What's happening at CCADV in September
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This month, we're gearing up for DVAM!
Check out some of this year's resources. Read More!
NNEDV Census Day 
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Upcoming Trainings
Lots of great trainings and other events this month. Check 'em out!

This September we're...

Getting Ready for Domestic Violence
Awareness Month!


CCADV's Goal for 2016: Creating Change in Our Communities!

In order to end domestic violence, we must address the problem at the societal, community, relationship, and individual levels. We want to highlight and discuss how everyone can create change in our own communities, both to advance efforts to end domestic violence and by addressing its root causes. 

We're kicking off the month with a film screening and panel discussion in Denver. You can can access our community film screening kit for YOU. We'll be adding other resources to our website (http://ccadv.org/be-involved/dvawarenessmonth/) throughout September, and we'll let you know as we do! Please feel free to share what YOU are doing by adding your event to our CCADV community calendar.

“The movement against gender-based violence recognizes that violence is a learned, gendered, and institutionally supported behavior, and targets the sources of violence rather than accepting the world as it is. It must also address issues of racism, classism, and heterosexism in order to effectively confront the gender-informed violence and oppression that affect the lives of men and women. To do so, [we must] reframe masculinity, combat patriarchy, foster social justice, engage in activism and media advocacy to change social norms, influence commercial sectors, and impact public policy.” (http://stoprelationshipabuse.org/educated/feminism-101/)

Hosting a training or other event for DVAM?
Share it with the statewide CCADV community!

Reminder: The CENSUS is September 14, 2016
The NNEDV Domestic Violence Counts: National Census of Domestic Violence Services (Census) 2016 is next week! We had an AWESOME showing last year, so let's try to get Colorado to 100% participation this year!
Dates to remember:
  • Census Survey Day: Wednesday, September 14, 2016 (6am MDT through 5:59a MDT September 17)  
  • Deadline for data submission: Wednesday, September 30 at 9:59 MDT
#DVcounts #WeCount #WhyICount http://nnedv.org/census
The DV Counts Census Report is the only report that tells the stories of the amazing work that you do every day and highlights the need for more resources and funding. NNEDV uses this report when talking to Congress about the need for federal legislation and funding, and CCADV uses this information with your state legislators. Many programs have also used this report to do their own fundraising and communications. We hope you will be a part of the 2016 Domestic Violence Counts!

Your CCADV Census Contact is Amy Pohl: 303-962-0936 (or apohl(at)ccadv.org)
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Your Coalition in Action

Amy Miller and Amy Pohl joined colleagues from around the country for 'Forward Stance' work with Norma Wong. We focused on change vs. transformation, and we can't wait to share what we've learned to grow the movement to end gender violence in Colorado!
Kristiana Huitron in Grand Junction. The training, 'Recognize, Respond, Refer on domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking' for the Hispanic Advisory Program (HAP) drew promotoras and bilingual staff from community partners spanning Montrose to Palisade.

Staff Updates

Program Director Update

Pat Tessmer, Program Director

As summer comes to a close, it seems like the appropriate time to reflect on our experiences over the past eight months.  First and foremost, we survived our office move with only one stitched toe and one bruised foot (Jacque and Kristiana, respectively). Like everyone else, we try to be as cost-effective as possible and although this space will save us thousands of dollars a year, we did much of the work ourselves, including a small piece of the design. We wanted our new office space to accommodate and facilitate relationships and conversation amongst staff and provide us with more opportunity to exchange ideas and information and engage in critical thought and dialogue.
Taking the time and creating the space to do this is an important piece of our work as we begin our pivot from systems and service focus to agent of social change and movement building. So, we had our offices built around a central and open meeting area and incorporated as much movement as possible in the space by adding circular structure wherever we could.  
We are not totally finished yet, and neither is the building, as some of us still need electrical outlets, phone hookups, and internet connections, but we’re getting closer every day.  
Along with the change in location and space, we’ve also had changes on staff. Business Manager, Lee Pirkey, Program Assistant, Natela Aleyeva, and Training and T.A. Manager, Kisa Corcoran have left CCADV.  Although Natela and Kisa were only with us for a short time, we are grateful for their company and contributions.  
We welcome Meghan Nigra as the Interim Finance and Operations Manager and we look forward to other new folks as we prepare for a Rural Expert Witness Training with NITA (National Institute of Trial Advocacy), Fall Region Meetings, a rockin’ DVAM with more exciting events than ever, and another round of the Director Orientation and Training (DOT) and my personal fav, on  November 3rd and 4th , plus a slew of new Online Learning Center courses beginning in January.  We still have several large project grants applications pending and will keep you informed as we get more information.  

