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IMAGE: Happy Holidays!

Whatever it is that you're celebrating this season, may you find yourself surrounded by wonderful family, friends, and neighbors.  

Happy holidays from the
West Bucktown Neighborhood Association!

Bringing a Little Ho Ho Ho to the 'Hood
The Gift of Strength
Let's Eat, Drink, and Be Very Merry!

Bringing a Little Ho Ho Ho to the 'Hood!
IMAGE: Holiday Caroling.The hills were alive with the sound of music last week as WBNA Board members and their families hit the streets of West Bucktown for some old-school holiday caroling. We braved the chilly temperatures in our quest to spread a little cheer -- and what we clearly lacked in talent, we more than made up for in energy and enthusiasm!

IMAGE: Holiday Caroling.Many thanks to those who opened their doors to greet us -- especially the family that sent us on our merry way with delicious peanut butter confections...yum! 

IMAGE: Holiday Caroling.

And a special thank-you to Cory Shirk for serving as our much-needed choral director. Just imagine how we would have sounded if he hadn't made us practice!


The Gift of Strength
Meet Shanna,* a neighborhood resident who was being verbally and emotionally abused by her husband. With her self-esteem at an all-time low, she spoke to someone at her church, who referred her to a counseling program. She asked her mother to watch her son so she could attend the group session, but her mother refused, telling Shanna that “sharing your problems with others is a sign of weakness.” With no one else to turn to, Shanna called the Maryville Crisis Nursery in tears. After meeting with a family advocate, she entrusted her son to the Nursery’s s care for 24 hours so she could get the counseling she so desperately needed. When she picked him up the next day, Shanna shared the news that she was considering a trial separation with her husband and would be looking for an apartment for her and her son. A staff member reminded her that at the Crisis Nursery, asking for help is viewed as a sign of strength, not weakness. 
*Not her real name.
The Maryville Crisis Nursery provides free emergency childcare to families facing an extreme crisis, including domestic violence, homelessness, parental stress, and medical emergencies. The only facility of its kind in Chicago, the Nursery acts as a safe haven for children, sheltering them from the negative backlash these types of situations often bring.
Every year, the Crisis Nursery helps dozens of families who call West Bucktown and the 1st Ward home. That’s why we’re making the Nursery the beneficiary of our annual WBNA holiday giving campaign. Please join us in helping area children and families in need – it's a great way to spread the joy around this holiday season. Just visit to make a donation by January 14. Your generosity is greatly appreciated! 

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Let's Eat, Drink and Be Very Merry!
IMAGE: West On NorthMany thanks to Joe Sabath and his staff at West On North for agreeing to host the WBNA “Beat the Post-Holiday Blues” party on Saturday, January 14 from 5:00 to 8:00 pm. The celebration is open to all West Bucktown residents, young and old alike. We hope you and your family will join us in raising a glass (or juicebox!) to all that we’ve accomplished together as we look ahead to a promising new year full of friendship and fun.
We are encouraging everyone who attends the party to bring an item or two from the Maryville Crisis Nursery “Wish List” on the sidebar to the right. Just think of this small gesture as your token “price of admission" for what promises to be a fabulous evening for all.   

Don’t be tardy, because the free munchies won’t last forever, and the first round of drinks is on us! Please email if we can count on having you join us.
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Visit Us At:


Mark Your Calendar!

Saturday, January 14, 5 - 8pm
West On North
2509 W. North Ave.
Please RSVP to:

(Click here to donate!)

The Maryville Crisis Nursery depends largely on donations and grants to support the children and families it serves.Please plan to bring something from this list with you to the WBNA Post-Holiday Party on January 14. It’s a small gesture that will make a huge difference in the lives of children and families in need!

Gerber Graduate Meals
Gerber Graduate Snacks
Gerber Stage 1 & 2 Fruits
Gerber Stage 1 & 2 Vegetables
Gerber Stage 3 Fruits and Vegetables

Boys Underwear, 2T - 5T
Girls Underwear, 2T - 4T
Onesies, 12 - 24 months
Baby & Toddler Socks
Shoes (New), Boys & Girls Sizes 2 - 10
Girls Outfits, Sizes 2T - 5T
Girls Outfits, Sizes 8 – 12

Disposable Diapers, Sizes 3 and 4
Pullups, Boys 2T - 5T
Luster’s Pink Lotion
Johnson’s Baby Wash
Johnson’s Baby Shampoo
Suave Detangler
Unscented Lotion
Unscented Baby Wipes
Ivory Bar Soap
Children’s Toothbrushes
Large-Tooth Combs

Dryer Sheets (Unscented)
Lysol Disinfecting Spray
Glue Sticks
Clorox Disinfecting Wipes
Shout Stain Remover
Dish Washing Liquid
Kmart Gift Card
Target Gift Card

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