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A message for rural landowners in the Credit River Watershed.
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Secret Shelter in the Subnivean Zone

Although many animals migrate or hibernate to escape the cold, snowy winters, you’ve likely seen signs there are other creatures big and small who remain active throughout. What you might not see are the hidden animal dramas unfolding in the subnivean zone—the secret shelter that exists just beneath the snow.

The word “subnivean” comes from the Latin words “sub” (under) and “niveus” (snow). The subnivean zone describes the area between the ground and the bottom of the snowpack. It’s formed one of two ways: when vegetation or debris holds up snow, creating an insulated air pocket under the snowpack, or by sublimation. Sublimation occurs when the earth’s heat transforms the snow to water vapour. This transformation leaves an air pocket below a tightly packed snowroof caused by freezing condensation.

This secret subnivean sanctuary hovers at a balmy zero degrees, no matter how cold it gets above the snow. Mice and voles dig networks of tunnels to link sleeping areas with food stores.

Help create this cozy winter habitat on your property. Leave areas natural and reduce mowing and raking, allowing leaves and branches to create the perfect snow canopy.

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