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McKenzie’s Performance Products Inc. has been acquired by McKenzie’s Performance Products LLC
McKenzie’s Performance Products Inc. has been acquired by McKenzie’s Performance Products LLC. The lead team in charge consists of Roy Dehban, Mike Grabowski, Neal Grabowski, and Nicholas Holt.

Roy Dehban is synonymous with the racing industry with over 25 years of experience providing innovative parts and outstanding service. Roy is one of the original founding partners of KarTek Off-Road, established in 1984, and moved on to open ProAm Racing Products in 2006, Icon Vehicle Dynamics in 2008, and now proudly adds McKenzie’s Performance Products to his impressive longstanding history in off-road parts and service. He has created many innovative products that have been supplied to both the racing and recreational side of the off-road industry and is excited for this new opportunity with McKenzie’s. This acquisition will create a premium retail outlet for the industry to include leading products of ProAm Racing, which will add to the existing brands currently offered by McKenzie’s.

Mike and Neal Grabowski are respected businessmen with over 50 years of experience owning and operating several lucrative well established businesses in California. You may know them from their many years of off-road racing and as former desert racing champions. Their passion for off-road racing has not deterred over the years, and they have been a constant presence in the industry. Mike and Neal are committed and focused on building the already existing foundation of McKenzie’s Performance Products and driving it forward into its next chapter.

Rage at the River will be McKenzies' first race offering trackside support.

Nicholas “Nick” Holt is a 16 year veteran in the off-road industry and joined the ProAm Racing team in 2016. We are pleased to announce that Nick will be the General Manager of McKenzie’s Performance Products. His extensive industry knowledge and customer service history will truly be an asset to the McKenzie’s team. Nick will be present and managing the day-to-day operations at McKenzie’s retail store as well as offering trackside support at many of the off-road events.

We are excited to announce that the very experienced McKenzie’s sales staff, with combined off-road knowledge of 100+ years, will go unchanged, and we look forward to continuing the longstanding relationship with Mark Rosevear, Steve Lawson, and Rich Fersch. The objective of the new McKenzie’s team will be to combine the strengths of all of our associates to provide top tier customer service, sales, and support.

McKenzie’s ultimate goal will be to develop the company by building on the existing local customer base, creating a new user friendly website, promoting current brands as well as future brands, and increasing inventory and our product line. These efforts will be made to ensure that McKenzie’s excels forward into the next chapter within the off-road market.

Everyone here at McKenzie’s would like to share a statement from the unforgettable owner, Mr. Jeff Quinn.

“McKenzie’s Performance Products is fast approaching its 50th year in business. McKenzie’s was first established in April of 1968 by Scott McKenzie in a small building in the San Fernando Valley. For the past 28 years I have been the very proud owner of McKenzie’s. The friendships that have been formed and the journey’s that have been created are beyond what I ever thought possible when I first took the keys. I’ve had the opportunity to race with some amazing people along the way and forge friendships near and far that will last a lifetime.

To our loyal customers, Thank You! None of this would have been possible without your support. The knowledge that I gained in listening to your adventures, mishaps, and successes translated into better parts and experience that helped advance our industry. Every one of you has been instrumental in the progression of our sport.

To our vendors, Thank You! The quality products and support that we have been allowed to provide over the past 50 years has truly been one of the components of our amazing success.

To the team of professionals I have had the pleasure to work with, Thank you most of all! You are the backbone of McKenzie’s and I truly couldn’t have done this without you. Your dependability, loyalty, and reliability are unmatched and for that I am beyond grateful.

To my family, I am beyond grateful for the patience and love you have shown me throughout the years in allowing me to grow not only a successful business but to also fulfill my hobby and passion. I love you with all my heart and look forward to spending more time with all of you in this life we call retirement.

McKenzie’s is on to a new and exciting journey, and I am thrilled to be turning over the reins to Roy, Mike and Nick to take the off-road industry to new and improved areas of growth and expansion. I ask you to please continue to support their venture as they will grow this business with improvements in the off-road industry. I look forward to the exciting changes taking place.

Again, thank you for 28 years of incredible business, and don’t be surprised if you see me in the McKenzie’s sales trailer at the upcoming races!”

A few words from Roy Dehban:

“When I shared the news of acquisition of McKenzie’s with a few close friends and off-road business owners, the common question was if I’d keep the name “McKenzie’s.” My immediate response was most likely yes, due to respect to Scott McKenzie, who was a pioneer in off-road racing and the business of off-road racing. As the process continued and I began to know Jeff more, I realized that we share many common views and experiences. We started a great friendship that I think will last for a long time. Respecting the originator is a good reason for keeping the name “McKenzie’s.” As I visited Jeff at work and having seen how hard he works, I found the greater reason to keep the name. Jeff is “McKenzie’s” and replacing him would be an impossible task. I promise to continue the dedication he has shown to off-road racing, great clienteles, and loyal employees.

I can honestly say that I regret not knowing Jeff earlier. I think we could’ve had a great partnership, since both of us love, enjoy, and breathe every aspect of off-road racing.

Jeff, I wish you the best of luck in everything you have planned for your future. I also hold you to your promise of being a guiding light for future of McKenzie’s, and more important, off-road racing. Thank you for the opportunity you are giving me.

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