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Introducing the BestTechie Newsletter

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Hi! Jeff here from BestTechie.  I know it may have been a while since you signed up for this newsletter but I'd like to thank you for subscribing.  We have finally got the ball rolling and will be publishing this newsletter once per month.    

What do we have planned for this newsletter?  As of right now, we will feature our favorite tech news from the month, any special offers on products/services we can provide to our subscribers, my personal monthly picks (videos, articles, software, hardware, etc), and any other BestTechie related news.  

Additionally, we would love to have your contributions included into the newsletter as well.  We encourage you to submit recommendations to us for us to feature in our "Recommended by readers" section.  In order to submit a recommendation, please email me.

Special Offer!

You do NOT want to miss out on this month's amazing special offer!  Trust me!

This month we're offering 20% off Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware PRO if you use the coupon code at the checkout (case senseitive - use ALL CAPS): BEST-TECHIE 

If you buy it, what do you get?  Well, for starters, you pay less than $20 and get a lifetime license which includes all future updates to the product and priority support. 

PLUS! You get the Realtime Protection Module which blocks infections before they can take over your computer, automatic updating, scheduled scans, flash scans (which literally take just seconds to complete), and malicious website blocking technology which stops malicious websites from ever loading on your computer.  

Still not sold? Check out our review of Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware.

The News

The Headlines: Google announced a suprising acquisition this month, one that caught many of us off guard.  Google is going to acquire Motorola Mobility for just over $12 billion in cash.  Crazy!  The blockbuster deal is expected to be approved and finalized by late 2011 or early 2012.  Full article here...

Insight Analysis: HP announced that they will be discontinuing the TouchPad, WebOS devices, and spinning off its PC manufacuring division.  At first glance that sounds crazy!  But check out our analysis of the situation and why HP's move into the software industry is a smart one.  Full article here...

You Don't Want to Miss This!: 10 ISP's have been found to be hijacking customers DNS and using search redirects with affiliate links to boost revenues!  Can you believe that?  Is YOUR ISP doing this (full list of ISP's doing this can be found in the article)?  Full article here...

The Twitter Clone Wars: TwitPic founder launches a Twitter-clone named Heello (pronounced he-low).  I signed up and was lucky enough to grab the username Jeff.  Is this a serious project or just an attempt to get back at Twitter for implementing their own image service (powered by Photobucket)?  Full article here...

BT's Personal Picks

How To of the month: Learn how to create a website that looks like a Linux terminal!  Full article + video! 

Accessory of the month: If you own an iPod Nano (6th Generation) then you need to check this out!  A company called iWatchz has created a wrist strap that holds your iPod Nano so you can wear it like a watch.  I bought one and it's awesome -- especially for the gym or any type of exercise.  

Here's a shot of me wearing my iPod Nano Watch:

Do you have a product or service? If you're interested in being featured in the newsletter's monthly special offer, feel free to send an email to with the subject "Newsletter: Monthly Special Offer"

And don't forget! We're looking for reader recommendation submissions for next month's newsletter!  So send us anything you want featured - don't be shy!

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