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Private Academies at WA


Never have a meeting in a crappy hotel ballroom again. 

Warning! This is a blatant sales writeup... head down below for Academy Alumni content).

We haven't talked about this for awhile, but did you know that you can hold your private company meeting at Wizard Academy and take advantage of all the things you normally get during one of our workshops?

For $10,000/day you get the Wizard Tower, all meals catered, wine, beer, and beverages provided, the instructor of your choice for our current Instructor list, and all 18 rooms included for the night before and the night of your meeting.

Break that down per person, and you'll have a hard time coming anywhere close to that without shoveling day old Subway sandwiches in your mouth washed down with $10 lukewarm sodas in chairs that make your butt fall asleep and fluorescent lights that give you a migraine.

For smaller group meetings (under 12), you can use Spence Manor to hold your meetings for only $5,000/day. For that you get everything that was included in the previous list and we'll use the tower for after meeting socializing and tours of the campus.

If you are at all interested, let me know. These tend to move quickly, and we only book 10 or so a year.

Plus, there's the tour of Scotland. If you've done it, you know it's worth the whole amount on its own.  Just sayin.....

VC - Daniel Whittington

How To Magically Lose Weight, Get Up Earlier, Have More Money, and Write a Book!

Tim Miles solves all of life's greatest secrets for you. And now it's your turn.

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The Staffing Question

This post is from back in March of this year, but I really likes what Michael Drew had to say about it. Are your hiring and promotion practices a reflection of your values and the values of your company?

Estimated time to read: 2 minutes and 29 seconds
Is That A Gap In Your Brand Story?

Bryan Eisenberg reminds us that our brand story is no longer entirely in our control. And it's not necessarily a bad thing. Is there a disconnect between the story you are spreading about your company and the story your customers are spreading? Here are a few things to think about. 

Estimated time to watch: 2 minutes, 7 seconds.

Inside the VC's Office

I've really enjoyed curating this newsletter, and I want to make sure we're drawing attention to a wider group of Alumni. If you've got something you've written, videoed, or recorded, please email it to me! I'd love to include it in an upcoming list!

Remember that it has to be published on your own before I can post it. I'm only going to link to it, so it has to be posted somewhere prior to you sending it to me.

email me at "daniel@wizardacademy.org"
Garrison's Home Furnishings

Brian Garrison has a home furnishings store in Central Point, OR. He's an Acad grad, and this is exactly the random kind of video that a WA Alum would do intuitively. Love it.

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PG Wodehouse's Birthday on Writer's Almanac

Wednesday, October 15th is the birthday of PG Wodehouse, one of my favorite authors. There's a decent little blurb about him in the Writer's Almanac for the same day. You get a nice little tidbit of a poem, and introduction to Writers Almanac (which is lovely), and a small bit about Wodehouse. Enjoy!
HT Brad Whittington

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