What's happening at CCADV in September
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NNEDV Census Day is September 10! 
Let's get Colorado to 100% participation this year! Access the Census Packet.
October is DVAM
CCADV staff and volunteers from around the state are getting ready. Learn more!
Upcoming Trainings
A list of webinars and live trainings host by a variety of organizations around the US. Check it out!
CCADV Staff and Board Members at a strategic planning session in August. CCADV uses member input and feedback to guide its work and plan for the future.
CCADV Staff (along with six member programs around the state) are conducting the six-session Healing Trauma curriculum as part of their Trauma Informed Care Learning Circle. Here they are in their second session. 

Amy Pohl helped to #vetoviolence this month on Facebook. In recognition the the 20th anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Department of Justice Office on Violence Against Women invited people to share their commitment to preventing violence against women with the rest of the country by sharing their own 6 Words to #VetoViolence. Check out more submissions.

Your Coalition in Action

A Message from the Director

Summer is drawing to a close, and September is here. CCADV Staff are looking forward to Region Meetings this month and having the opportunity to learn more about what is happening in your programs around the state. This month's meetings include a training component, too.

We are also gearing up for DVAM in October and will be sharing ideas for awareness campaigns with you very soon.

Here are highlights of some of the other work we're doing here at CCADV...

CCADV is pleased to be partnering once again with the Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault to bring you the Colorado Advocacy In Action (CAIA) Conference in 2015! In its fourth year, CAIA is the only statewide conference specific to the issues of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and dating violence. Staff of both Coalitions kicked off conference planning in August alongside our tried and true Conference Coordinator, Marci Whitman. We are thrilled to bring you all back to beautiful Vail, CO for three rewarding days of learning, skill-building, networking, celebrating your accomplishments, and of course, self-care activities! So, see the save the date below, be on the lookout for the presenter call for proposals coming to your inbox soon, and mark your calendars for another amazing CAIA Conference in 2015!

During the month of August, CCADV also launched our Online Learning Center (OLC): a series of online, on-demand courses that you can complete at your own pace and even receive a certificate for upon successful completion! CCADV is delighted with the responses and interest we have received so far.

The first two courses available through our OLC are Domestic Violence 101 and Understanding Batterers. The OLC is available to CCADV Members at no charge as a benefit of membership, but will soon be available to non-members for $50 per course. If you are a CCADV Member and you have not signed up to access the OLC, just click here, fill out a simple form, and we will send you a username and password to log-in. It’s that easy! For more information about our OLC, contact CCADV Communications and Membership Coordinator, Amy Pohl, at apohl@ccadv.org. We have funding secured for three more courses, which we will be added this winter, so stay tuned!

CCADV Staff and Board gathered together last month at the Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado Community Room for a full day of Strategic Planning. We worked with the same great facilitator from our last strategic planning session, Chris Wallace Caldwell, to review progress we have made on the current plan and to revise and build upon our current strategic initiatives. Perhaps most noteworthy, and work we are very eager to put into motion, are the goals and objectives to build a more diverse and inclusive organization that are woven throughout the plan. Over the next couple of months, we will finalize and share the new plan, which will guide the work of CCADV Staff and Board members over the next couple of years. 
                                                   -Amy Miller
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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

CCADV's DVAM Workgroup has been hard at work preparing for this year's awareness efforts. We're getting ready to shine a spotlight on domestic violence!

Most of us consume 10 hours of media a day.  Do YOU ever wonder what the message behind the message is?  Decide for yourself.  Empower yourself. Join us for Domestic Violence Awareness Month to learn more about media literacy. 

We'll be sending out more information throughout September.


Public Policy Update

CCADV is excited to introduce our new Public Policy Director, Lydia Waligorski.

Lydia brings to the position over 14 years of experience working with victims of domestic and sexual violence and in a variety of capacities in both rural and urban communities, including as an advocate in shelter and in civil and criminal courts, as a volunteer coordinator, and as a counselor in domestic and sexual violence organizations and in a Human Services co-location office. She has been an active member of CCADV’s Public Policy Committee  since 2007, is currently the Chair of CCADV’s Strangulation Policy Subcommittee. Before resigning from the CCADV Board of Directors, Lydia also served the Coalition for six years as the Public Policy Committee Representative.  She has a BS in Community Health Education from Southern Illinois University and a Masters in Public Administration from UCD, but, perhaps more importantly, she is grounded in the principles and philosophy of survivor-centered advocacy!

