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April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month!
CCASA has great resources. Get 'Em!
April is also Child Abuse Prevention Month
Children are impacted by DV in a variety of way. Learn more.
Upcoming Trainings
Lots of great webinars and other events this month. Check 'em out!

April is...


Financial Abuse and Domestic Violence

Like other forms of abuse, financial abuse is about power and control. Whether an abuser prevents a victim from getting a job, controls how money is spent, engages in identity theft, or countless other tactics, this form of abuse is meant to keep victims isolated, vulnerable, and dependent. Through financial abuse, abusers deliberately leave survivors without the knowledge, access, or resources to manage their own finances. Financial barriers can therefore present a major obstacle for victims attempting to leave their abuser.

This April, CCADV's newsletter gives you more information on how to achieve economic justice and financial empowerment for victims/survivors. Financial abuse is less commonly understood than other forms of abuse, yet it is a powerful method used by abusers to trap victims in relationships. Survivors’ safety can be directly linked to their economic stability, and limiting survivors’ access to financial resources and employment restricts their ability to regain financial independence and move from short-term safety to long-term stability. Financial literacy is a tool for survivors to regain their independence and security.

Tools and Resources on
Financial Abuse and Economic Justice

NNEDV's Economic Justice Project
NNEDV’s Economic Justice project was founded to respond to, address, and prevent financial abuse.

Programs of the EJP:

Moving Ahead
In partnership with the Allstate Foundation, NNEDV developed the Moving Ahead through Financial Management curriculum to help survivors moving from short-term safety planning toward long-term security. The lessons include tips for recognizing financial abuse, basic credit information, and budgeting strategies.

The Independence Project
In partnership with Verizon Wireless and with support from Thirty-One Gifts, NNEDV launched the Independence Project, a credit-building program for survivors of domestic violence.
Allstate Foundation
We are building a national movement of supporters who stand up against domestic violence and financial abuse while providing survivors with access to the financial education and tools they need to stay safe and stand on their own.

Building Credit and Assets: Helping Survivors Recover from Economic Abuse (Collection from VAWnet.org)
Understanding and devoting resources to credit building and repair is critical to survivor’s long-term security. The goal of this special collection is to help advocates better understand these important topics.

Guide: 12 Steps to Protect Your Finances When Leaving an Abusive Relationship
This article's author spoke with financial, legal and relationship experts, as well as domestic violence advocates to bring you resources, advice and action steps to prepare you to leave and recover your finances afterward.

Grants of Hope Financial Empowerment Program
In correlation with the financial assistance provided through the G.O.H program, survivors will be required to complete an online training through the All State Foundation to provide them with valuable tools to obtain financial success and independence. Break the Silence against Domestic Violence is also providing mentors and community leaders who will be working with recipients to help address financial hardship.

We know there are lots more out there! We'd love to hear from you about what YOU use with the survivors you serve. Share you ideas on CCADV's Facebook Page #FLM2017 #assets4all
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Your Coalition in Action...

CCADV's Amy Pohl facilitating our March Brown Bag on safety planning with immigrant victims
CCADV's Lydia Waligorski and CCASA's Agueda Morgan during a feature on immigration on Denver's Channel 8: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SNvT44omUA&feature=youtu.be

Communications Update

   Amy Pohl, Communications Director

Hello All!

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and we're already at work to help prepare resources to expand your capacity for great DVAM programming for 2017 and beyond. In order to end domestic violence, we must address the problem at the societal, community, relationship, and individual levels. We want to highlight and discuss how everyone can create change in our own communities, both to advance efforts to end domestic violence and by addressing its root causes. We'll be re-creating and updating the popular action 'punch card' and make it available for use in your own communities. 

We'll also be launching our anticipated statewide prevention campaign, Stand Up Colorado, with a few events throughout the month.
We're kicking it off with an energizing flash mob in Denver, and we'll help you organize a like event in your community! Get ready to dance!

This year, we also are excited to announce our partnership with Museo de las Americas in Denver. The museum, dedicated to educating our community through collecting, preserving, interpreting and exhibiting the diverse arts and cultures of the Americas from ancient to contemporary, through innovative exhibitions and programs, will launch its exhibit, “Las Adas”, in October 2017, and we plan to display the art of survivors, advocates, and allies at the museum to commemorate the opening of this powerful exhibit and recordings of their stories of healing and transformation. 

We will collect pieces from those willing to share their work throughout the next year (through mail, at region meetings, etc), to be used in an installation display at the Museo de las Americas next October! Learn more on CCADV's website.

Keep an eye for updates, and let me know if you have questions or would like to get involved.

Technical Assistance Update

   Shannon Day, Training and TA Manager

Colleagues, Members, and Friends,

I often get the question, What is technical assistance? We think of technical assistance as delivery of support around, or training in, any specialized service, skill, or outcome that a Domestic Violence Program is interested in, challenged by, or would like to perform more successfully. 

CCADV, in conjunction with the Vital Project, offers a wide array of opportunities to build the capacity, knowledge, tools and skills of CCADV Members and DVP-funded organizations through free technical assistance. The technical assistance offerings available through this program are designed to allow your organization to engage at a level that is right for your organizational capacity.

