2016: Glancing Back, Looking Forward!
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Looking Back on 2016!
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This December...

We Look Back on 2016!

The Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence is proud to be an organization informed by, lead by, and committed to Members! As the time for membership renewal gets close, CCADV Staff and leadership take this opportunity to highlight the great work of CCADV in 2016.

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A Message from the Director

   Amy Miller, CCADV Executive Director

For the Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence (CCADV), 2016 has been a year of exciting and significant change. Throughout the year, CCADV staff, partners, volunteers, and members worked diligently to build out a social change and prevention campaign for launch in 2017. Temporarily called the Domestic Violence Community Action Campaign, we are now enticingly close to completing the name, brand, programming, and overall plan for the Campaign! Furthermore, CCADV’s new Domestic Violence Housing Program was unveiled in April and has rapidly taken root and begun to impact the number one barrier to survivor and child safety, stability, health and well-being in our state: housing. We welcomed Stevi Gray onto our staff to run this new program as the Housing Program Manager. 

At the same time, Beth Collins ended her tenure as Advocacy Director, and we subsequently welcomed Shannon Day into the reorganized position of Training and Technical Assistance Manager. CCADV also created a new Program Assistant position, now filled by Tamara Greene, who we welcomed back after her former Research Assistant position in our Pets in Families collaborative research project with the DU Graduate School of Social Work ended in June. In July, the organization’s former Business Manager, Lee Pirkey, left the organization. CCADV reorganized the position into a Finance and Operations Manager role that is now held by Meghan Nigra after her 60-day contract trial period worked out so well! CCADV also welcomed Scott Turner, Deputy Attorney General, Colorado Department of Law, and Karol Patch, Executive Director, A Woman’s Place, to the Board of Directors and elected board member Staci Woods as Treasurer. To close out the year, we are wrapping up two successful three year projects overseen by Pat Tessmer, Program Director, and run by staff members Jacque Morse and Kristiana Huitron in partnership with rural member programs across the state: The Rural Coordinated Community Response Team Project and the Rural Latin@ Outreach Project. Jacque Morse will stay on in a Technical Assistance Specialist position, while Kristiana Huitron is moving on to related endeavors in her community of Colorado Springs and we wish her well! 

Now and going forward into 2017, many of you may be feeling uncertain about the future of our anti-violence movement and wondering what we can do to further advance our cause in the face of such division, hate and legitimization of misogyny, rape culture, racism and xenophobia. We’ve been here before and we’ve never let it stop us! As advocates, we were made for these times, and in these times of great struggle, we need to remember that our collective movement values of respect, equity and fairness, social change activism, inclusion, accountability and transparency, love and compassion, diversity, community, empowerment, self-determination, and hope and optimism have not changed and will not change. Now is the time to reaffirm our shared commitment to our longstanding values and continue to stand together as a Coalition. 

We must also be accountable to and stand side-by-side with the broader movement for progressive social change by applying our values to everything we do and by actively seeking out like-minded groups to ask if there is a place for us at their table in order to grow the bigger “WE”, towards greater understanding and collaboration. As social justice advocates, we must lead with love, with compassion for one another, and know when to follow and when to support, never letting our fears overrule our determination. Now we will know the motivation of discomfort and this discomfort will call us to think and act more boldly in our approach to our work. The most marginalized girls, the girls of the future, need us to lean in and push forward in a positive way that acknowledges the inherent dignity and worth of all people, to the last girl! 

In the service of that future, CCADV will launch the Colorado Domestic Violence Community Action Campaign (soon to be renamed!) next year, a statewide social change and prevention campaign, which many of you plan to participate in and to engage your local communities in. Also to anticipate, CCADV Staff and Board members will be advancing what they’ve been learning about movement building to end violence (an offshoot of the NoVo Foundation’s Move to End Violence Project) to enhance and expand the capacity of our members and partners to achieve our collective vision of ending violence and interconnected forms of oppression through social change. Over the coming days, months, and years, we look forward to having conversations with you, to strategizing with you, and to boldly moving forward with you towards expanding the role of social change and prevention efforts in our movement.   

Today, however, please be assured that CCADV will continue to support you and to passionately advocate on behalf of you, our members and partners, and survivors of domestic violence despite these difficult times. It’s been a pleasure and an honor working shoulder-to-shoulder with all of you this year and I wish you and your loved ones’ health, peace, and joy now and into the future! 

In Peace & Solidarity,

"The question is one of fighting the causes and not just being satisfied with getting rid of the effects." -Che Guevara
2016 Membership Drive is just around the corner!
Timeline for 2017
January 9: 2016 Applications are available on ccadv.org
February 24: 2016 Applications for membership are due 

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Your Coalition in Action

All Year Long! 

