I finially reveal my new work to you, and re-open Art Journal Diary!
{July 24, 2012}

Hello, darlings!

I have been a busy little bee! Can you hear me buzzing around? 

For the past month, I’ve been painting. Painting in a new way. Opening myself up to the canvas, pouring out my heart and SOUL! I’ve been brought to tears, laughter, and new insights about myself through these new pieces (there are more I haven’t shown you, yet, if you can believe it!). 

Marie Forleo says that when you’re jealous of someone else’s achievements, it’s the universe telling you what you want/need to do. Well, I’m paraphrasing, but this has changed my thinking!

I was jealous of all my friends who could sell tons of prints and original paintings, so I decided to pour my heart out on the canvas and in the pages of my journals, and posted, tonight, a bunch of them in one huge swoop! 

(And thanks to Lisa, I’ve already sold two. Thank you so much!)

If you have a moment (and a bare place on your walls), please go to my Etsy shop and see if anything catches your eye. I’ve selected pieces I think reveal hidden beauty, encourage you to keep going through the tough times in life, and to find your Creative Voice. Tell Your Story. I hope that some of the emotion I felt in creating them can brighten your life. 

I have also decided to open Art Journal Diary back up. There are so many of you sending in your tricks, tips, and ideas (and keep them coming; I’ll be responding this week!) that this little class has expanded past what even I could imagine! Students are helping each other, lives are changing, and I am so humbled

I’m completely re-thinking class structure and pricing for my new project, and you all continue to surprise me with your Stories and ideas…..I think we ALL are going to benefit from what’s coming up! 

I love getting to know all of you through your comments, emails, and work posted in classes. I love that I know some of you, that your Stories are being spun as we interact. I much rather have a smaller “business” with you guys than a huge one where I didn’t know half of you. 

I’ll see ya tomorrow over on YouTube with a giveaway for 3,000 subscribers! Thanks! 

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