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Apple’s announcement on artificial intelligence is a big shift for the company

Apple’s sweeping new artificial intelligence play takes a page from features introduced by rival tech companies in recent years — but adds the polished, read more.

Man Vs Machine: At Wipro, Artificial Intelligence Is About To Do The Job Of 3000 Engineers

The future is uncertain. At least for the 3,000 software engineers whose tasks are about to be replaced by an artificial intelligence (AI) tool at Wipro. Read more.


Supply chains and artificial intelligence: ask Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos spoke this week at Recode’s Code Conference in California about the “gigantic” potential of artificial intelligence. Pressed by moderator Walt Mossberg to speculate on where this technology is headed and what it means, Bezos went so far as to say that we may be on the “edge of a golden era”. Read more.

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How brands are using artificial intelligence to enhance customer experience

Robot hotel staff and virtual bank assistants have moved from science fiction to marketing fact, but systems that analyse customers’ data to give personalized responses must be used carefully to avoid appearing intrusive. Read more.
Sunspring | A Sci-Fi Short Film Starring Thomas Middleditch

AI has written the screenplay for this sci-fi short film called Sunspring

MIT Researchers Taught An Algorithm to Generate Sound Based on Silent Videos

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) announced quite the impressive invention on Monday: Artificial intelligence that can generate the appropriate sound when read more.

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