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DECEMBER 14, 2014

Hi <<First Name>>,

Well, even though I haven’t yet finished organizing my official blog, I do hope to publish more issues of Photo Tips. I’m gratified, if frankly a bit surprised, at how many people have said they miss viewing it regularly and strongly urged me to keep the tips and images coming.
As I mentioned last time, every so often I will choose one or more of my photos and discuss why I made them, what I liked about them, what one can learn from them and how I could perhaps have improved them. In return I will ask you to give me your feedback, thoughts or questions. I still hope to set up the blog so we can make the process truly interactive and everyone, including me, can benefit from these two-way communications.
So here are three images, the first two made in Japan and the third in artist Frida Kahlo’s courtyard at her home (now a museum) in Mexico City. Do you see anything they might have in common?

When I’m out shooting I always keep my eyes open for compelling shapes, lines and patterns. It’s easy to walk right by these opportunities, but if you’re alert and looking at everything with your “artist’s eye,” you will sometimes notice them, perhaps because they appeal to your inner sense of order or design. They can be found anywhere, from your own neighborhood to a downtown street to a park or on a trip to an exotic location. On these occasions I would urge you to stop and carefully consider the photographic possibilities. 
For example, in each of the scenes above, the geometric shapes and lines, complemented by what I felt were pleasing light patterns and colors, made me pause. The goal is to truly see, rather than simply look at, what's there. To practice, go out and take a lot of pictures that have interesting shapes, lines or patterns. But I also suggest you review some of your existing favorite photographs to see if you can identify any of these qualities that might have initially motivated you (perhaps sub-consciously) to push the shutter button. These feelings are often in effect the subject of your image...but more on that later.
Meanwhile, I hope this finds you well. Please click below or let me know if you would rather not receive these communications. You'll quickly be off the list.

Next time: Make your pictures about rather than of something.

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