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May is...

...leading up to American Housing Month

The goal of American Housing Month is to highlight the variety of housing options that consumers have and the role of banks in financing many of those options. We know that a lack of affordable housing options is regularly reported by domestic violence survivors as a primary barrier to escaping abuse. 

In this newsletter, you'll find other resources on the intersecting issues of domestic violence and housing. Also, be sure to join us in June at the 2016 Advocacy in Action Conference for an extended session workshop on 'Navigating Housing Resources'.

CCADV's New Housing Program

Meet Stevi Gray, CCADV's new Housing Program Manager. Stevi joined the growing team last month and is jumping head first into the development of CCADV’s new DV Housing Program. 

Stevi has been working in the domestic violence field since 2007. Since this time, she has worked with survivors in shelters, courts, in the hospital, on the crisis line, and through community outreach, most recently at the Denver Indian Family Resource Center. Stevi also has extensive experience providing training on domestic violence issues. Stevi obtained her Master of Social Work degree from the Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis in 2011.

Stevi is excited about working with the Coalition and our partners across the state to work towards eliminating housing barriers as a reason for survivors to stay in an abusive situation or end up homeless. This program, with the help of our statewide partners, has the potential to create lasting change for survivors and their children through creative trauma-informed responses to housing barriers. 

Stevi will provide technical assistance and training on sheltering, housing and homelessness issues as they relate to domestic violence. In addition, she will coordinate with the Office for Victims Programs the VOCA Special Project Housing Fund. Applicants for these VOCA Funds who are selected as project sites will receive in-depth technical assistance and training by Stevi to develop and implement new options for housing and stabilizing survivors in their communities. She is also available to support you in understanding state and national housing laws and options necessary to effectively meet survivors’ housing needs and to engage in local housing systems advocacy, and she will engage in housing systems advocacy on the state and national level on your behalf. Finally, Stevi will jump into CCADV’s work to build public will in Metro Denver to significantly reduce homelessness as a member of the Close To Home Campaign's Grassroots Network.    

CCADV hopes that you all will find tremendous value and benefit from the wealth of information and specialized DV shelter, housing, and homelessness expertise that Stevi brings to her position. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to her for technical assistance or training on creating trauma informed residential/office environments, shelter rules reduction, navigating housing laws and systems, developing new sheltering/residential options for survivors, etc. You can reach her at sgray@ccadv.org or 303-962-3321.
Articles, Other Resources, and Upcoming Trainings
on DV and Housing...
Maintaining Safe and Stable Housing for Domestic Violence Survivors- A Manual for Attorneys and Advocates 
The purpose of this Manual is to provide background information and sample documents that can be used to advocate on behalf of survivors facing evictions, rental subsidy terminations, and other forms of housing instability.

Fair Housing Law Center
Are your clients protected class members? Are you unsure of how to tell if they’re experiencing housing discrimination? The Fair Housing Law Center can help.

Closing the Gap: Integrating Services for Survivors of Domestic Violence A Toolkit for Transitional Housing Programs
This toolkit was created to address the gap between DV and homeless service systems. By laying the groundwork to understand the intersection between DV and homelessness, this toolkit offers practical strategies that providers can follow to improve service integration.

The Intersection of Domestic Violence and Homelessness
Olsen, Linda, MA, MSW, et. al.
The first in a series of papers designed to help organizations think about their role in providing housing stability services to DV survivor.

40 percent of working Colorado renters spend more than a third of income on housing
Rusch, Emilie, The Denver Post
Rent burdened defined as those spending more than 30 percent of pre-tax income on rent and utilities, according to advocacy campaign Make Room.

May 18: 
Navigating Privacy & Safety When Relocating (SafetyNet)
This webinar will help victim advocates help survivors navigate privacy and safety when relocating.
1:00p MST

Are you hosting a training or event related to housing that you want to share with the CCADV community?
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Tell Us Your Story
Jan was a news producer. She made a great living. She owned her own home. Life was going well. Then her husband became emotionally abusive, started drinking heavily, and using marijuana. Their marriage fell apart, and on her daughter’s 8th birthday her husband kicked them out. Watch Jan's story...

Domestic violence is a primary cause of homelessness for women and children. A staggering 92 percent of women who are homeless report having experienced severe physical and/or sexual assault at some point in their lives. Approximately 50 percent of all women who are homeless report that domestic violence was the immediate cause of their homelessness. 

In a desire to build understanding, compassion, and engagement throughout Colorado on the issue of homelessness, CCADV recently teamed up with the Family Tree and Colorado Council of Churches to become a partner on the CLOSE TO HOME campaign. The campaign brings together diverse organizations and individuals to collectively share real stories about homelessness, identify actions and policies that make a meaningful difference, and rally our community.

