American Policy Center's 2015
Annual Report

Hello Friend,
The battle against Agenda 21 is raging and in 2015 it came at you from the UN, from Obama, and from your local government.
And the American Policy Center (APC) has been in the thick of it.   
In September, the United Nations “rebooted” Agenda 21, giving it a new name “The 2030 Agenda” and a new deadline – 2030.
Funny thing – the goals are the same. Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. 
*Redistribution of wealth” (theft of your income for their schemes)
*The taking of Private Property to dictate how and where you live.
*Central control of the economy, production of food, and energy.
Everything APC has been warning about Agenda 21 is still in the 2030 Agenda.
40,000 international delegates, UN officials, NGO activists, 179 heads of state, including Barack Obama – and even the Pope -- converged to create this new monster for our future.
And should they try to tell you that non of it actually meant anything – just a suggestion – as they have been telling you about Agenda 21 – keep this quote in mind.
The opening preamble to the 2030 Agenda document says “All countries and all stakeholders, acting in collaborative partnership, WILL implement this plan.”  
That’s the threat you and I are living under – they are serious about controlling every aspect of your life.
But the 2030 Agenda was just one piece of the assault that was launched in 2015.
At that same September New York UN Summit, Obama’s Attorney General, Loretta Lynch announced the “Strong Cities Network.”
The program is designed to beef up police forces to crack down on domestic terrorist. But they don’t mean radical Islamists. They mean “right wing” radicals. And when you see their definition of a right wing radical you pretty soon realize they mean YOU!
It includes defenders of the Constitution, opponents of big government and protectors of property rights. YOU!
It they intend to enforce central control as defined in the 2030 Agenda, then they have to control the population. They mean business. They intend to fully enforce Agenda 21.
Finally, Obama targeted every community in the nation – every neighborhood – to be completely reorganized and controlled by the Federal Government through a new HUD program called the “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule.” (AFFH)
In plain English this instructs HUD to determine the breakdown of neighborhoods by income, race, religion and national origin. It will determine specific percentages or quotas each neighborhood is required to have.
Any community that has accepted a HUD grant will now be forced to implement these rules.
AFFH is the destruction of private property rights, property values. And freedom of choice.
Worse, AFFH will take away local control of your community and decisions well now be made by federal bureaucrats! That is AFFH.
These three actions taken by the UN and Obama in 2015 are the noose around the neck of our once free nation.
Who is talking about these actions? Who is sounding the alarm? Who is taking action to help local residents fight back to stop it?
The American Policy Center is the only national organization to take a stand!
I have traveled the nation, sounding the alarm to thousands of Americans. I have given more than 150 talks in 35 states in just the past two years. 

I have taught audiences about Agenda 21 and how to fight back. 

I have appeared on national radio and television programs, such as Fox News and the Michael Reagan

show. I average three radio programs a week. And we’ve added several new ones this year. 

In April of 2015, for the first time, I was invited to address the Legislature of the State of Maine. I am nowtalking to several other states about such a possibility.
Throughout parts of 2014 and 2015, the American Policy Center hosted 10 international training webinars over the internet. Our average audience was more than 1200 people per program. I brought onto the program leading activists and experts from around the nation – people who are on the front lines daily working to stop government overreach.  The webinars covered every aspect – every threat – and every possible tactic we knew to fight back. 
You can still view these webinars on the APC website, click here to watch now.
In addition, as I saw these new threats growing, I made it my mission to create new, effective, long term tools and strategies to fight these renewed Agenda 21 threats.
First, I created a Five Point Plan to organize a national battle front against Agenda 21.
The plan includes a two day National Training Seminar to help elected officials and activists create legislation and new tactics for fighting on the state and local levels.
There have been many state representatives, city council members and County Commissioners who see what is happening in their community and they want to take action to stop it.
But they don’t know what to do. That’s why the National Training Seminar is so important.        
With my 23 years of fighting Agenda 21, I fully believe that this Five Point Plan, including an informational video specifically for elected officials; special anti-Agenda 21 television commercials, and much more will drastically change our fight and serve to make the general public aware of these policies that are rarely discussed in the main stream media. 

