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McCain Justifies Indefinite Detention of American Citizens with Debunked Statistics
Clearly, the idea of indefinitely detaining American citizens in military prisons on the suspicion of being a "threat" to U.S. security is a gross violation of the principles upon which America was founded.   (read more)

Scott Lazarowitz
How Much More Tyranny Can Americans Take from Their Government?
The reason we have rules for government officials to follow is to protect innocent civilians from being wrongfully arrested and detained. (read more)


Charlene Nelson
The Secret Revolution in North Dakota
North Dakota citizens may abolish property taxes, allowing them more control over government spending.  Nearly 30,000 signatures were collected to place the people's initiative on the ballot in June, 2012 that would constitutionally abolish all property taxes in North Dakota. (read more)

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Global Politics, War, Propaganda, Euro

64th Anniversary of UN Res. 181 Lebanon’s Palestinians Continue Their Descent
Franklin Lamb

A Three-Step Plan to Save the Euro with Gold
David Redick

UN Report on Syria: Based on Witness Accounts ... OUTSIDE of Syria
Syria: NATO Genocide Approaches
Tony Cartalucci

Domestic Politics, Economy, OWS, Police State

Fusion Center documents label OKC Bombing investigators as terrorists
Andrew Griffin

Occupy South Carolina Wins Round One in Free Speech Battle With Governor
Brandon Turbeville

Health, Survival, Environment

Obese Ohio Child Taken from Parents, Placed in Drug-Crazy Foster Care
Why is Marijuana Illegal? Examining the Health Aspects of Cannabis
Even Low Dose Vitamin D Slashes Flu Risk by Nearly Half
‘DNA Barcoding’ to Regulate Seafood Industry Through Genetic Scanning
GMO Crops Continually Banned Around the World in Display of Health Freedom
Monsanto’s Roundup Spawns Superweeds Consuming Over 120 Million Hectares
Anthony Gucciardi

New Research: Laptops Harm Fertility 
Sayer Ji

Immunize Your Child or Lose Benefits, Parents Told
Childhood Vaccine Exemption Rates Increasing Nationwide
Pharmaceutical Industry Payouts Prompt Conflict of Interest Concerns
Mike Barrett

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Feds Seizing Domains in Record Numbers

Police Openly Treating Americans Like Military Threat
Haitians Have Had Enough With U.N. "Peacekeeping" Forces
FAA Setting Rules For Drones in American Skies
U.S Credit Rating in Nosedive
Do You Question War?  You Are Now a Terrorist

*Highly Recommended AFFILIATE --  Vaccine Education


Vaccine exemptions on the riseParents around the country are standing up for their right to health freedom over their own children.  Armed with a mounting case against the safety and validity of most vaccinations, and feeling oppressed by federal rules and regulations, they are saying "enough."  In a must-read article, Mike Barrett lays out details that show more than half of states have seen an increase in vaccine exemptions.  Compounded with blatant abuses from the pharmaceutical industry, we are slowly but surely turning the tide. 

Time is up.  This week we saw the open call for detaining American citizens indefinitely under pain of torture.  As our featured newsletter articles ask: how much more can Americans take of this out-of-control tyranny?  It is hard to admit that we are living through a literal rebirth of Fascism in all of its horrific forms, but we must admit it now.  We are now the oppressed after turning a blind eye to the plight of other nations and their people, hoping that tactics such as those employed at CIA "black sites" and revealed at Gitmo wouldn't come home to roost.  It always comes home.  Now is the time to be a true individual and a true leader.  Walk the walk, and resist with ever fiber of your being in whatever way you see fit.  Forget the calls, the faxes, the pleading with your selected representatives; their phones are off the hook, they are out to lunch, and they could care less.  They have proven themselves to be completely at the service of the tyranny now at hand.  Stand your ground now, or forever lose the ground upon which you stand. 

We want to help contribute to the mass awakening that is taking place.  The mainstream media is part of a system that aims to keep people ignorant and unquestioning.  It is essential that information continues to flow from the alternative media, so that opposing viewpoints can be heard.  The global movement toward Internet censorship is troubling.  We are optimistic, though, because history shows that all attempts to oppress free humanity are doomed to failure.  However, we can no longer remain passive; the period of cold, creeping tyranny that legislates its way into power is over.  When oppression reaches this "hot" stage, we need activists.  The next period will be defined by how well we are able to overcome our conditioning and resist what we know in our hearts is the wrong course.  You can become active through education, spreading the word, but, most importantly, practice what you preach.  Tyranny is no match for freedom.

Liberty, Love, and Peace will Prevail!

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