STORIES ARE POWERFUL. They take us on a journey, help us understand others’ challenges, consider what we would do in similar circumstances, and move us to think about how we can make a difference. Are you interested in sharing YOUR story? Whether you prefer to record your story, write it down, or speak to a live audience, if you have personally experienced homelessness, we invite you to join the CLOSE TO HOME Speakers Bureau.

Together, we can learn more, speak up, and take meaningful action to address the issue of homeless throughout Colorado!

Your Coalition in Action

CCADV is moving! Get all the info by clicking here

Amy Miller (with Hillary Potter and CCADV Member Barb Paradiso) at the It's On Us event at CU Boulder with special guest, Vice President Joe Biden

CCADV Staff wearing denim to take a stand against sexual violence

Participants at CCADV's new Director Orientation and Training (DOT) Part II in Denver
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Staff Updates

CCADV Program Director Update

Pat Tessmer, CCADV Program Director

It has been a busy time at CCADV. Like all of you, we experienced a demanding grant application schedule, and I am pleased to tell you that we seriously improved our juggling skills. We submitted several proposals for federal discretionary grant funds with project partners that included member programs, sister coalition CCASA, and one with the Office of the Colorado Attorney General. We look forward to hearing whether or not our project-specific applications will be funded as we believe that the proposed projects will be of great value to our work on behalf of survivors.
We just concluded the new Director Orientation and Training (DOT) Part II, which is focused on providing information specific to the work of directors. Of all the great things that we do, DOT is my favorite event. The partnership that we have with CCASA, the content (driven by the input from participants), and great presenters all make this a very special event. But it is the participants who make this my favorite!  Being able to spend time with our (CCASA and CCADV) members and get to know them is such a great experience. DOT II presenters included: Melissa Standard and Stephanie Eddy from Northern Colorado Integrated HR; Jackie Norris of Jackie Norris Consulting and Kristy Judd from Metro Volunteers; Ashley Riley Lopes, S.T.O.P. VAWA Administrator with the Division of Criminal Justice, Office of Victim Programs; and of course, some of the fabulous CCASA and CCADV staff – Brie Akins, Amy Miller, Rosa Molina, Amy Pohl, Jacque Morse, and Kristiana Huitron.  A special shout-out goes to Brooke Ely-Milen and DVP for providing major assistance in funding DOT. I am looking forward to DOT Part I again in November and urge you to register as soon as registration opens (October), as it is limited to 20 people and fills up very quickly.

As an FYI, CCADV is also working to provide a two-day Expert Witness Training for Advocates presented by NITA (National Institute for Trial Attorney’s) for members this fall.  Save-the-date information will be sent when details are confirmed.

Meanwhile, I am looking forward to seeing you at the Colorado Advocacy in Action Conference in Vail in June!
Questions? Contact Pat Tessmer

Latin@ Outreach Project Update

Kristiana Huitrón, Statewide Latina Outreach Project Manager

Happy Cinco de Mayo! 
Many People think that this date is the Mexican Independence Day, but it is not. According to a lively article published on CNN, “Cinco de Mayo celebrates the Mexican victory over France (of all countries) at the Battle of Puebla, May 5, 1862.” (for more fun facts click here). This was a small victory that was powerful in its meaning, even though the war for independence had not yet been won. This is how we presently find the Rural Latin@ Outreach Project: there are victories, and we still have our vision of what cultural and linguistically inclusive access to safety resources can and will look like. 

SAAM April 2016 and Statewide Latin@ Advocate Leadership Summit
The beginning of April found the Rural Latin@ Outreach Project, through our partnership/housing with CCASA hosting the Latin@ Advocate Leadership Summit in Denver. Laura Zarate from Arte Sana facilitated for us, shared her wisdom, and helped us usher in Sexual Assault Awareness Month (#YoSoySAAM2016). We spent a day and a half exploring topics that effect Latin@ advocates across the country and even us right here in Colorado. We built artistic expression as a team and arti-vist statements as individual women. We built circles of sisters and professional networks to strengthen the cultural and linguistic work for Latin@, Spanish speaking, and/or immigrant survivors and their children. The two days culminated at the SAAM Kick-Off at the Capitol where Latin@ advocates, and programming serving Latino communities and survivors were honored. 

