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A special note from our CEO Jeff Vyduna for our education customers:

We have deep roots supporting education, and today we're reinforcing that commitment by offering free premium educator plans for 90 days.

Poll Everywhere was born while I was in grad school, after a year of teaching high school. The whole concept of clickers was a head scratcher. In 2009, we decided to give Poll Everywhere for free to any struggling school.

Now there's another opportunity. As we "socially distance," students need to learn from a distance, and socially engage while learning. Their teachers need to find new ways of both instructing and connecting without being physically present. Video conferencing is great. It’s not enough. We hope you are able to augment that with digital instruction that engages the mind and tracks the gains.

This is a challenging time. The more we are able to cultivate engagement and foster connection, the better our communities, our schools, and our families will have fared when it passes.

Kind regards,
Jeff Vyduna
CEO, Poll Everywhere

About free premium educator plans:

For higher education customers who are already on a paid version of our software, we want to honor this offer by extending your subscription renewal date by 90 days. Please contact our support team to set that up on your account.

For K-12 educators who are already on a paid version of our software, we want to honor this offer by extending your response limit to 700 responses permanently. Please contact our support team to set that up on your account.

For educators currently on a free version of our software, please reach out to our support team, who will enable the 90-day premium plan for you.

A note about our COVID-19 preparation and response:

In the course of this pandemic, we will be working diligently to support our customers through what may be a difficult period. We look forward to sharing our advice on remote work as well as best practices for using our product to cultivate communication and community.

Poll Everywhere has in place disaster mitigation and business-readiness plans covering both our cloud-based infrastructure as well as our physical offices. In terms of the current situation of global pandemic, we are prepared and very much expect to continue all business functions with a fully remote workforce. We have operated with a 40% remote workforce for nearly 5 years, so long ago instituted the right processes and technologies to do so effectively.

We are in regular contact with our customers via email and phone. All business-critical functions can continue to operate if workers are not able to come to the office. Indeed, all business functions have continued even as our workforce has moved from one that is 40% remotely located to one where all employees work remotely. These capabilities and capacities are tested regularly and were last tested in February during a week of remote work for all employees.

We have also instituted a restriction on travel. The on-premise client trainings and consultings we at times provide will not be offered in person, but will continue to occur on a virtual, remote basis.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our support team, who is ready to assist.

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