A special thank you to our members and community partners who participated in the Needs Assessment that we developed and administered with DVP recently.  It was a great learning experience, and we now have a renewed appreciation for academic researchers.  Another big thank you to the member programs who have invited me to visit their programs to conduct board trainings.  It is always a pleasure to visit our programs and to meet your and work with boards.  

If you’re in Denver, we invite you to stop by and visit. We are YOUR coalition staff, and we welcome your company!

   Warm Regards, 
    Pat Tessmer
Technical Assistance Update

As many of you are already aware, CCADV, in conjunction with the Vital Project, is offering a wide array of opportunities to build the capacity, knowledge, tools and skills of CCADV Members and DVP-funded organizations through free technical assistance. The technical assistance offerings available through this program are designed to allow your organization to engage at a level that is right for your organizational capacity.
What is technical assistance?
We think of technical assistance as delivery of support around, or training in, any specialized service, skill, or outcome that a Domestic Violence Program is interested in, challenged by, or would like to perform more successfully. 

Here are some of the resources you can access today:
Technical Assistance Resource Guide
In addition to the free technical assistance you can access through CCADV and Vital, please follow the above link to access a technical assistance guide for free or inexpensive TA available to Domestic Violence service providers-- some of the these are local to our state, other are national resources.
Operations & Management Toolkits
The following toolkits are available at the link above, or individually below: Coaching and Consulting
Working with a consultant or coach to provide more in-depth assistance can be the highest impact way to gain the benefits of technical assistance for your organization. If you’re not sure of how you might use customized technical assistance, you can find ideas here. You can also schedule an exploratory conversation with one of our TA providers, including:
Pat Tessmer, CCADV | ptessmer@ccadv.org
Barb Paradiso, Vital | Barbara.Paradiso@ucdenver.edu
Kara Penn, Vital | kara@missionspark.org
If you already have an idea of what you need and are ready to take the next step, please complete the brief application online and we will be in touch immediately regarding your needs. Access the application at: http://ccadv.org/what-we-do/technical-assistance/request-technical-assistance/
We look forward to hearing from you!
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Upcoming Trainings


September 13: Spotlight on Communities of Promise: Bloomington, MN (VIJ-CVS)
This webinar will explore strategies, challenges and successes of the co-advocacy service delivery model for victims/survivors that are D/HH.
12:00pm MDT

September 13: CCADV's Brown Bag: Creating Alternatives to the Criminal/Legal System Through Community Based Responses to Violence
(By popular demand, this Brown Bag offers a shorter version of the workshop of the same name from this year’s CAIA Conference)
Advocates of community-based alternative to violence assume that the relationships, families and communities in which violence occurs are also the very locations for long-term change and transformation. We know that friends, family, and community know most intimately the conditions that lead to violence as well as the values and strengths which can lead to its transformation.  
Knowing that involvement in the criminal justice system can be more harmful for some survivors and families, we seek to build a community that has viable solutions outside of the criminal justice system. Come hear from SOL’s Lynne Sprague as she discusses the local community-based accountability project that has been underway for over a year in the Denver-metro area.

