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CCADV Staff on Colorado Denim Day 2014

Your Coalition in Action

Letter from the Director

Hello and warm wishes to you all on this warm May day!

Here is a snapshot of the recent goings on at CCADV –
Executive Director Search Process: The search process is well underway!  Second round interviews began this week.  We will keep you posted.

Colorado Advocacy in Action:  June 2 – 4, 2014, Vail Marriott Resort: 
Registration is still open for the conference which features 24 workshops, 4 round table discussions and keynote speaker Steve LePore (Founder and Executive Director of 1in6.org). The CCADV annual meeting will take place on Monday, June 2 at 3:30 p.m.

Silent Auction: This year our annual conference will feature a silent auction to raise funds for both CCADV and CCASA programs.  To make this a success – we need you to share your talents! Are you a photographer, a seamstress, an artist, a baker, a candlestick maker? And would you be willing to create and donate an item for the auction?  Do you have a lovely piece of art that you no longer have a place for, a cool set of wine glasses that are begging for a new home, a piece of jewelry that you just never seem to wear? 
Donate an item today!

Region Meetings: Scheduled during the 1st 2 weeks in May as follows:
Region I – Thursday, May 8th in Loveland
Region III – Friday, May 9th in Pueblo
Region IV – Monday, May 12th in Glenwood Springs
Region II – to be scheduled
Trauma Informed Care Learning Circles – 2 organizational spaces left:
If you have a staff person registered for the TIC Institute in June, you are eligible to enroll your organization as a learning circle site.  These sites will implement Dr Covington’s Healing Trauma curriculum as professional development with their staff and participate in monthly teleconference calls to discuss their learning with other front line organizations.  For more information email Beth Collins
.  The 2 remaining learning circle spots will be filled on a first come basis. 
Cris Sullivan workshop follow-up: The For Good Measure workshop on April 14th was a great success.  More than 40 participants (in person and via webinar) learned directly from Dr. Sullivan the evidence base behind our work, what we can realistically measure, practical strategies for evaluating our work and how to use the resulting data. Materials from the conference, including the video, will available on the members only section of the CCADV website within the month. 
Weekly Email:  CCADV received feedback that some programs are feeling a little overwhelmed with the number of communications coming from our staff here. So, in an effort to still keep you appraised of any time sensitive information and also be respectful of how fast inboxes can fill up, we will now be sending a weekly directors email. These will be SHORT emails with brief updates and information about things we think are important for you to know that simply can’t wait until the next newsletter. These emails will be sent on Thursday mornings of each week. You will not receive one this week, as we are sending the newsletter today. Email Amy Pohl with any questions.
Productivity and collective action is alive and well at CCADV.  If you have not already renewed your membership or joined CCADV for the first time, there is no time like Spring in Colorado!  
Here  is information on membership benefits and applications for individuals, community partners and DV programs.  We look forward to working with you!

Public Policy Update

Public Policy Update
by Amy Miller, CCADV Public Policy Director
Good news! The two bills at the top of CCADV's policy agenda during this year's legislative session, House Bill 1162 to protect rape victims when a child is conceived and House Bill 1017 to create a dedicated and adequate affordable housing fund in Colorado, are both on their way to Governor Hickenlooper to be signed into law!!! Stay tuned for CCADV's 2014 legislative wrap-up report for a comprehensive review of all the legislation we diligently worked on this session on behalf of survivors and our Membership.  

CCADV Survey Opportunity: We Need Your Input...

In an effort to gather data, we are asking Domestic Violence Shelters & Programs, including those who also assist survivors of sexual assault and other crimes, to help to identify the current practices of your profession regarding cases of non-lethal strangulation and suffocation. This brief survey was developed and will be used by the Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence's (CCADV) multi-disciplinary Strangulation Policy Subcommittee to make recommendations for increased offender accountability and victim safety in assault cases involving strangulation/suffocation. Please complete this survey as soon as possible, it should take less than 15 minutes, but in that brief time you can have a positive impact on this issue.  We value your time and your opinions regarding this topic and it is critical that we hear from you, professionals working the field, in order to have sound guidance to inform our work.The survey closes on May 30th.

If you have questions about the survey or the Subcommittee, please contact Amy Miller, CCADV Pubic Policy Director, toll free at 1 888-778-7091 ext. 812, at (303) 962-0933, or at amiller@ccadv.org. Thank you very much for your participation: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Directserviceproviders 

Join CCADV's HUGE Human Centipede!

