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Language Access
Have you got a plan?. Check out the resources!
CCADV Welcomes New Staff Member
Meet Kisa Corcoran!
Upcoming Trainings
Lots of great trainings and other events this month. Start Learning!

This July...

...Advocating for Immigrant Survivors

On the Fourth of July, Independence Day for the United States of America, ceremonial swearing-in ceremonies of new citizens are traditional — a celebration of the country's past and its evolving future. 

Here at CCADV, we know that immigrant survivors of domestic violence face unique challenges to safety and security, so this month, we focus part of our newsletter on advocating for victims facing complicated immigration needs.

The resources provided here are just a sampling of the myriad websites, publications, trainings, etc. available on the topic and should be used simply as a starting point for addressing the complex issues facing immigrant survivors in your communities. Feel free to contact CCADV for further information and technical assistance. 

Immigrant victims with limited English proficiency (LEP) have an even harder time accessing services in many communities.Even basic communication, much less nuanced information sharing, can be frustrating for both an LEP survivor and an advocate that does not speak or understand the client's language. When programs invest time to develop a comprehensive and proactive approach to providing assistance for individuals with limited English proficiency (LEP), these survivors will have greater access to the critical services necessary to safe and successful intervention.

The following are just a few resources that will help you in the process. CCADV is also developing a web-based training on the topic of Language Access, and we will update you when this is complete and ready to use.

Making DV Services Accessible to Individuals with LEP: A Toolkit
This toolkit provides resources and support to build language access as a core service for survivors with LEP. 

Language Access Worksheet: Points of Contact
This worksheet is an example of an analysis of a program’s capacity to provide language access at various “entry points”. 

Language Access Plan: A Template
This template will help break down the LEP plan process into manageable pieces. 

LEP.gov: An Interagency Website
This site acts as a clearinghouse, providing and linking to information, tools, and technical assistance regarding limited English proficiency and language services for federal agencies, recipients of federal funds, users of federal programs and federally assisted programs, and other stakeholders.

Language Access Planning Tool for Courts
This language access planning and technical assistance tool for courts was created by the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division, Federal Coordination and Compliance Section (DOJ), to assist courts and court systems as they develop comprehensive language access programs.  
Blue Campaign
from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security
The Blue Campaign is the unified voice for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) efforts to combat human trafficking. Through the Blue Campaign, DHS raises public awareness about human trafficking, leveraging partnerships to educate the public to recognize human trafficking and report suspected instances. Visit the Blue Campaign for information and free resources.
"Human trafficking is modern day slavery and it’s happening here in the United States; in our cities, suburbs and rural areas. It involves the use of force, fraud or coercion to obtain labor or commercial sex. Human trafficking victims are often lured with false assurances of wellpaying jobs or the promise of love and affection from someone who claims to care about them. But in reality, victims are met with horrible living and working conditions and mental, physical and emotional abuse.

Victims of human trafficking can be U.S. citizens or of any nationality, age, socioeconomic status or gender and are found in both legitimate and illegitimate industries, including sweatshops, massage parlors, farms, restaurants, hotels and domestic service." (Full Article)

To get help from the National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC),
call 1-888-373-7888 or text HELP or INFO to BeFree (233733).
Articles, Other Resources, and Upcoming Trainings
on Advocacy for Immigrant Victims...
Think Cultural Health: Dedicated to advancing health equity at every point of contact. 
This site, sponsored by the Office of Minority Health, offers the latest resources and tools to promote cultural and linguistic competency in health care. You may access free and accredited continuing education programs as well as tools to help you and your organization provide respectful, understandable and effective services.

National Latin@ Network Fact Sheets
Downloadable on a variety of topics promoting effective responses to eliminate domestic violence and to promote healthy relationships within Latin@ families and communities.

Addressing Domestic Violence in Immigrant Communities: Critical Issues for Culturally Competent Services
Rana, Sheetal 
Increasing culturally competent domestic violence services to immigrant survivors and their communities entails understanding the complexities of survivors’ lives and the barriers survivors overcome when deciding to seek help. The research reviewed here found that several aspects of immigrant survivors’ lives influence their domestic violence experiences.