Rural Latin@ Outreach Project Partner Site, Advocates Against Domestic Abuse, Trinidad, Colorado

Olga, Beatrize, Itzel (Rural LOP Coordinator), Yazmin, Jaqueline, Evelyn, Sandra
Trinidad Unidos is the Facebook page (check it out!) Itzel Olivas and the promotoras are using for their community education and organizing. Partnering with the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition’s (CIRC) Campaign Manager and South Region Point Person, Yesenia Beascochea, the group has hosted Know Your Rights workshops, that include Recognize, Respond, Refer Education (DV & SA) for the participants. This week the group will be partnering with others in the community to volunteer a Citizenship workshop on May 7th. This is important work, when we recognize that immigration status is often used as a strategy to abuse, and can be used as a strategy to avoid accountability by abusers. 

Rural Latin@ Outreach Project Partner Site, Advocates of Lake County, Leadville, Colorado

Mujeres con Poder y Vision is the Facebook page in Leadville (make sure to 'Like' it!) and notice the logo created by our own Idali Dominguez. In the highest incorporated town in the state, Idali Dominguez has been leading the promotoras for community education. This past week was a busy wrap up for SAAM. Students from the surrounding areas and Leadville attended a career day where advocacy was presented as a job option. Advocates of Lake County hosted a film screening of The Hunting Ground, and Denim Day was a hit. 

Rural Latin@ Outreach Project Combined Partner Site, Advocate Safehouse Project and RESPONSE, Glenwood and Aspen, Colorado in the Roaring Fork Valley

Denim Day artwork from the first session of promotora training
Mujer Ayuda del Roaring Fork Valley is the Facebook page (visit often and 'Like'!) for Estefania Acosta. While Estefania is the newest addition to the Latin@ Outreach Project Coordinators, April has been equally as busy for this project site. This last week found Estefania, working the Mother’s Day Mile fund raiser for Advocates Safehouse Project, and promoting for SAAM. This past month she presented for the Valley Settlement project, provided outreach at a local health fair, and prepared to be interviewed for Radio Tri Color. 

Promotoras National Spotlight
LOP (Latin@ Outreach Project) Coordinators, Itzel Olivas and Idali Dominguez, and LOP Manager Kristiana Huitrón, will be featured at the National Latin@ Network (Casa de Esperanza) National Institute in a panel of promotoras as a plenary session. The LOP coordinators will be panelists and Kristiana will facilitate the panel. This panel will include promotora coordinators from two other exemplary promotora programs from across the country. Also at the conference, Agueda Morgan, Program Director CCASA, and Kristiana Huitrón will be welcoming conference participants to Colorado and Kristiana will be hosting a round table. Check out the registration here. While the conference is two weeks after our own CAIA, it is a national conference, language and culture based, and registration is free. Aya nos vemos!
Questions? Contact Kristiana Huitron

CCADV is Moving!

As of June, 2016, the Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence will have a new home. Please update your address books and other records accordingly with our new address:

1330 Fox Street, Suite 3
Denver, CO 80204

P.O. Box 40328
Denver, CO 80204

During our transition, starting May 1, the staff of CCADV will be working remotely. Our email addresses and phone numbers will remain unchanged. However, all calls will go to our voicemail system, so PLEASE leave us a message so that we can respond to you. 

We will send out updates with our official move-in date, and we'll keep you posted on CCADV news through emails, FB, and Twitter. We sincerely appreciate your patience and support as we navigate this transition, and we look forward to working with you again in our new space! 
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Upcoming Trainings


May 10: CCADV's Brown Bag Series:
Advocacy Essentials (CCADV)
Safety and well-being of survivors and their children depends on foundational touchstones which over time have shown to work successfully. What are the essential qualities, skills, and knowledge? 
The vision of one day living in a peaceful and equal (rape free, abuse free) society is possible with sustainable leadership, a partnership with directors and advocates and survivors. What are the factors of longevity in the work and how do we achieve those through Advocacy Essentials? 
We know that community-based sexual and domestic violence response advocates change lives and offer transformational partnership with survivors and their children. Join CCADV’s Kristiana Huitrón and Jacque Morse as we identify what leaders in the field who joined the work as survivors, advocates or both, have to say about the bare essentials for advocacy and how to build staff training and education that serves all parties through empowerment. 

