The Bar Operations Are Changing! Last week an emergency email went our stressing the return to volunteer bartending on easy Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.  Here’s hoping that, if you have any interest, you signed up for a regular day.  Full training is offered, of course.  Contact Dick Johnson (, Terry Tavelli ( or Troy Curran ( We need YOU!

Last Week, we tested our new Email rule…  Although we said you’d normally only get one Email a week (the Jib Sheet), except in really dire emergencies, three came to you last week.  One was the bartending announcement, and the other was about the menu on Friday night, a non-Friday-at-Five night.  Let us reassure you: We’re trying hard to only send one email to you each week!  Thanks for your patience.  We’re learning.

Nothing is Ever Simple, Second Edition:   Now it’s about the new door locking system.  Can’t get the new door until we see the panic bars, can’t see the bars until they get here, bars won’t get here until tomorrow, then can’t install the computerized locks until special wiring is in, wiring may not be ready until Mark is back from Boston.  Ugh.  But it will get done soon!  (To top things off, Al Callery went on vacation but we can do without him!)

Follow-up:  Last week Michele Hurst Bennett issued a thank-you for Garufa’s new dodger…but she didn’t point out that she and Neil got hitched in April on Oahu with witnesses Michele and Bart Bodtke.  Congrats to our likely next-year commodore!

We’re reviving an old Jib Sheet Tradition! Here’s a Boating Tip gleaned from an experience Joe Coons had aboard Kim and Lynda Alfred’s Souvenir on Opening Day.

Friday at Five this Week…  Read the flyer to get the facts from coordinator Steve Moore.  See you there, I hope!

Thanks for all the kind remarks…and constructive criticisms, too.. We’re getting good feedback on this new format, and one reader helped us improve our web site.  Thanks to you all.  You can contact us at with comments.

RBAW --- the Recreational Boaters Association of Washington --- has a brand new website.  It’s a huge improvement, full of legislative and state info re boating, and if you’re a boater, you should be a member.  Check out

This Week: Racing as usual (last week’s results), Points Roberts Race. 
˜ Board Meeting 6PM on Thursday 17th, Friday@5 on the 18th. 

˜ Casual menu dining Wednesday, Club opens at 5PM Wed-Sat.  

˜ Next week: The Etchells Regatta. 

˜ BYC calendars are here, use top arrows or click a day for details. 

˜ For all the news go to BYC.ORG!


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