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Siri-Killer Viv Faces an Uphill Battle

Startup Viv says it has invented a smarter virtual assistant—but it could be smothered by the business clout of tech giants like Apple and Amazon. Read more.

Google's AI has written some amazingly mournful poetry

Artificial intelligence can control self-driving cars, beat the best humans at incredibly complex board games, and fight cancer; but one thing it can't do perfectly is communicate. Read more.

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Dell says its new AI-powered antivirus can block 99 percent of malware

Dell Inc. usually isn’t the first vendor that comes up when security is discussed, but it boasts a broad arsenal of endpoint protection tools that are widely used in the enterprise. Read more.

Computer science class fails to notice their TA was actually an AI chatbot

With all this talk about chatbots from Facebook and Microsoft, teaching artificial intelligence to be smarter has become a central topic of the tech world. But what about what AI can teach us? Read more.

Japan is Using Artificial Intelligence To Catch Criminals On The Run

Fujitsu, a company that is based in Japan, asserts that they have an AI that can help the police determine where a criminal may run. And they are using it to deploy officers. Read more.

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