12:00p MDT

September 14: Working with LGBTQ and HIV-Affected Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence (NCADV)
Participants will develop basic language and skills to effectively work with and support LGBTQ individuals and to understand the unique experiences of LGBTQ survivors of intimate partner violence. ($50)
11:00a MDT

September 19: Keeping the Climate Study Data and Other Reports Off-the-Shelf: How to Use Data to Inform Sexual and Relationship Violence and Stalking Prevention Strategies (PC)
How many data, evaluation and research reports have never left your bookshelf? If your answer is one or more, this web conference is for you! 
12:00p MDT

September 22: Spirituality in Social Work Practice and Mental Health Recovery (CSWE)
This webinar will offer insights for social work and related practitioners interested in integrating spirituality and religion as part of recovery-oriented mental health practice.
11:00a MDT

September 22: Battered Mothers and Child Support (BWJP)
Krista Del Gallo will outline both potential risks and benefits for survivors posed by the IV-D Child Support system from her vantage point in Texas.  
1:00 MDT

September 26: Caregivers, Military Veterans, and Intimate Partner Violence (BWJP)
This webinar will examine the complex issues surrounding caregiver engagement and safety when caring for a combat-injured service member or veteran partner; when IPV is also present.
12:00 MDT
Do you have an upcoming training?
Or another event you want to share with the CCADV community?
Post an event on our website calendar!

Upcoming Live Trainings and Events

October 18-20: Critical Analysis of Victim Assistance
The Critical Analysis of Victim Assistance course is a multidisciplinary professional development program that challenges practitioners to critically analyze the process of effecting change in professional practice, organizational policy, and societal responses related to victim assistance. 
Location: Laramie, WY

October 23-25: Voice United 2016 (NCADV)
This conference seeks to commission victims, survivors, advocates and other experts in the field to lift and empower voices of victims and survivors and inspire action toward a culture with zero tolerance for domestic violence.
Location: Chandler, AZ

November 2-4: BISC-MI 21st Annual Conference (BISC-MI)
Focus on batterer intervention services to promote victim safety
Location: Dearborn, MI

Nov 10-11: Restorative Justice and Domestic Violence: Exploring Effective Pathways to Healing: A Tough Conversation (MLS)
This conference will raise awareness of the magnitude of domestic violence in our own community and generate ideas on how each of us can engage in helping repair the harm and address the social, cultural, and economic causes of the problem. 
Location: Milwaukee, WI
Check out community events hosted around Colorado 
on our website:

(Or post your own event on our website calendar: http://ccadv.org/submit-event/)
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News, Resources, and other Information

*On Serving Immigrant Victims
Joint Letter Providing Information Regarding Access to Federally Funded Life-Saving Services and Housing for Immigrants
Recently, Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch, Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and Secretary Julián Castro of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) released a letter to recipients of federal funding to provide more information on access to services for immigrant victims. The letter explains that immigrants cannot be denied access to certain services necessary to protect life or safety on the basis of their immigration status.  

*Homeless children and DV
U.S. Department of Education released guidance on Education for Homeless Children and Youth Program
On pages 9 and 10, you’ll see specific guidance for how personally-identifying information is protected by VAWA and FVPSA and how to attend to the safety needs of homeless children who are fleeing DV

*Job Opportunities for Survivors
Jamie Landers from the Home Depot reached out to CCADV to collaborate. She let us know that she would help move qualified survivor names to the top of hiring lists so that they do not have to do the preliminary phone screen in order to help them secure a job at their stores. She writes:
'Once they apply and receive their candidate reference number, reach out to me (Jamie_L_Landers@homedepot.com or 770-548-2904) and I’ll work with my field team to get them in for an interview. If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to me. If we start to get a large flow from your organization, I’ll work with you on reporting. That way, you can show your organization what you’re doing to get your clients out of a toxic environment and feeling empowered.'
To apply for a position within The Home Depot: 
- Have the candidate go to careers.homedepot.com. 
- They will then click on the ‘Search Jobs’ icon on the top of the page. 
- In the drop-down menu, they should select ‘In-store hourly’ and then proceed to select the position that most interests them. The most likely open positions are Operations (Lot/Freight), Cashier, and Sales. However, they should not be limited to these positions. If your client is interested in another position, have them apply. I can review their application and the stores’ openings to see if they (or another store around that area) has that position available. If your client is interested in a warehouse position in Henderson, have them select ‘Distribution Center Hourly’, instead of ‘In-store hourly’.
- They should then select the job/store that most interests them. 
- The application process takes anywhere from 15-45 minutes, depending upon the person’s computer literacy
Is your organization hiring?
Post the job position on CCADV's Statewide Jobs Board by clicking here.
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