She will join our team on Wednesday, September 17, 2014.


Trauma Informed Care Workgroups

The Trauma Informed Care Workgroup members are discussing promising strategies for incorporating trauma-informed practices into advocacy work. If 
you are interested in joining the TIC Workgroup, we meet via teleconference the second Thursday of each month from 10:30 – 12:00. Contact Beth Collins for more information.

CCADV Membership Renewals 

Be sure to budget for 2015 CCADV Membership! We hope you renew your membership so we can continue to provide you a wide range of high quality training and technical assistance and other valuable resources.

Information on membership renewal will be available this fall. To find out more about the great benefits of CCADV membership, including access to our new Online Learning Center, visit our website
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NNEDV Census Day is September 10! 

The purpose of the Census is to gather an unduplicated count of people accessing nonprofit domestic violence advocacy services.

NNEDV develops a national report and a state summary of survivors served and services programs provided for you to use. Your organization can use this information in a number of different ways. Use the Census Report to:
  -Help pursue state legislative reforms.
  -Help increase funding by showing your program’s benefits and the impact of limited resources.
  -Create compelling grant reports or applications to funders and potential!

Please plan to participate! Email census@nnedv.org if you have any questions or call Amy Pohl at CCADV: 303-962-0936.

Access the Census Packet

Upcoming Trainings


September 4: Improving Outcomes with the Sanctuary Model of Trauma-Informed Care (Good Shepard Services)
Join the co-creator of the Sanctuary Model for trauma-informed care, and staff from Good Shepherd Services, to hear about what it takes to bring the model to life, and the benefits it has had for young people across Good Shepherd Services’ Foster Care, Youth Justice, and Supportive Housing programs.
1:00 PM MDT
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September 8: Working at the Intersection: An Overview of Substance Abuse, Trauma, and Violence Against Women (NCDVTMH)
This webinar explores the complex issues facing women who experience multiple forms of trauma (e.g., substance abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, and other forms of oppression). The words of women in recovery who have experienced intimate partner violence are woven into this overview. We will address what it was like then, what it is like now, and ways we can improve our services as substance abuse treatment providers, advocates, and other allied professionals.
1:00 PM MDT
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September 10: Engaging with Men Who Use Violence: Building Opportunities for Safety and Change (RCDV:CPC)
One in a four-part series exploring both the complexities and opportunities that arise in working with families experiencing domestic violence and child abuse or neglect. This series is designed as both a conversation and learning opportunity for child welfare personnel, domestic violence advocates, legal professionals, and other community programs working with adult victims, men who use violence, and children exposed to violence. 
2:00 PM MDT
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September 10: Family Connection: Tailored Interventions and Assistance (USICH and HUD)
This is the second informational webinar in a series on building systems to end family homelessness. The webinar will feature best practices and lessons learned from two community partners, as well as policy insights from HUD and USICH.
11:00 AM MDT
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Also, now available as a recording: HUD and USICH: Core Principles of Housing First and Rapid Re-Housing