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Upcoming Trainings


May 9: Military Sexual Trauma (The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is hosting a free webinar on May 9, 2014 at 9:30 AM ET and 1:30 PM ET on Military Sexual Trauma (MST) and how VA provides support and benefits to those suffering from it. Topics include legal requirements that bind VA to claims processing, submitting evidence to VA, and the compensation examination process. Click on the following links to learn more! 9:30am ET session: goo.gl/OyyZRs; 1:30pm ET session: goo.gl/7VI4ng)

May 12: Trabajando con Inmigrantes Sobrevivientes de Crímenes de Violencia: Conociendo su historia (Como resultado de la participación en este webinario, los participantes serán capaces de: Utilizar técnicas de detección y entrevistas efectivas, particularmente para clientes que enfrentan problemas legales complejos; Generar confianza con los clientes y obtener la información y detalles necesarios de la historia del cliente; Reconocer potenciales remedios legales de inmigración  existentes para sobrevivientes en procedimientos de deportación)
12:00 - 1:00 PM MDT
Register Now

May 12: Representing Clients Experiencing Trauma in Civil Protection Order Cases (This webinar will provide information on how to tailor legal advocacy of clients who are experiencing trauma in order to: Provide assistance that accommodates their mental health needs; Make civil legal justice accessible; Obtain the best possible legal outcome)
12:00 - 1:30 PM MDT
Register Now

May 13: Holistic Safety Planning Using Alternative Risk Assessment Framework 
(Safety planning for domestic violence has changed little in decades and still relies heavily on one-size-fits-all checklists. This workshop describes an alternative risk assessment framework, Multiple Criteria Decision Making (MCDM), which is common in environmental science and other fields where they also deal with complex problems
1:00 - 12:30 PM MDT
Register Now

May 15: Telephonic Training on Interstate Custody Issues 
This training will build upon the foundation established by the LRC's previous training programs, which provided participants with an overview of the various federal and state laws that govern interstate custody cases. The training is appropriate for attorneys who have participated in a previous LRC training and/or who have some experience with interstate custody cases.)
9:30 - 11:00 PM MDT
All interested attorneys and advocates should contact Ellen at (301) 270-1550 or at ebglrc@lrcvaw.org to obtain a registration form.

May 19: Reentering and Reuniting: Incarcerated Survivors or Battering and their Children ( This webinar will examine possible placements options and the ramifications of each for the children and the incarcerated mother as well as outline steps incarcerated survivors can take to plan for their reunification with their children while incarcerated and upon release.)
1:00 - 2:30 PM MDT
Register Now

May 20: The Impact of Differential Sentencing of Batterers
 (The faculty will discuss research from a statewide study in Rhode Island on the impact of differential sentencing of batterers on recidivism. The investigation examined the severity of sentencing of DV perpetrators for both DV and non-DV offenses at the beginning of their "criminal careers." The research revealed that the rate of new DV crimes was lower for those batterers who were initially sentenced more severely for DV crimes)
12:00 - 1:30 PM MDT
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May 21:
Public Sector Partnerships: The role of local government in sexual and domestic violence 
prevention initiatives 
(What can your local government's agencies and departments do to prevent sexual and domestic violence? This web conference will examine strategies local governments across the country have taken to support prevention)
12:00 - 1:30 PM MDT
Register Now

