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Dear Friend,
The disturbing news broke just last night: a Grand Jury in Harris County in Texas has decided not to file any charges against Planned Parenthood for illegally selling the body parts of aborted babies, despite video evidence that shows them doing exactly that. 

Even worse, they have instead indicted the courageous pro-life investigators whose undercover footage exposed Planned Parenthood's gruesome practice.

David Daleiden and his associate Sandra Merritt now face up to 20 years in prison, and up to a $10,000 fine, on bizarre charges, while the real criminals are being let off scot-free.

Fortunately pro-lifers are outraged and are banding together behind David and Sandra in huge numbers. A petition urging the grand jury to drop the charges against David and Sandra, and instead investigate Planned Parenthood, is going viral right now, having already been signed by tens of thousands of people! 

You can sign the petition by clicking here, or the button below!

After you have signed the petition, be sure to take a moment to share it with all your friends and family on Facebook, twitter, via e-mail, etc.

My hope is that literally hundreds of thousands of people will stand up and let public officials know that they will not rest until Planned Parenthood is held accountable for their abominable crimes. 

David and Sandra put their necks on the line for the sake of unborn babies. The least we can do is let them know that we're standing with them, and send a strong message to those who are attempting to make them pay for their work exposing the abortion industry.


Together, we CAN make our voice heard.

For life and family,
John-Henry Westen

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