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Silicon Valley Looks to Artificial Intelligence for the Next Big Thing

As the oracles of Silicon Valley debate whether the latest tech boom is sliding toward bust, there is already talk about what will drive the industry’s next growth spurt. Read more.


Google launches new machine learning platform

As Google chairman Eric Schmidt stressed during today’s keynote, Google believes machine learning is “what’s next.” Read more.

MIT’s Sociable Robot ‘Tega’ Helps Preschoolers Learn a Second Language

MIT’s Personal Robots Group has been piloting what they envision as "the preschool of the future" — a marriage between digital devices and a friendly classroom robot that could help tutor preschoolers. Read more.

Futurist Ray Kurzweil on What You Don't Know About A.I.

Yeah, sure, some elements of the narrative about developing computers that can think like humans have been exaggerated. But--A.I. technology is already much more advanced than you probably think it is. Read more.

Amazon Secret Robot Event 

Robotics companies and academics descended on a resort in Palm Springs last week for an invitation-only conference organized by Inc. to bring together experts in artificial intelligence, robotics, home automation and space exploration. Read more.

The Race Is On to Control Artificial Intelligence, and Tech’s Future

Many of the tech industry’s biggest companies, like Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft, are jockeying to become the go-to company for A.I. In the industry’s lingo, the companies are engaged in a “platform war.” Read more.


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