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Weaver's Wanderings
February 2009

Dear <<First Name>>,
This winter/spring Candy is helping coordinate an adult discipleship (Sunday School) class called "Tackling World Sized Issues".  So far this has been a very interesting class as we wrestle with issues like creation care, and racial reconciliation.  Future topics include global health issues, food and clean water, pluralism and the uniqueness of Christ, materialism - rich and poor, and the treatment of women and children.  To start off the class they showed an amazing video clip from YouTube.  It really shows how you can turn everything around by just shifting your perspective.  You can watch it here.  As we continue through the class it will be interesting to see how the class wrestles with these issues and really engage the material.  We are excited with the discussions so far and can't wait for the rest of the class.

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In This Issue:
A Calming Down
2009 Will Be A Year To Remember
Candy's Update
Tim's Update
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Prayer Partners Needed   

A Calming Down
After a crazy time of travel, interviewing, etc. we have had a period of relative calm.  Other than traveling to PA to be with family over Christmas we have spent the rest of our time at home.  This has allowed us some time to relax, and also do some cleaning and purging.  As we have continued to downsize our living spaces as we move from place to place around the country we needed our stuff to diminish as well.  We are getting close to "right sizing" our stuff to fit into our space, which helps immensely in keeping things organized.

2009 Will Be A Year To Remember!
Tim and I will hit many milestones by the end of 2009 and I am crazy excited about all of them.
Please check out the list below:
  • June 4, 2009 Candy Graduates from Harvard - Stop, someone pinch me.
  • June 7-25, 2009 Tim & Candy second honeymoon to Ireland - really someone pinch me!
  • October 22, 2009 Tim & Candy are married 15 years - has it really been that long; it seems like just yesterday we walked down the isle and  ... (oh right, this is a family newsletter) kissed for the first time.
  • Decemeber 11, 2009 Candy turns the big 40! - My body tries to tell me I'm 40, but I'll have none of it! I'm going to ride horses like a crazy 15 year old until the Lord calls me home!  
  • December 31, 2009 Tim & Candy are debt free (God providing that our jobs don't change) GO GOD! And a special thanks to all those who walked along side of us and prayed for us as God helped us climb out of the hole we dug! And all credit to Tim who quickly became a financial guru and kept us on track for the last 5 years - I love my husband!
Candy's Update
Fall semester is over and ended with flying colors! Although it was a tough semester with numerous readings and lots of problem set, it ended super! Now on to Statistics and a very interestingly titled class: Creativity: Geniuses, Madmen, and the Harvard Student. In my creativity class, I am doing an analysis of Dr. Suess (Theodor Seuss Geisel, the writer) I am very excited about this last semester for multiple reasons: one because it is my last, two because I get to take this class, and three because I am coming to the realization that I successfully made it through my college undergraduate! Graduation here I come – Thursday, June 4, 2009!
Tim & I had a great time visiting with our families over Christmas. We were able to visit with everyone and I especially enjoyed the extra time to just sit and chat with family that our weekend trips don’t often afford us. Another thing I really loved was the gift of a clock that my mom gave me. It chimes on every 15 minutes and each time it chimes it brings with it thoughts of family and friends in Pennsylvania. For those of you that know me, you know that I am a closet “clock-ohalic” and that if Tim didn’t keep me grounded I’d have clocks everywhere. I do have one in every room of the house now, but that means no more because there is no need for multiples. 
The concept of not having multiples of items came into play heavily on the second half of our Christmas vacation. Tim and I started in our bedroom and systematically worked through our place removing all those items that the organizers say you should get rid of if you haven’t used it in a year or if you have multiples for no good reason. We started with clothing and moved through each room even to the plastic containers in the kitchen. What a chore, but it was all worth it! Now there is space for things. Well almost everything, we still need to go through the cabinets on the back porch and my horse stuff. But that is for another long weekend sometime next year!
Oh yeah, be sure to read about our milestones this year – I am really excited about them. (Yes, even my birthday!)
Tim's Update
I'm doing some volunteer work with Viva (Viva works to network groups together who work with children at risk).  They are headquartered over in the UK and are looking to start a major gifts fundraising operation in the USA.  I am helping them with some strategic research as they set up this program. 

Grace Chapel's regional and global outreach program has started a strategic planning process that I am involved in.  We will be looking at where the program has come from and where we see it heading in the future.  It should be an interesting process and I am looking forward to the opportunity to participate.

This winter has been largely spent keeping our sidewalk and driveway shoveled.  So far we have had almost 50 inches of snow with two more storms coming through this week.  Spring can't come soon enough for either of us.  See some of the pictures of the snow on the right.

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Prayer Partners Needed
We have at different times tried to create an ongoing group of people that would be willing to pray for us on an ongoing basis.  As we look to the future we realize that we really need to make a concerted effort to make that happen.  If you would like to receive more frequent (1 to 2 times per month) short updates with prayer and praise items please click here to be added to our prayer partner list.
Prayer Requests & Praises!

  Praise we had an awesome time with family and friends over Christmas!
*  Praise Candy's fall semester went smashingly!
*  Praise both Candy & Tim have pretty good job security!
*  Pray our friend who lost her mother last month. Pray for comfort as she goes through all the arangements with her family.
*  Pray for our contries economic situation. It is affecting friends of ours around the country and around the world at mutiple levels, from layoffs to losses of homes. Pray for guidance as many are struggling to pay their bills and pray that people will come along side the homeless and helpless duing these tough times.
*  Pray for the strategic planning team at Grace Chapel as we seek the Lord's direction for the regional and global outreach program at the church.
*  Pray for Viva as they go about establishing a major gifts fundraising presence in the USA.

Pictures  - You can always see more pictures by going to our website and clicking on the photos tab on the left hand side.

Christmas dinner w/Candy's family

Christmas with Tim's family

Dad Mac, Marlena, and Tyler

Dad Weaver & Logan reading

MacPherson Christmas gifts

Claudia opening a gift


It's been a long day!

Belmont, MA under seige!

Is that a car?

Calendar of Events  
May 21st - Candy's classes end
*  June 4th - Candy's graduation
*  June 7th-25th - Ireland trip
*  Oct. 22nd - 15th wedding anniv.

*  December 11th - Candy turns 40!
*  December 27th-31st - Urbana

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