Working with a consultant or coach to provide more in-depth assistance can be the highest impact way to gain the benefits of technical assistance for your organization. If you’re not sure of how you might use customized technical assistance, you can find ideas by clicking here. You can also schedule an exploratory conversation with one of our TA providers.If you already have an idea of what you need and are ready to take the next step, please complete the brief application online and we will be in touch immediately regarding your needs. Access the application at: http://ccadv.org/what-we-do/technical-assistance/request-technical-assistance/
We look forward to hearing from you!

As always, I'm available for your question via email or at: 720-728-8368
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Upcoming Trainings


April 7Crash Course: Working With Deaf, DeafBlind, DeafDisabled, & Hard of Hearing Survivors (DOVE)
FREE online voice-interpreted training for anyone interested in getting an overview of how to support Deaf, DeafBlind, DeafDisabled, and Hard of Hearing survivors of abuse.
10:30am MST

April 11: Brown Bag: IPSV: Parallels, Intersections, and Overlaps of Relationship Violence and Sexual Assault  (CCADV)
Join Josh Keene of CCASA in a discussion that will define, identify, and analyze sexual abuse inside the broader context of abusive/violent intimate partner relationships. 
12:00pm MST

April 11: Working with Men Who Batter as Fathers (BWJP)
Many traditional parenting curricula are inadequate to address the beliefs held by men who batter and abuse. These curricula often seek to get fathers to change their behaviors without addressing the underlying beliefs that support them.
1pm MST

April 12Forging New Pathways to Safety: Engaging the Systems Survivors Find Themselves In After Victimization (CCASA)
Join the Director of Policy for CCASA and the Public Policy Director for CCADV, as they discuss new policy initiatives regarding housing rights for survivors, juvenile sexting, and medical mandated reporting.
1pm MST

April 18: Tort Suits & Financial Compensation for Domestic Violence Survivors: A Webinar for Advocates (BWJP)
An overview of tort law and the timeline of a case with a focus on how to manage client expectations and support them throughout the process. We will explain how to screen for eligibility and what you can do to help your client prepare for the case. 
12pm MST

April 20Understanding the Reporting Options for Sexual Assault Survivors (CCASA)
Over the last several years, there have been numerous changes to Colorado law affording survivors of sexual violence options for reporting. This webinar will explain reporting options available, including the options for payment, so you can better understand the law and feel equipped to clearly explain to survivors the choices they have.
12pm MST

April 24The Connection Between Rape Myths and Sexual Assault Reporting Dynamics (CCASA)
How myths and misconceptions surrounding sexual violence effect the rates of reporting for sexual assault survivors. 
12pm MST
Do you have an upcoming online training you want to share with the CCADV community?
Post an event on our website calendar!

Upcoming Live Trainings and Events

April 24: Sustainable Restoration Conference (RPI)
To educate communities/institutions on their role in the healing after sex trafficking, rehab, & restorative process; give skills that will help them identify traffickers, and protect vulnerable/at-risk girls, and take action for social change.
Location: Denver, CO

May 16-17: Are You Ready for Federal Funding? Capacity Building for Community-Based and Culturally-Specific Organizations (APIGBV, et. al.)
The National Center on Violence Against Women in the Black Community will bring together about 30 participants from community-based and culturally-specific organizations who are interested in strengthening their organizational capacity to apply for OVW and other federal funding. To apply: Click Here BEFORE April 7th.
Location: Memphis, TN

May 23: ACCESS Summit (DOVE, et. al.)
Training for human service providers to recognize and dismantle barriers for survivors of violence who identify with marginalized and/or underserved commmunities - facilitated by 8 partner agencies.
Location: Denver, CO

April 10: Colorado It’s On Us Summit (IOU, et. al.)
The It’s On Us™ Colorado Summit partners with the city of Fort Collins to bring Colorado stakeholders together to establish relationships and enhance commitments to end sexual violence. 
Location: Ft. Collins, CO

June 12-14: Colorado Advocacy in Action Conference
The Colorado Advocacy in Action is the only statewide conference specific to domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and dating violence advocacy.
Location: Vail,CO

July 31-Aug 2: NNEDV Safety Net's Technology Summit (NNEDV)
This unique 3-day training summit focuses on the intersection of technology and domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and trafficking.
Location: San Francisco, CA

Aug 15-17: Wyoming's Joint Symposium on Children and Youth (Wyo DVS)
The Symposium takes a multidisciplinary approach to promoting innovative methods, distinctive approaches, and promising practices in responding to crimes against children and helping children and families heal.   
Location: Laramie, WY
Do you have an upcoming training?
Or another event you want to share with the CCADV community?
Post an event on our website calendar!
Resources and Other Information

*2017 New U Visa Application and Certification Forms
The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services released updated U visa application and certification forms. The new forms include the criminal activities added by the Violence Against Women Act 2013 - stalking and fraud in foreign labor contracting. The certification form will also be more certifier friendly for a broader range of U visa certifiers including judges, magistrates, commissioners, police, sheriffs, prosecutors, and state and federal government agencies (e.g., EEOC, Labor, Adult and Child protective services). U visa cases filed after May 17, 2017 will be required to used the new U visa certification form.You can find the new U visa certification forms and more information by going to this webpage.
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