Intimate Partner Violence in Immigrant and Refugee Communities: Challenges, Promising Practices and Recommendations
FVPF (now Futures without Violence) and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
This paper examines the issue from a variety of standpoints, including the legal rights and practical challenges facing immigrant and refugee victims of violence, the ways systems are responding, and the promising practices that offer hope for these women, many of whom would otherwise remain in grave and persistent peril.

July 11: 
Introduction to Labor and Sex Trafficking: A Health Care & Human Rights Challenge (FWV)
The webinar will provide a brief overview of the problem from a public health, clinical, and human rights perspective; explain how clinicians can identify and respond; and illustrate how forging community and systems partnerships build more effective local responses. 
1:00p MST

National Latin@ Network Webinar Archive
Past webinars on a variety of topics promoting effective responses to eliminate domestic violence and to promote healthy relationships within Latin@ families and communities.
Are you hosting a training or event related to housing that you want to share with the CCADV community?
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Your Coalition in Action: CAIA 2016

What a conference! Thank you to all of our amazing presenters, awesome participants, and generous supporters for helping to make this year's conference the most robust CAIA to date! See you next year!
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Staff Updates

CCADV Welcomes New Training and TA Manager

Kisa Corcoran, Training and Technical Assistance Manager

Hello and Greetings CCADV Members, Partners and Supporters,

My name is Kisa (rhymes with Lisa!) Corcoran and I am the new Training and Technical Assistance Manager for the Coalition. I am eager to learn more about your programs, who you are, what you need in terms of training and technical assistance, and what you love about your work for survivors! I've worked in domestic and sexual violence programs in a variety of roles for the past 24 years in several different states as well as for the Gila River Indian Community in Arizona. I began as a program coordinator and legal advocate in Minnesota where we were strongly influenced by the work being done in Duluth by Ellen Pence.   

During my 11 years in service to the Akimel O'Otham and Pee-Posh tribes I worked as the sole advocate until, with the help of survivors and other tribal members, I was able to grow the program from one position to nine while concurrently leading a six-year project to build a tribal domestic violence shelter. I also worked temporarily as an Executive Director for a rural shelter in Arizona. 

I am excited to work with you.  It is my role to facilitate resource sharing and problem-solving dealing with the complexity of issues within domestic violence advocacy and related services. I will be coordinating all of the training and TA requests for the Coalition, fulfilling some myself and collaborating with others on our staff as well as with our DVP TA partners, the Vital Project. CCADV staff will continue to provide trainings and TA. I welcome you to contact me at kcorcoran@ccadv.org or by calling my direct line at 720-728-8368.

For anything other than a simple TA request please use our forms on our website: request a training or TA.
Questions? Contact Kisa Corcoran

Coordinated Community Response Team Program Update

Jacque Morse, CCR Project Manager

CCADV’s rural CCR sites are excited to once again be able to have the opportunity to provide advanced law enforcement training for their community law enforcement agencies. Major Marcus Bruning will be providing an enhanced training on predominant aggressor determination, AIR, strangulation, risk assessment, and trauma-informed investigations for the Delta/Montrose, Glenwood Springs, and Frisco law enforcement communities during the week of September 19th.  

Although Advocates for Victims of Assault in Frisco is not currently a CCADV project site, CCADV provides valuable TA to them in enhancing their current CCR. This will be the second training Major Bruning has provided to our current CCR sites. Major Bruning is a certified Federal Law Enforcement Training specialist and currently provides “train the trainer” instruction nation-wide in domestic crisis intervention and intelligence led policing.   
Questions? Contact Jacque Morse


As of June, 2016, the Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence has a new home. Please update your address books and other records accordingly with our new address:

1330 Fox Street, Suite 3
Denver, CO 80204

P.O. Box 40328
Denver, CO 80204

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Upcoming Trainings


July 12: CCADV's Brown Bag Series:
Feminist Advocacy in Today’s World (CCADV)
This Brown Bag session builds on CAIA Conference workshops that discussed the roots and evolution of feminist advocacy and the battered woman’s movement, but is also a stand-alone session. Please join us as we identify the ideologies of the feminist movement that became the cornerstone of domestic violence advocacy, the current and future relevance of feminist advocacy, and strategies to begin practical application. 
Handouts will be sent electronically to registered participants.