12:00p MST

May 12Why Opposing Hyper-Incarceration Should be Central to the Work of the Anti-Domestic Violence Movement (BWJP)
In this webinar, Professor Donna Coker will discuss the enormous growth of the US prison population and the policies and practices that contribute to these high incarcerations rates...
12:00p MST

May 13: Sexually Explicit Media and Communication: Selected Research Findings and Practice Implications (BWJP)
Dr. Temple will discuss sexting (a combination of the words sex and texting), the practice of electronically sending sexually explicit images or messages from one person to another...
12:00p MST

May 17: Connecting Sexual Violence Prevention and LGBTQ-Inclusive Campus Culture (PC-Campus)
As our students sexual and gender identities are more visibly fluid we cannot make assumptions about their identities and must incorporate inclusive educational models in all of our sexual violence prevention and response work...
12:00p MST

May 18: Surprises, Spectacles, and Successes: Recapping the 2016 Legislative Session (CCASA)
Raana Simmons, CCASA’s Director of Policy, will provide an overview of pertinent legislation that is law or will soon become law...
1:00p MST

May 18: Navigating Privacy & Safety When Relocating (SafetyNet)
This webinar will help victim advocates help survivors navigate privacy and safety when relocating.
1:00p MST

May 18: Coaching Boys Into Men: An Introduction to Violence Prevention with Male Athletes (Session 1/3) (FWV)
First is a 3-Part Series on Program Design, Community Engagement, and Adaptation...
12:00p MST

May 19Digital Threats and Stalking (BWJP)
Webinar participants will have an opportunity to learn about some of the common ways offenders misuse technologies, especially those in the “digital space,” including smartphones, computers, digital cameras, and social media to stalk...
12:00p MST

May 25: Have Laws Against Domestic Violence Increased the Criminalization of Girls? (BWJP)
 Professor Sherman, co-author of Gender Injustice: System-Level Juvenile Justice Reforms for Girls will highlight the impact of mandatory/pro-arrest laws on juvenile girls...
1:00p MST
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Upcoming Live Trainings and Events


May 6: Access Summit 2016
The ACCESS Summit is led by recognized organizations statewide that respond to the accessibility needs of underserved and marginalized victims of abuse and violence....
Location: Denver, CO

May 24-26: Wyoming Crimes Against Children Conference (WDVS)
Improving response and services to child victims.
Location: Cheyenne, WY

June 6-8: Colorado Advocacy in Action Conference
The Colorado Advocacy in Action is the only statewide conference specific to domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and dating violence advocacy.
Location: Vail, CO

July 18-22: Foundations in Victim Services (WDVS)
This program facilitated by the Joint Center on Violence and Victim Studies (JCVVS) provides exposure to a broad spectrum of topics essential to a core education in victim's rights and services. 
Location: Douglas, WY

July 25-27NNEDV Safety Net’s Technology Summit (NNEDV)
This conference will address how technology is misused by abusers, strategically used by survivors to maintain privacy and safety, and implemented by providers to enhance services....
Location: San Francisco, CA

August 29-31: National Training Institute on Protection Order Practice for Attorneys and Advocates (NCPOFFC)
Two and an half day training for attorneys and advocates who provide survivor-centered advocacy and representation to victims of intimate partner violence...

Location: New Orleans, LA


Check out community events hosted around Colorado 
on our website:
(Or post your own event on our website calendar!)

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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM). CCADV is putting together a DVAM Workgroup to help plan and organize this year’s DVAM activities, and we want YOUR help! Our workgroup will meet twice monthly, and we will break up into smaller committees that may meet more often. CCADV will host the meetings in our office, and we will also be broadcasting via teleconference, so no matter where you are in the state, we invite you to participate! 

Please contact Amy Pohl (apohl@ccadv.org) if you are interested!

News and Other Information

*From NCADV (re. domesticshelters.org)
"As many of you know, the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) has been in partnership with domesticshelters.org for the last two years. Unfortunately, due to conflicts of core philosophies and principles, NCADV has suspended activities with domesticshelters.org and in the process of dissolving the partnership."
Likewise, CCADV has had concerns with some of the 'Shareable Content' produced and sent out from domesticshelters.org. Some articles contain outdated information that is no longer supported by the literature or in practice, and we caution endorsing this site as a trustworthy source of information relating to domestic violence. If you choose to use their 'Shareable Content' content, please read the article thoroughly for accuracy and to ensure it is in line with your organization's philosophies about gender-based violence.
We have shared some of our concerns with representatives of the site, and we have been in communication with other state coalitions and national organizations that are working to advocate for more accuracy and safety on domesticshelters.org. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. 

For a more in depth review of our concerns, please click here for a message we first sent out to CCADV Members in March, 2015. 

*Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Adult Health in Colorado
The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment  just released a new report examining the impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) on adult health in Colorado. This data highlights the importance of how building resilience across the life course may improve long term outcomes for individuals and communities. View more.
National Census of Domestic Violence Services 2016
Wednesday, September 14, 2016 

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