September 12: Assessing and Accounting for Domestic Violence in Custody Cases (RCDV:CPC)
One of two webinars designed to inform recommendations and decisions in custody cases and address barriers to collaboration, especially for low-income communities and communities of color. The webinars are intended for judges, domestic violence advocates, legal professionals, responsible fatherhood and batterer intervention programs, and third party professionals involved in the resolution of family conflict. 
2:00 PM MDT
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September 16: Considerations in Collaborative Efforts to address Father Involvement and Domestic Violence (RCDV:CPC)
One of two webinars designed to inform recommendations and decisions in custody cases and address barriers to collaboration, especially for low-income communities and communities of color. The webinars are intended for judges, domestic violence advocates, legal professionals, responsible fatherhood and batterer intervention programs, and third party professionals involved in the resolution of family conflict. 
2:00 PM MDT
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September 17: Developing Practice and Partnerships that Support Safety and Well-being for Adult Victims, Children, and Men Who Use Violence (RCDV:CPC)
One in a four-part series exploring both the complexities and opportunities that arise in working with families experiencing domestic violence and child abuse or neglect. This series is designed as both a conversation and learning opportunity for child welfare personnel, domestic violence advocates, legal professionals, and other community programs working with adult victims, men who use violence, and children exposed to violence. 
2:00 PM MDT
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September 17: Shifting our Goal from Individual Knowledge Change to a Community Mobilized for Norms Change (PC)
Want to mobilize your community to take action to prevent sexual and domestic violence? This web conference takes a look at how to leverage community education efforts into opportunities for norms change dialogue and policy change. We'll take a look at a wide variety of resources and tools from existing movements and discuss promising approaches for movement building within the field. Guests and participants will explore strategies grounded in our unique moment in time and discuss how to utilize the increasing visibility of norms that foster sexual and domestic violence to mobilize action and advance primary prevention. 
1:00 PM MDT
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September 18: Partnership and Collaboration: Bridging the Gap Between Treatment Services and Advocacy (NCDVTMH)
This webinar will discuss similarities and historical challenges faced by substance abuse treatment providers and domestic violence/sexual assault advocates working on behalf of the people they serve. Tips and strategies to develop and foster collaborative working relationships, networking opportunities, cross-training, and trauma-informed services will be described. Participants will learn how to build and strengthen their capacity to serve women experiencing challenges to recovery and safety in the context of both substance abuse and intimate partner violence.
12:00 PM MDT
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September 29: Supporting Children Exposed to Substance Abuse and Domestic Violence (NCDVTMH)
Being exposed to substance abuse and witnessing domestic violence can put children at risk. Children often blame themselves for both the substance abuse and the violence. Additionally, child abuse may occur in homes where substance abuse and violence overlap. This webinar provides trauma-informed strategies to support children’s emotional well-being as well as provide safety planning tips. Forming partnerships between family counselors and advocates can be very helpful as part of this process.
1:00 PM MDT
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September 26: Moving Beyond the Wheel: Advocacy & Support for LGBTQ Survivors of Domestic Violence (BWJP)  
This interactive session will focus on strategies for support and advocacy when working with LGBTQ survivors, with a particular emphasis on the needs and experiences of LGBTQ service members and veterans. 
1:00 PM MDT
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September 30: 
Leadership and Decision-Making: The Me, The You, and The We (TC-TAT)  
You are a leader in creating a safer and healthier world that honors women, and you work in a context of increasing complexity, change and need for collaboration to get things done and have impact. Choosing wisely whom to involve in decision making is one of the most strategic actions you can take to harness the wisdom and buy-in of the people with whom you work, to deal with unproductive power dynamics, and to level the playing field.The dilemma in engaging others is how to achieve the benefits of involvement while minimizing the risks? The key is to seek  the maximum involvement appropriate to the situation.  
11:00 AM MDT
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October 1: Accessing Civil Protection Orders for Sexual Assault Survivors (CCASA)  
While Civil Protection Orders (CPOs) are commonly sought and obtained for protections from domestic violence and stalking, it is not always utilized as a civil legal remedy for victims of sexual assault who may fear seeing or being contacted by the perpetrator. Because the majority of victims know the perpetrator, accessing a civil protection order may be a vital tool in ensuring that the victim is safe at home, school, work, etc. Recent law changes under 2013’s House Bill 1259 were designed to make civil protection orders more accessible for sexual assault victims. This webinar will discuss how CPOs may be integrated into sexual assault advocacy and safety planning. Participants will learn how advocates can be of assistance with the application and hearing, and best practices for providing support.  Participants will also learn about the 2013 revisions to the civil protection order statutes, and how sexual assault eligibility has been clarified and strengthened. 
1:00 PM MDT
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Do you have an upcoming training?
Or another event you want to share with the CCADV community?
Post an event on our website calendar!

Upcoming Live Trainings

September 7-10: 9th International Conference & Summit on Violence, Abuse and Trauma Linking Research, Practice, Advocacy & Policy: Collaboration & Commitment for Change
This Conference has become a unique forum for people from all disciplines and philosophies to gather for in-depth exchange of current information on all facets of violence, abuse and trauma prevention, intervention and research. We are one of the very few conferences that actually includes researchers, practitioners, advocates, consumer-survivors, and front-line workers from all disciplines to share information, discuss controversial issues, and have the difficult dialogues.
Location:  San Diego, CA

