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Tenth Amendment Center

Reclaiming the Commerce Clause

Reclaiming Commerce in Virginia

For Decades, using a tortured definition of the Commerce Clause,

Congress has claimed the authority to regulate, control, ban, or mandate virtually everything. Virginia's HB1438 puts that to an end. 

Model Legislation for Your State

We're hard at work putting together more legislation on more issues...

for you to use in your states today.  The principle is simple - the Constitution. Every issue, Every time. No exceptions, No Excuses. Period.

A state-by-state approach can stop DC, and it's myriad of unconstitutional federal "laws." Urge your state reps to introduce our model legislation for 2011!

TAC Model Legislation

Firearms Freedom Act

Prefiled in Texas for 2011! Bans Federal Regs under the Commerce Clause.

Volunteer Today!

Get Active in your State. Educate, lead, learn...and more...

Stop the EPA

in Virginia - two bills to restore state sovereignty introduced for 2011.

Welcome to Texas


Welcome to Virginia

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