Confidential Internal Memo
"Plan of Action"
Hello Jodi,

Since the election the Left has shown its true colors. They refuse to accept the election and are determined to stop Donald Trump – no matter what it takes.
  • They’ve started demonstrations and riots in the street. 
  • They’ve blamed election fraud.
  • They’ve blamed “fake news,” (they actually mean conservative news sites).  
  • They’ve blamed the Russians, with Obama going so far as to place sanctions on that country without the slightest proof they did anything.   
Right after the election, Leftist kingpin George Soros organized a meeting in Washington, DC of left wing groups, activists and elected officials to create a plan to stop Trump.       
Then Barack Obama met with Democrat Congressional leaders to organize a plan to stop Republicans from repealing Obamacare.
Now it has been revealed that the Democrat Party is setting up a war room in Washington, DC for the express purpose of stopping Donald Trump from making any of his promised changes.
The bottom line is that the Left will stop at nothing to remain in control and continue their power grab to impose massive central government over the nation.  
The question is – what are we going to do about it? Yes, we are working in Congress to roll back dangerous federal programs like HUD’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) that is threatening local control of our communities. 
Yes, the Trump Administration is determined to roll back the threat of the EPA and its false Global Warming Agenda.
And yes, President Trump has promised to stop the flood of illegal immigration. These actions are vital for our nation to survive.
BUT… Here is the true danger that we face.
The radical leftists are dangerous zealots with an agenda that they will not give up. And they are heavily entrenched in every single community in the nation.
There are thousands of non-governmental organizations, planning groups and corrupt local officials who are securely planted in our city halls and state houses across the nation. They are determined to continue with Sustainable Development and Smart Growth reorganization of our communities.
Even if Trump succeeds in reining in renegade federal agencies like HUD and EPA – the radical Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) like the Sierra Club, and the planning groups like the American Planning Association are still entrenched in local communities determined to enforce their plans to change our way of life.
All the attacks since the election against Donald Trump prove that the Left has no intention of letting go of that agenda.
Their agenda calls for completely reorganizing our cities through programs designed to get us out of our cars, off rural land and destroy private property rights and even eliminate single family homes – all under the excuse of environmental protection.     
The United Nations is certainly not backing down as they face off against Donald Trump. And they are a major source of money and power for these NGO ground troops.
And the NGOs are also fueled by nearly unlimited funding from such private foundations as the Rockefellers, the Ford Foundation and the Environmental Grant Makers Association, to name just three out of thousands of such powerful sources of independent money. So even if the HUD and EPA federal grants are cut out in Washington, the attack will go on. 
The UN intends to see Agenda 21 completed worldwide by 2030.
So, what do you and I do?
There are many fights facing us and many ways to fight them. The most important thing is to choose those fights in a way to assure victory.
And that’s what I intend to do.
There is one issue that has not even been talked about in this past campaign. Yet it is at the very root of American freedom.
It is the answer to eliminating poverty. It is the means to improving race relations. Above all - it is the secret weapon to destroy Agenda 21.
It is the single greatest threat to the Left’s plan and I intend to use it against them in communities across the nation.
Agenda 21, Smart Growth, Sustainable Development, Comprehensive Development Plans – all are based on restrictions on private property. And these programs cannot stand without that power to control all property.  
You and I must engage in a “trench warfare” to throw these groups and their plans on the trash heap and restore local elected representation and control of our own property.
Jodi: Here is my “Plan of Action.”
First, I am creating a Property Rights Network. This will be a coalition of organizations, activists, and elected officials who stand for and defend property rights. The Network will be an organizing force to unite our efforts and give our cause the punch it needs to be effective.
The Property Rights Network will be announced shortly and its new symbol, Statement of Principles, and Internet website will be revealed.
Second, APC is increasing its efforts to reach out to local officials to help train them on ways to fight back and restore local control in communities. We must teach them to stop taking grant money. I will be traveling to several states in the coming months to meet with local officials.
Third, I am updating and preparing new manuals and other tools to provide officials and local activists the tools they need to fight back. APC has distributed thousands of our “Agenda 21 and How to Stop It” booklets. I’m now preparing more booklets covering new issues and tactics.
Fourth, beginning in February, APC will again produce a series of Internet webinars featuring some of the nation’s top experts in the fight to stop Agenda 21 and protect property rights. These webinars have been hailed as effective tools to teach local activists the details they need to fight back. 
Of course, I will also continue to write articles for publication and travel the nation and speak as well as appear on television and radio.
The American Policy Center has become an effective voice in the battle to stop Agenda 21 and protect property rights. This new action plan is vital if we are to stop the Planners and radical NGO zealots. 
That’s why I need $50,000 by January 31 to assure APC can lead this fight.
The election of Donald Trump has energized Americans to finally stand against those who seek to destroy our nation. Now is the time to use that energy to restore our liberties. I can see victory just over the next hill. But I don’t have the funds to get there.
As you know, APC receives no grants from large foundations or corporations and I would never accept grants from the government. I have only those individuals who will voluntarily contribute to my efforts.
Jodi: I know that you believe in APC and my mission. Will you help me by making a contribution today?
But, whatever you and I do together – we must do it now. We cannot wait.  People across the nation are determined and ready to fight now. We can’t miss this opportunity to strike a death blow against such a dire threat to our freedom.
I have never been more excited about our ability to win. But I must have the funds to fight it. Please stand with me now.
Tom DeWeese
P.S. Donald Trump has pledged to make America Great Again. The battle must be waged in our local communities. I am prepared to lead that fight. I must have the funds to do it. You are one of our most loyal supporters. I know you believe in APC’s mission. I’m counting on you now. Together, let’s finally win.  
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