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My brain is tired.

Last week we held the Buyer Legends Workshop, and the room was filled with Wizard-style intellectuals diving deep into a well that the Brothers Eisenberg have been digging for many years.
It was a fresh reminder of one of the things I love about the Academy Alumni. You don’t sit around looking for easy shortcuts and ways to trick people into working with you. You're not looking for an easy way out.
You are willing to do the hard work that everyone else tries to avoid.
And that’s what makes you our kind of crazy.
Stephen King said, “Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.
It’s similar to what I’ve heard my dad, who has published 9 books, say many times over. “A writer is someone who writes. I know a lot of people who really want to be an author, but most of them never actually get down to the writing part.
If we focus on one thing at the Academy, it’s the “doing of the thing”. That’s why I love to spend my time here surrounded by people trying to find other ways of doing their business. You are the kind of people who are willing to take a look at themselves and make the necessary changes to improve your business.
That makes you a rare breed.
Take a bow.
You should be able to hear me slow-clapping in the background.
VC Daniel Whittington

Lessons On Better Direct Response Ads From Batman and Hitler

Every good story needs a hero and a villain. Drama isn't just for junior high anymore. Charlie Moger talks about using villains to create more effective direct response ads.

Estimated time to read: 2 minutes, 15 seconds.
Do You Remember When...?

Erik Eustace talks about the power of memories and the effect we can have on people when we share the ones that include them.  Erik is a WA Alumni, drinker of fine scotch, and he married up (Hi, Meredith!).

Estimated time to read: 4 minutes and 24 seconds
This is a post from WA Alum, Bertwin Krosch Lord

"While working here in Iraq I daily meet people whose story's make me thankful for the blessings I have in life. Right now I am working with two young men, Ahmad and Ibrahim, who are refugees from Syria. These two young men are struggling here in Iraq to find jobs just to get enough money to live. Whatever extra they manage to scrape together they send home to their family still in Syria. The boys have another brother who I have met briefly named Omar.

Omar is a very quite and cheerful when I have spoken with him but Omar has some deep passions that come out when he paints. 

If you want to see more let me know and I can send you more pictures. It is amazing to hear him talk about each painting and the meaning they have for him. I am always amazed at what beauty can come from such pain.

You can see Omar's paintings on his Facebook Page.

Estimated time to look: limitless.
Are You Making This Deadly Marketing Mistake?

Tom Wanek teaches you the three questions you can ask to determine if you are making mistakes that kill your marketing efforts. You can watch his video version or read the transcript!

And... he makes it look good.

Estimated time to watch: 4 minutes, 56 seconds.
Estimated time to read: 2 minutes, 41 seconds.
Sapphire Sky

Patrick Sullivan Jr and Ashley Leroux make up two parts of a badass wedding band in Phoenix, AZ. They do corporate events, weddings, and the best female vocal version of "You Shook Me All Night Long" you've ever heard. 

On a side note, Patrick has been a part of building a new interactive discussion platform that integrates with email. It's called Contatta. 

From Patrick, "Contatta helps you and your team tame your overflowing Inboxes by turning emails into collaborative discussions and tasks.  The result is less email, fewer meetings, and efficient collaboration on the activities that actually move your business forward."

Contatta is currently in public beta.  Learn more and sign-up at www.Contatta.com.  

Estimated time to listen: a few dozen audio/video samples on their website

Inside the VC's Office

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271 Best Answers On Quora You Might Have Missed 

This one is just for fun, but it does include answers to questions like, "What insights do baristas get into customers based on their coffee orders?" and "How does a performance change when going from a small venue to a much larger venue?" by Michael Buble. 
It's possible you may need to register for Quora, but it's worth it.

HT to Bryan Eisenberg for this one!

Estimated time to browse: potentially long enough for your small children to grow up and graduate college.
Go Big Or Go Home - A Lesson In PR

Phil Wrzesinski talks about the primary two ways that local independent retailers can garner media attention. And he rides his bike while wearing a dress and carrying balloons. It's possible he does it all the time. We can't know for sure.

Estimated time to watch: 1 minutes, 49 seconds.
Tower Update for August 2014

Welcome to the first Tower Update from Wizard Academy in Austin, TX. Your host, VC Daniel Whittington, talks about a few things happening at the Academy, and introduces you to the world’s sexiest bongo player.
Things Mentioned In This Video:

Rabbit Hole 
Ryan Deiss
Buyer Legends Workshop
Online Video Workshop

Estimated time to watch: 3 minutes, 58 seconds.
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