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Google's AI engine is reading 2,865 romance novels to be more conversational

The goal is to make the Google app — known for its stiff, factual style — more conversational. Read more.

Infosys joins artificial intelligence gold rush 

India's second largest software exporter Infosys is putting its might behind some of the biggest futuristic bets that the company is making... read more.

Siri-creator shows off first public demo of Viv, ‘the intelligent interface for everything’

Voice-controlled assistance is seeing another evolution as it looks to prove its worth as the next shift in human-computer interaction. Read more.

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The next AI is no AI

Artificial Intelligence is starting to turn invisible from the outside in — and vice versa. The exact effects and workings of AI technologies are becoming more.. read more.

Artificial Intelligence INVADES Fast Food: How AI Technology Could Change The Way Humans Dine

A company called Momentum Machines has created an AI-driven robot that can make one burger from scratch every 10 seconds in an hour. Read more.

eBay snaps up AI-powered Expertmaker to clean up its messy listings

eBay has a problem: Its website is just too damn messy, and its search capabilities aren’t powerful enough. As a result, users are forced to wade through pages and pages of listings to find the exact item they’re looking for. Read more.

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