Public Policy 

   Lydia Waligorski, Public Policy Director

This December, we have a lot to be thankful for. In 2016, we saw the culmination of several years’ statewide partnership work translated into the passage of both of CCADV’s primary bills: HB 1080: Assault by Strangulation and HB 1066: Habitual Domestic Violence Offenders. Your calls, letters, and internal conversations with your fellow advocates and local partners made this possible. Perhaps even more important than your direct actions were your beliefs in the underpinnings of our work to end violence. Working with Survivors is rewarding when we see people thrive, and it can also be very difficult as it requires each us to bring all of our heart and our authentic selves into the service of others. It takes a lot of muscle to be an advocate, and I value your willingness to commit to understanding the broader reasons why we take policy positions on matters impacting the Survivors we serve. 

At this point in time, we will undoubtedly need to work broadly and in deep partnership with Survivors and other organized groups to make sure oppression in any form will not be tolerated. The partnerships we develop now in our local communities as well as across the state are sustained by our common core purpose of improving outcomes for Survivors of violence. We will need to be strong in these convictions, and I look forward to working with each of you in 2017. 

May the holiday season bring you and loved ones every good thing. 


   Pat Tessmer, Program Director

2016 has been an extraordinary year for CCADV, just as I’m sure it has been for you all as well.  As Program Director, my job is both proactive and reactive and incorporates hindsight and forward thinking. One of our larger projects is wrapping up even as we prepare for it to evolve to the next level over the next few years.  

The Rural Project was a three-year project that included 1. Coordinated Community Response teams and coordinators, and 2. A largely experimental culturally-engaging Latin@ Outreach Project that included coordinators who recruited and trained Promotoras to educate and outreach to Spanish-speaking communities. We’ve learned so much through these programs and from the people across the state who participated. The individuality and resourcefulness of participant communities and the leadership and advocacy of the coordinators and their hosting advocacy organizations continues to be as intriguing as the state itself. The knowledge gleaned from the projects will both inspire and guide CCADV’s future programming.

As we begin the intentional process of pivoting from a service focus towards a social justice and social change coalition working to end violence and oppression, the lessons learned about meaningful collaboration take on even greater significance. The manner in which we do our work, and the process in which we engage to bring about our goal must be as important as the goal itself. I keep thinking about the concept of collaboration, what it has meant, was it does or doesn’t mean. Does collaboration mean that we accept the end product or does it mean that we have a say in the development and construction of the end product? Perhaps new work merits new and more accurate language to use as a framework and guide. 

My choice of language for future work with you all, our community partners (known and unknown) is that we work in concert with one another; defining concert as “agreement of two or more individuals in a design or plan; combined action”.  Lessons learned from various projects, some large, some small, is that our future programming needs to be developed in concert with our members and partners.  

Housing Program

  Stevi Gray, Housing Program Manager

CCADV’s Housing Program launched in April 2016, and time has flown! I have had the opportunity to meet with many of you and look forward to continuing to meet more of you over the next year. It has been a busy, but exciting 8 months, and I am proud of what we have been able to accomplish so far in the realm of housing.

We have made significant progress on the Housing for Crime Victims Special Project through our partnership with Division of Criminal Justice, Office for Victims Programs and hope to have project sites selected by April 2017. This Project will hopefully provide good data and information on how others in the state can implement long-term housing approaches, such as Housing First, with survivors in their community. Even if your site isn’t selected, I am available to discuss how to implement portions of these approaches and would love to hear from you on what is working well in your community.

I have had the opportunity to do several trainings around the state and to develop housing toolkits for advocates and survivors. These toolkits provide information on housing laws and protections, complaint procedures and resources. These toolkits will be updated as new laws and resources arise. And considering HUD just released their final rule on VAWA, the toolkits should be updated in the next month with updated information. You can access the toolkits here: www.ccadv.org/housing

Over the last eight months we have also focused on building relationships with housing and homelessness partners at the state level and have plans to expand this effort on state and regional levels so we can better support the housing work you are doing and have more resources and connections for you around the state and in your community. There are potential affordable housing bills that may arise during the next legislative session, and we are working with partners to include voices of survivors in these discussions.

There is much work left to be done, but I am confident that we will have even more exciting things to report in the next year and I hope you will share your accomplishments in housing with CCADV and reach out for support and resources. There are many exciting things happening around housing for DV survivors in our state and on a national level and I will provide you with updates and opportunities that I know of.

Thank you for all that you do and I wish you a safe and happy holiday season.

Latin@ Outreach Project

   Kristiana Huitron, Statewide Latina Outreach Project Manager

As we near the end of the Latin@ Outreach Project, we have learned so much and are better because of it. We will be publishing a final report for those who are interested in how the project went, thinking of developing your own promotora program, or who are wondering ways that are relevant and meaningful to communities within your community who you may not understand or with whom you may not have relationship at present. Look for the report in January. Mil Gracias

Rural CCR Program

   Jacque Morse, Statewide Rural CCR Project Manager

The Rural Coordinated Community Response (CCR) Project has been an exciting three-year project for CCADV. Our work with four rural domestic violence member programs, local CCR coordinators, and community CCR teams has demonstrated a partnership that has proved at times challenging and always productive. 