September 15-16: Strengthening Colorado Families & Communities Conference 
The inaugural Strengthening Colorado Families and Communities Conference will be held at the Keystone Conference Center (21966 Highway 6 Keystone, CO 80435) on September 15-16, 2014. The conference is being co-sponsored by Colorado's Office of Early Childhood and Office of Children, Youth, and Families. 
It will feature a variety of speakers and educational offerings for home visitors, family support workers, parent educators, parent leaders, mental health specialists, medical professionals, school social workers, kinship and foster parents, child welfare and human services professionals, public health practitioners, early childhood development specialists and teachers, early interventionists, preventionists, and community advocates. There will also be an opportunity to help inform the creation of a Colorado Child Maltreatment Prevention Plan.
There will be no registration fee to attend. There will be some scholarships available for travel and lodging. The conference will include lunch on Monday and breakfast and lunch on Tuesday.  For more updates on scholarships, the agenda, and for instructions on reserving lodging, continue to check back at www.coloradoofficeofearlychildhood.com. 
Location: Keystone, CO

September 17: Economic Security for Domestic Violence Survivors Training
A free professional training from Wider Opportunities for Women on the short and long term impact of abuse on economic security of survivors. Ways to help survivors address economic barriers to safety and recover from abuse will also be addressed.
Location:  Longmont, CO

September 22-26: 40-Hour Sexual Assault Tribal Advocacy Training
Red Wind developed SATAI in response to the increasing needs Tribal Advocates have to provide the best advocacy for their tribal community. Many tribal advocates today either receive a few hours on sexual assault training or have to seek their training through state organizations which do not include relevant American Indian culturally specific advocacy nor do they cover the federal response that tribal advocates work with. 
SATAI will provide annual 40-hour Sexual Assault Advocacy Training as well as shorter Advanced Advocacy Training that is pertinent to Sexual Assault Tribal Advocacy.
Location:  Colorado Springs, CO

October 3: Changing the Conversation about Today's Pornography: Emerging Public Health Research on Brain Development, Economics of the Industry, and Impacts on Kids
Pornography has become an overwhelming presence in the everyday lives of many youth and adults. This Minnesota Department of Health-Data Symposium will explore research on the impact of pornography on the individual health and social well-being of our communities. We will then examine what we can do collectively and individually to address the harm associated with the use and production of contemporary pornography.
Location:  Livestream option available!

October 15-16: 2014 Pikes Peak Region 13th Annual Domestic Violence Summit
The Pikes Peak Domestic Violence Summit was established by a network of criminal justice agencies, community members, and domestic violence treatment providers who shared the vision and need for specialized training relating to violence in intimate partner relationships.
Location: Colorado Springs, CO

October 26-29: 26th Annual COVA Conference
This year's theme: Moving Forward With Strength and Grace
Location: Keystone, CO
*Every year at the conference COVA recognizes those in our field who have done exceptional work through the year. They are accepting nomination now through August 30, 2014. Link to nomination form.
Do you have an upcoming training?
Or another event you want to share with the CCADV community?
Post an event on our website calendar!


NNEDV Safety Net Project
Selecting a Database
Choosing a new database is a big decision with long-term impact on a program’s ability to manage and protect survivor information. When choosing a database, you need to consider more than whether this database will meet my needs (collect and store the information that I need it to and export this information into reports) but also other very important considerations, such as confidentially obligations, security designs, privacy requirements, and more. This page includes resources and information on how you can select the best database for your program. 
Also, the Missouri Coalition has developed management program that allows coalitions to track TA, trainings, member profiles, etc.  NNEDV and MO hosted a webinar in which this database was be explained and explored. You can listen to an archived version here.

Women of Color Network
Reports on Economic Security and Violence Against Women
In a series of five new reports, the Women of Color Network (WOCN) examines the overarching economic barriers facing survivors of violence – and how we can all respond through enhanced policies, programs, and advocacy so as to ensure survivor safety and economic access. The reports explore Strengthening Institutional Services; the need for Policy Advocacy; Reentry Populations; Tribal Sexual Assault; and T- and U-Visas, and present the direct expertise of advocates working to end violence across the country. The reports provide background, a scope of the problem, and offer targeted recommendations for advocates, agencies, and policymakers.

Colorado Counselling Services, LLC et. al.
"You Need to Know" Coloring Book
This book is the collaborative effort of four women who themselves have experienced domestic violence in their lives. Because of this, we wanted to create a tool that could be used to help children.The book was designed with some of the activities meant to be open ended in order to encourage children to draw from and be able to express their own feelings and experiences. We feel that it would probably be most beneficial if the coloring book were facilitated by an adult with the child.

