Chrisi and our midwife

Chrisi's Corner

Here's a photo of Hannah, my new midwife, during our first meeting with her earlier this week. She has a natural birth clinic in Guatemala City. We're living in the city for the next several weeks until after the baby gets here! We decided to move to the capital to have our son so we're close to better hospitals and for a midwife who speaks English. Our Spanish is improving, but we like having someone who speaks English to be there with us at the birth.

The baby and I are doing great! He's a little mover! Michael and I live in an apartment that John and Sharon from ASELSI graciously let us use as we prepare for the baby. Less than four weeks to go! We're due about May 15. Please pray for an easy, wonderful, healthy birth for baby and mommy! We're so excited to hold our little guy in our arms! In the mean time, we're getting ready and continuing with our Spanish studies on our own. We're getting to know our neighborhood and hope to get lots of practice in talking with our neighbors.

We met the son of Guatemala's ambassador to Japan! He's been very friendly and even offered to help us practice our Spanish. We see that God is giving us connections around us so we can tell them about Christ! Pray for this young man, named Carlos, that he will be receptive to the Gospel.

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