The dedication of all four CCR teams brought substantial procedural improvement to the criminal justice response to domestic violence in their communities. OVW Rural Grant funds enabled CCR teams in Aspen, Glenwood Springs, Alamosa, and Delta, to hire local CCR coordinators, CCADV to hire a state-wide project coordinator, and provided for multiple arenas for technical assistance and training. Training included on-site, law enforcement trainings individualized for each community, technical assistance webinars, CCADV sponsored trainings and technical support, and OVW training events were provided for each CCR team. OVW technical assistance providers and CCADV Project staff traveled to each rural site multiple times and trained over 200 participants on new tools for law enforcement including advocate initiated response, risk assessment, arrest decisions, probable cause, self-defense, predominate aggressor, and officer and victim safety.  

Because of the intensive training and support provided by CCADV staff and OVW these four sites have instituted new practices and policies in advocacy initiated response (AIR) and risk assessments for law enforcement. Although the funding for this project has ended, each CCR site has demonstrated a commitment to continue the work and collaboration their team developed in their community. We are excited to watch, and to continue to assist, each team move forward in their efforts to develop new procedures and policies to enhance domestic violence response. 

Training and Technical Assistance

   Shannon Day, Training and TA Manager
Joining CCADV in October has provided an opportunity to increase my knowledge of the amazing work being done throughout the state by YOU! It has further inspired me to enhance our ability to support you so that the work you are doing in your communities can continue in a robust manner. 
  •  As 2016 draws to a close, we are currently working on new courses for the Online Learning Center, and have additional courses planned for 2017. 
  • Part One of DOT (Director Orientation and Training), which is offered in partnership with CCASA (Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault), was held in November and was a success! We are looking forward to Part Two and Three in 2017 and encourage you to watch for information on those sessions.
  • Brown Bag Discussions (webinars) will be held on the second Tuesday of the month and we are confident these will continue to strengthen our work. 
  • The Colorado Advocacy in Action Conference is June 12-14, 2017 and will be a time for us to learn from and support one another. Plan now to attend!
2017 will be a year with several junctures that will likely challenge us. These junctures will cause us evaluate our work and determine where we need to adapt, so that exceptional service for survivors, their families, and the community is possible. They will move us to partner with others in recognition of the intersectionality of the issues and the fact that working together is vital to bring an end to violence and oppression of all. They will test our strength as individuals, community based programs and a coalition. These junctures will be occasions to hold space for one another in celebration, sadness, joy, pain, and many other emotions. Together may we strive for progress to end violence and remember that progress, even when slow, is progress. 

Communications and Membership

   Amy Pohl, Communications and Membership Director

2016 was a full and eventful year here at CCADV and in your own communities! Thank you for all of the work you do each day on behalf of survivors to better ensure their safety, autonomy, and empowerment.
CCADV is YOUR coalition, and as a staff member, I am YOUR resource. I work to expand our robust website, nurture and grow our dynamic Facebook presence, communicate regularly with members through our newsletter and weekly ED email, and improve communication with the public to raise awareness about domestic violence and to highlight the work being done to intervene and prevent it in Colorado. Below are some highlights through pictures (with links for more info!). I look forward to our continued work together in 2017 and beyond...




   Meghan Nigra, Operations and Finance Manager

I became involved in the movement to stop violence in 2003, and I joined CCADV in mid-late 2016. It is an honor to work with the people at CCADV, for its membership, and within the movement for human rights. I am proud to say I work alongside you supporting and creating change for others. 

I like being tucked away in the background, at least for a little while. It is a way to contribute to the great work of CCADV and all of you, while being protected from the sadder parts.
Please, know you can reach out to me at any time during the year, if I might be able to support you, your program, or the people we serve. You will usually reach me pretty easily via mnigra@ccadv.org. I look forward to meeting you in person at some point. 

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Upcoming Trainings


December 13: CCADV's Brown Bag Discussion Series: Spiritual Issues for Survivors of Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault shake survivors to their core and can cause questioning and reorientation of religious/spiritual beliefs. Join Rev. Sarah Beck, pastor of Grace United Methodist Church in Billings, Montana for a conversation about addressing spiritual issues that arise post-victimization.
12:00pm MST

December 13: FAQ’s About Survivor-Centered Services & Federal Confidentiality (NNEDV- Safety Net)
This webinar will explain the federal confidentiality obligations in VAWA, FVPSA, and VOCA, and address frequently asked questions about how to implement those confidentiality requirements in victim services programs. 
1:30pm MST

December 15Rebuilding Financially After Domestic Violence: Planning for the Future (NCADV)
This workshop covers building a modest financial foundation and making plans for the future, which are crucial skills you can impart to individuals so they are empowered to make informed, responsible financial decisions to reestablish their lives. 
9:30am MST and 1:00pm MST

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