DV and HIV/AIDS Toolkit
The Positively Safe Toolkit contains educational materials, resources, handouts, and templates for service providers and trainers in both DV and HIV/AIDS fields as well as information for individuals wanting to learn more about HIV/AIDS, Domestic Violence, and how the two issues intersect. 

News and Other Information

*Call for Advocate Volunteers!
For the last seven years a number of organizations both on and off the Auraria campus have come together to host a domestic violence screening event called Love, Sex and Lies: an Intimacy Check-Up (LSL).  The event has been a tremendous success.  Last year more than 1000 students completed the survey, ate pizza, and talked with a counselor about their relationships.  The event requires more than 40 people a day to do well, so it really cannot take place without a great deal of volunteer talent and support.  It is particularly important to us that skilled and informed domestic and sexual violence  advocates fill the role of counselor for LSL, which is why I am coming to you.

LSL 2014 is scheduled for October 15th and 16th (Wednesday and Thursday) from 10:00am-2:00pm in the Tivoli Student Union. This year the event will take place in the Turnhall.  The Turnhall is a large space that will accommodate all aspects of the event – counseling, pizza, tabling and massage!  We are hoping to have a similar number of counselor/advocates this year as we did last year in order to manage the volume of people attending.  We are looking for both counselors and event staffers to take 2 or 4 hour shifts each day.  If you are interested please let me know and please, feel free to coordinate a team of people from your organization or send this request on to others that you think might like to participate. 

Advocates are needed to provide 1:1 sessions after each participant completes a survey.  Counselors spend no more than 10 (maybe 15) minutes with each participant to review their survey results, talk about any concerning items, and provide needed referrals. The event is not intended to provide therapy, rather an opportunity for education and awareness. Event Staffers will be welcoming folks at registration, perhaps staffing a resource table, serving as a "hawker" (standing in the Tivoli and promoting the event and encouraging students to come in and participate), handing out pizza, and attending the check-in table. 

An Orientation Session is scheduled for October 6th from 10-11:30am so all volunteers will have the background information they need to successfully participate. If you or someone in your organization is interested, please indicate which of the two days, and which 2-4 hour time slot you/they are available (10-12:00 or 12:00-2:00).  Also, please indicate which role you are comfortable with - Advocate or Event Staffer – and, if you can't have your first choice, if you are willing/able to serve in the other position. Contact Barb Paradiso.

*New Colorado audit report shows that Child Protective Services offices are significantly understaffed. Last year, lawmakers requested that the Colorado Office of the State Auditor conduct a workload study for Child Protective Services. 
Read the Denver Post article
Audit Summary sheet 
Link to the full report

*Domestic Violence Ruled a Reason For Political Asylum
In a ruling that advocates described as a historic victory for Central American refugees, a federal immigration board said Tuesday that a married woman fleeing domestic violence in Guatemala, where authorities could not or would not protect her, can seek political asylum in the United States. Read full article.

*Statewide Mental Health Crisis Line Opens
Colorado Department of Human Services is partnering with Metro Crisis Services to operate to offer the state's first-ever statewide mental health crisis hotline.  Callers to the Colorado Crisis and Support Line will be able to speak with mental health professionals 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at 844-493-TALK (8255). Read more.

*Division of Child Welfare is seeking people to provide secondary trauma training and consultation services and has issued an RFP
DCW seeks to contract with:
   -Providers of training to child welfare workers related to building resiliency to protect against secondary trauma and compassion fatigue,
   -Providers of crisis-intervention or trauma stress debriefings as needed on a case-by-case basis,
   -Providers of other services related to preventing or addressing secondary trauma among Child Welfare caseworkers.  
More info and to apply.
*DOVE Annual Benefit Dinner on October 11
Come dressed in your best cocktail attire, and join DOVE for a night to remember. Travel through time and celebrate the triumphs over domestic violence through the decades with a heartwarming performance all while you "have your cake and eat it, too" from our cake auction. Dancing shoes and a smile are required for the live DJ and photo booth! 
Reserve your seat
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SAVE THE DATE! Next year's Colorado in Advocacy Conference will be the week of June 15th, 2015. More information to come! 
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