May 21: A Roadmap to Risk Assessment: ODARA and Maine's CCR
 (Presenters will describe the year-long process leading to the recommendation that Maine risk assessment practice be updated to include the Ontario Domestic Assault Risk Assessment (ODARA) tool. ODARA predicts which cases of domestic violence have an increased likelihood of future violence and require more careful monitoring or intervention by the justice system; it also leads to more effective resource allocation. Its predictive accuracy of 77% is the best there is in validated, evidence-based DV risk assessment tools without involving tools requiring clinical expertise. Presenters will also cover the implementation process that has been underway.)
1:00 - 2:30 PM MDT
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May 21: A Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words: Picture Tools to Support the Forensic Exam Process for Survivors with Disabilities
(part of the Bridging the Gap webinar series dealing with 
sexual assault and domestic violence against people with disabilities and Deaf individuals)
12:00 - 1:30 PM MDT
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May 27: Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence and Stalking on Campus: Implications for Prevention (highlighting the implications for planning, implementing and evaluating violence prevention on college campuses)
12:00 - 1:30 PM MDT
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May 29: Interstate Custody and Military Families (Whether you work in the Department of Defense or in a community-based program, this webinar will enhance your knowledge of interstate custody issues that can be applied to improving the services provided for military IPV survivors and their families)
10:30 - 12:00 PM MDT
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May 30: Redefining our Work to Meet 21st Century Challenges - Competitive Funding, Increased Use of Technology, Cross-sector Collaboration, & more (As organizations dedicated to ending violence against women (VAW), we share similarities with other non-profits, but also distinct differences.   As we look to the future, we face the question of how to most effectively build on our assets as organizations dedicated to survivor-defined advocacy and social change while navigating reduced funding, increased demand for services, long-term staff transitions, challenges against the VAW agenda, and more)
10:00 - 12:00 PM MDT
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Upcoming Live Trainings

June 2-4: Colorado Advocacy in Action Conference
Featuring 24 workshops, 4 roundtable discussions and keynote Speaker, Steve LaPore, Founder and Executive Director of 1in6, Inc.

Location: Vail Marriott Mountain Resort and Spa, Vail, CO
We are still accepting donations for the Silent Auction! Visit our website for more details on you can be involved! 
May 15: Childhood Sexualized Behaviors: From Normal to Problematic and Abusive
Join Dr. Gizane Indart, as she explores the world of the sexually abused child. This course addresses some sexualized behaviors displayed by traumatized children and begins to define what constitutes normal sexualized behaviors in children according to different developmental stages. It also focuses on children who have experienced disruptions in normal sexual development and therefore manifest a wide range of sexualized behaviors, from normal to problematic and abusive. 
Time: 9:00am-12:00pm
Location:  Gym at Foothills Gateway Inc.
               301 Skyway Dr. Ft. Collins, CO 80525
Cost: $65 per individual

July 14-15: High Altitude Family Violence Summer Conference
The first High Altitude Family Violence Summer Conference addresses many of the key issues various community, state and federal agencies and stakeholders confront when working family violence cases. Renowned experts from a variety of professional backgrounds (research, expert witnessing, law, policing, psychology, public policy, social work, and nursing) explore issues such as coercive control, the profound significance of trauma, and child abuse and neglect. We encourage attendance by all those involved in the wide-ranging field of family violence and welcome you to the beautiful NAU campus for an exceptional high altitude learning experience.
Location: NAU Campus, Flagstaff, AZ


From the Department of Education
Teen Dating Violence and Sexual Assault in School: Resource and a Call to Action

"The Department is vigorously enforcing compliance with Title IX and the Clery Act—laws that help make our schools safer. The following resources provide more information to support schools and communities in their efforts to create safe, healthy learning environments and identify, investigate, and remedy teen dating violence and sexual assault."

From the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence
Adults who Experienced Domestic Violence in Childhood (AEDVC) Leadership Forum
"The AEDVC Leadership Forum is comprised of advocates in the movement to end gender based violence who identify as having experienced domestic violence in childhood. The Leadership Forum was established to amplify the voices and experiences of AEDVC to enhance our work to end domestic violence."

Video podcast: Empowerment Based Advocacy
"Kimberly Wong, a psychotherapist and clinical consultant, presents on best practices for empowering survivors of sexual assault through Empowerment Based Advocacy. Empowerment Based Advocacy is an approach to working with survivors to promote self-actualization as well as to be their supporter and advocate."

From the Colorado Secretary of State
Guide to Regulatory Compliance and Filing Requirements
This module introduces federal and state-level legal requirements for nonprofits, and provides insight into the board's role in ensuring that their organization stays in compliance. Links to additional resources allow course participants to access more in-depth information based on their organization's specific needs.

From UCD's Center on Domestic Violence
Applications to the Program on Gender-based Violence now being accepted!
Find out more during our Info Webinar on May 13 at 10am. Structured for distance learning, the Center on Domestic Violence at the University of Colorado Denver offers a one-of-a-kind, graduate-level program designed to prepare individuals with the knowledge and skills to guide interpersonal violence service and advocacy programs nationwide.  Applications for fall 2014 enrollment in the Program on Gender-Based Violence are being accepted.
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