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Android's Andy Rubin: Future of Tech Is Quantum Computing and AI

Between quantum computing and advancements in artificial intelligence, a conscious intelligence could emerge that would help form the foundation of every piece of technology, said Rubin. Read more.

The Conversational Economy Part 1: What’s Causing the Bot Craze?

Back in December, when Slack integrations launched, I wrote Clippy’s Revenge about the potential of “smart messaging” to become a new platform. Since then, big players have done much read more..

Amazon is just beginning to use robots in its warehouses..

Amazon acquired Kiva for $775 million in 2012 but only started using the orange robots in its warehouses in late 2014. The deal was expected to make inventory management more efficient. It’s now beginning to become clear by how much. Read more.

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The race to monetize artificial intelligence is on

Artificial intelligence is becoming one of the most exciting technology trends in the market. Companies like IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon are actively leveraging A.I. as part of their technology stacks. Read more.

When Artificial Intelligence Meets Reality

At the inaugural Applied AI conference, hosted by BootstrapLabs, a venture builder company with a global outlook based in the Bay Area, the discussion centered on the disruptive power of artificial intelligence and the impact it will have in the world. Read more.

This Is The Future Of Artificial Intelligence

Here’s a look at the challenges and opportunities ahead.

It’s widely known by now that the U.S. and global economy are being profoundly re-shaped by software technology. Read more.

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