12:00p MST

July 7: The Danger When Animal Abuse Co-Occurs with Family Violence: Strategies and Policies for Keeping Families Safe (BWJP)
This workshop will delve into the newest research and theories addressing how animals are used by batterers in family violence and how failing to address animal abuse can contribute to continued violence in the home. 
11:00a MST

July 12: The In’s and Out’s of Safety and Assistive Technology (BWJP)
During this presentation, participants will learn about common assistive technology devices, ways that abusers may use those devices to compromise safety, and how to promote the safe usage of these devices.
12:00p MST

July 13What About Power and Patriarchy? Examining Social Cohesion Strategies to Prevent Sexual and Domestic Violence (PC)
Join us for a conversation where we will explore recent research on social cohesion, social inclusion, and sexual and domestic violence, and how a feminist power analysis can coexist with....
12:00p MST
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Or another event you want to share with the CCADV community?
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Upcoming Live Trainings and Events

July 13: CCASA Annual Campus Meeting (CCASA)
For campus professionals to convene, network, and enhance their skills through trainings on current topics and trends. 
Location: Denver, CO

July 18-22: Foundations in Victim Services (WDVS)
This program facilitated by the Joint Center on Violence and Victim Studies (JCVVS) provides exposure to a broad spectrum of topics essential to a core education in victim's rights and services. 
Location: Douglas, WY

July 25-27NNEDV Safety Net’s Technology Summit (NNEDV)
This conference will address how technology is misused by abusers, strategically used by survivors to maintain privacy and safety, and implemented by providers to enhance services....
Location: San Francisco, CA

August 10-12: The Warmth of Other Suns Conference (VSDV Alliance)
This conference will establish an environment for diverse professionals working to address and prevent sexual and intimate partner violence to work together with community leaders to increase our understanding...
Location: Richmond, VA

August 29-31: National Training Institute on Protection Order Practice for Attorneys and Advocates (NCPOFFC)
Two and an half day training for attorneys and advocates who provide survivor-centered advocacy and representation to victims of intimate partner violence...

Location: New Orleans, LA

September 13-15Confidentiality, Safety, & Technology: Improving Responses to Survivors Conference (NNEDV)
Attendees will leave better equipped and enhance services for survivors where it is crucial to maintain privacy and confidentiality. 
Location: Orlando, FL

September 13-14: Protection Order Practice for Prosecutors and Law Enforcement (BWJP)
The goal of the training is to allow prosecutors and law enforcement to gain valuable information on protection orders, the evidence necessary to prosecute a defendant for violating an order, recognizing the dynamics of stalking....
Location: Albuquerque, NM

October 23-25: Voice United 2016 (NCADV)
This conference seeks to commission victims, survivors, advocates and other experts in the field to lift and empower voices of victims and survivors and inspire action toward a culture with zero tolerance for domestic violence.
Location: Chandler, AZ

November 2-4: BISC-MI 21st Annual Conference (BISC-MI)
Focus on batterer intervention services to promote victim safety
Location: Dearborn, MI

Check out community events hosted around Colorado 
on our website:
(Or post your own event on our website calendar!)

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News, Resources, and Other Information

*BWJP Launches New Custody-Related Practice Worksheets
BWJP is pleased to announce the release of a new set of child custody-related practice worksheets for advocates, attorneys, and other family court professionals. These worksheets assist the family court practitioner in easily and visually organizing and keeping track of what is being learned about abuse in a custody case, including its full nature and context, in order to ensure that the practitioner’s actions in the case are directly responsive to the actual implications of the abuse for the task at hand for this particular family. 
We strongly encourage you to watch the instructional video, attend a workshop or access a recorded webinar before utilizing any of the practice guides or worksheets, as misuse of the material may result in unintended negative consequences.

*Call for Nominations- 2016 COVA Conference Awards
Every fall the Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance (COVA) holds their annual conference and awards presentation in Keystone CO. Please review the information provided here and submit nominations for those individuals or agencies that you feel have provided services to crime victims that went above and beyond or that consistently provided exemplary service.  

National Census of Domestic Violence Services 2016
Wednesday, September 14, 2016 

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