but we will take what ever we can get.  We are also in need of personnel on the water.  The boats leave the dock in front of BYC Tuesday at 4:45.  They are generally back by 8:30.  We usually meet in the club afterwards. 
    If you have an interest in helping, please call me at 360 676 4263.  You can also click this link; this spread sheet will allow you to enter your information and availability. Thank you very much, I look forward to seeing you Tuesday Night!
--- Mike Poulos, Dinghy Fleet Captain
POSTER HELP NEEDED! The posters for PITCH have been printed and we are busy spreading them around town but we can use a bit more help. We want a poster in every yacht club and chandlery from Olympia to Vancouver. We've covered Seattle, Anacortes and Bellingham but if you are travelling to any out of the way places like Victoria, Vancouver, Tacoma, Olympia, Sidney, there is a stack of posters on the front counter at the entrance to BYC. Take as many as you think you can post.
As you travel just ask permission to display our poster. Questions? Call Regatta Chair, Randy Nulle360-920-3178 and let him know where you them.
THE PINK BOAT REGATTA IS COMING:  Posters all over the Club?  It’s a fund raiser for Breast Cancer Research, comparable to our Sink the Dinghy campaign. This year the regatta is on the PacRim opening day, so our guests and competitors will be exposed to the fund-raising fun. The PBR runs simultaneously with the Seattle regatta; there are PBR’s all across the country.
    We need your help to raise money. Register to race your boat and raise money; donate money directly as a sponsor (Squalicum Marine and SPIE have already stepped up); sponsor Garufa by pledging money on the PBR website; tell your friends and family.  100% of the funds raised go directly through the PBR website (click here). Neil Bennett, Fleet Captain & Bellingham PBR Chair.
BE A HOST FAMILY FOR PAC RIM REGATTA PARTICIPANTS! Would You Like To Host A Couple For The Pacific Rim Regatta at Bellingham Yacht Club In September 2014!? HOSTS ARE STILL NEEDED! Being a host requires little more than opening your home to house our participants, ensure they arrive at the BYC each morning and picking them up in the evening. Our schedule is posted on the BYC Website (Pacrim.BYC.Org).  To apply, you simply need to go click on the link on the main page or you can access it here. You will be invited to the morning and evening activities, and may attend the opening and closing ceremonies as well as special events throughout the week. To participate, sign up at the BYC Website, and if you have questions, contact Teresa Van Haalen (, coordinator for the hosting for this important community event.
BE 'IN THE KNOW'! You can follow what is planned for PacRim 2014 by going to PacRim2014.Com and subscribing to our official site by clicking on the Follow button in the upper right corner, a great way to keep up to date.
THE BYC YOUTH REGATTA is well into it's planning stages we are working towards making it a great event and if you would like to help with any of the numerous activities that we need volunteers for we could always do with more willing hands. Please contact Jerry Roloson,, who is running the event this year. Also if you have a junior sailor in the family, sign them up to race, this is our one big youth regatta of the year and Bellingham should be represented. Mike Powell - Youth Fleet Captain 310-877-7940360-306-8336
THE PITCH REGATTA is still two months off but has always been a great fundraiser for the youth fleet. If you have or know of any business that would be willing to donate a suitable item for the raffle please contact me at or Randy Nulle at
OUR COMMODORE'S COLUMN: I hope you all had a wonderful July 4th weekend! The 4th marks the unofficial start of summer in the Pacific northwest. The next several months are packed with activities at the club - weekly racing, sailing school, cruises, picnics, PITCH, benefit regattas, Pac Rim, DJOD, and of course club elections. Wow!! Keep an eye on the Jib Sheet for all the latest news and up-coming events - I think there is something planned every week from now through September. Thank you all for your planning efforts and event hosting!! If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me. Serving you from the Helm, Michele Bodtke Commodore (360) 720-4155

Last week's picture was of Braunston England, which sits at the junction of the Oxford and Grand Union Canals. John Raasch correctly identified the location.
    This week we see a grand old hotel decorated for the Fourth of July. If you know the location, send your answer to

   Jib Sheet Editor this week is Joe Coons
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