Second, I created a detailed Statement of Principles to fully define our movement to protect property rights and defeat Agenda 21. The Statement of Principles is designed to bring together a rag tag band of disorganized citizens into an international property rights force.

Third, with the new Statement of principles, I created a new Symbol that can become instantly recognizable for our activists to rally under.
Fourth, in an effort to make our fight for property rights a major issue in this year’s election, I created three questions. These are designed as a tool to be use by our activists to demand that elected office answer and acknowledge Agenda 21 policies.

 Fifth, Finally I created a new, updated Manual, “The Wrenching Transformation of America: Agenda 21.”  
APC has managed to get more than a thousand of these into the hands of activists across the country.   
Daily I get calls from elected officials across the country asking what they can do. New legislation to stop Agenda 21 is being introduced. Clearly there are those in elected capacity that are trying to do the right thing. We just need to make sure their efforts are effective. 
In the state of Washington, Representative Matt Shay has organized an incredible coalition of freedom fighters that are getting important freedom oriented legislation passed.
In tiny town of Rindge, New Hampshire, a dedicated group of activists fought and defeated Agenda 21 policies and they replaced their county board with people who understand the dangers of these policies. I was privileged to meet with these leaders this past summer.
In Virginia, I was pleased to address a rally and testify before a committee at the Richmond state capital, working with one of the most effective property rights groups in the nation. They were one of the first to directly battle and win a major property rights fight against one of the worst “land trust” groups in the nation.       
I’ve worked with such dedicated activists in nearly every state. I was even privileged to teach about these policies to young students at Camp Constitution in New Hampshire. 

And the highlight of my year 2015 was being able to stand on the very place in Boston Harbor and reenact throwing TEA into the water to protect oppressive government!
The American Policy Center was one of the original organizations to start the fight against Agenda 21. It was a lonely fight for a lot of years.
But I stuck to my guns. I saw Agenda 21 as the root of the drive to enforce global control, destroy our national sovereignty and independence, and enslave human society. As a result, APC has managed to create a national movement to fight Agenda 21/Sustainable Development policies in cities and state legislatures across the nation. Today there are hundreds of organizations and leaders in nearly every community that have taken up this fight.
I do not intend to back down now. I intend to lead this fight until the day we finally take back control of our local governments and overturn their tyrannical policies against our right to own and control our own property and decide our own local government policies.
APC is a small but dedicated group, and it’s astounding how much we accomplish each week in the fight for American liberty.               
I would challenge any organization twice our size to match APC’s output – especially on our very small operating budget.
As a result of APC’s battle, Agenda 21 is one of the top two issues with the Tea Party movement.
This past year, because of our successes in this fight, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), Newsweek Magazine, Esquire Magazine and several radical environmental groups launched organized attacks against the American Policy Center.
Obviously we have them concerned.
In fact, the head of ICLEI USA (the number one UN organization that is pushing Agenda 21 in local cities) told an associate of mine that their movement is terrified of us – because we have taken more than 150 member cities away from them and they can’t get new cities to join ICLEI.
All of this proves that we can stop Agenda 21! The only thing holding us back is the necessary funds to implement my tools and strategies.
*Imagine what APC can do when we have the resources to fight the Agenda 21 planners battle for battle in communities all over America!       
*Imagine what will happen as we score more local victories! New communities will join us!  Together you and I can defeat Agenda 21!
So, as we enter this new year of 2016, I’m asking you straight out – will you send APC a contribution today to assure we have the money to fight.
To starting winning these battles I urgently need your financial support for APC today.


Donations to APC are not tax deductible as it is a 501c4 political organization.If you would  like to make a tax deductible contribution please give to the American Policy Foundation, APC's 501c3 educational sister organization. Click here to make a donation to the American Policy Foundation

Tom DeWeese
P.S. Perhaps you’ve heard the expression, “Never underestimate the power of a pebble in your shoe.” Even though we are out spent and outgunned by the radical environmental movement --they stand in fear of us. Why? Because the rest of the slogan is “A few pebbles carefully placed, after time, create a festering sore that can stop an army.” That’s how APC is fighting them in one community after another. We teach local activists to fight back. And we win one small battle at a time. And that’s why they fear us.
Together you and I can bring the Agenda 21 forces to their knees. Please help me stop them from destroying our beloved nation!

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