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Weaver's Wanderings
September 2013,

Dear <<First Name>>,
We are entering into fall and the start of the college school year here in Greater Boston. This year as the seasons transition to fall we too will start a major transition in our lives.  After seven years in Greater Boston we are looking at uprooting and pursuing full-time ministry with Impact Ministries. Read on for all the details.

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On Mission - Transitions in Life
Partner with Tim & Candy and Impact Ministries
Travel to Washington!
Candy's Update - A New Normal
Tim's Update - Fall Travel

On Mission - Transitions in Life
Right now our church is going through a series called "On Mission - Where your life meets God's heart." The big idea of the sermon series is "Living on mission means aligning your life with God's heart." While far from perfect, Candy and I have tried with increasing clarity to align our lives to God's heart.

Since getting married almost 19 years ago it seems like we have had a major life transition every six or seven years. I spent about six years in State College at Penn State before we moved to Washington state. Then we spent just over seven years in Washington before moving to Boston, and now after about seven and a half years we are looking at leaving Boston.  Each transition and journey allowed us to grow in various ways and refocus our lives towards God's heart and calling.

Many have asked us where we will live and call home.  For at least the first year or so, we won't have a permanent residence in the USA. We will spend about six months in the USA and six months in Guatemala. During our time in Guatemala we will spend a couple months getting a deeper knowledge of Spanish. Then we will be hosting teams, teaching English, and working with the staff of Impact Ministries. While we are in the USA we will spend a majority of our time in Washington helping to develop the US office, and raise up more volunteers. We will also travel to MA, PA, and IA to visit friends, family, and other partners of Impact Ministries.

For those that have walked with us during this journey and partnered with us we are very grateful.  If you would like to learn more about the work in Guatemala and Impact Ministries check out the full-time ministry page of our website.  To join the journey and be a part of what God is doing in central Guatemala check out how you can partner with us below. 

Partner with Tim & Candy and Impact Ministries
Now that we are transitioning to full-time ministry, we are looking for people to partner with us and share in the ministry in central Guatemala. There are several ways that you can partner with us including:

Financial Support: In order to serve with Impact Ministries we need to raise all of our own faith support. Right now we have approximately 20% of our full-time support. We need people who will support us in an ongoing way, monthly, quarterly, or annually.  To partner with us financially you can donate now at Impact Ministries online giving page. In the drop down box select - Support a missionary-Tim & Candy Weaver. If you would like more information or to schedule a time to talk with us about our vision for full-time ministry, email us or give us a call at 857-756-2225.

Prayer Support: As we make the transition to full-time ministry we feel the need to continue building our prayer team. We are looking for at least 13 more people to commit to pray for us on a regular basis. To receive more frequent (about monthly) short updates with prayer and praise items as they arise, click here to be added to our prayer partner list.

Short term teams: If your church, school, college fellowship, or other group would like to serve on a short-term team in Guatemala please contact us for more information or go to Impact Ministries short-term team page.  

Child Sponsorship: Of the 1,400 children in Impact Ministries Christian school program, there are over 75 children that still need a sponsor. To be part of impacting a child's life, and the life of their family, sign up to sponsor a child today.  For more information about the child sponsorship program check out the sponsorship page.

Volunteer with Impact Ministries: With the ministry growing rapidly, we are constantly looking for volunteers to help with data entry, child sponsorship, short term teams, etc. To become a highly valued volunteer, check out the USA Volunteer Opportunity page.

Travel to Washington!
We are headed to Washington (WA) again! We will be there from October 17th to 27th. We will man the display for Impact Ministries at Missions Fest Seattle Oct. 18th & 19th. Then we want to connect with as many Washington friends and church contacts as we can to update you on our journey to full-time ministry. Finally, Tim will travel up to Kamloops, BC for Impact Ministries International Council meeting from Oct. 21st to 23rd. To connect with us while we are in WA email us at By the way, if you have a vehicle we can borrow for all or part of the time, we'd greatly appreciate the use of one. 

Candy's Update - A new normal
Thanks to all of you that have been praying along side me and my family for my mother! My mom had a stroke on July 13 and continues to progress towards recovery. She went from being completely paralyzed on her right side and not able to talk, to walking 100' down the hall at rehab and lifting her arm above her shoulder. She still has some trouble with talking, and her right lower arm/hand is still not functioning much, but her spirits are good and she continues to work at all the exercises. She has made miraculous progress. And I believe that progress was made on the wings of your prayers, thank you!

Now we (my brothers and I) have a new normal. My mom moved into my oldest brother, Dave's home and his wife, Cindy, will be caring for mom. Mom moved into their home on Saturday, August 31 and is transitioning into her new normal. My other brother Darryl, and his wife, Marlena, are shifting into a new normal as they assist Dave with preparing my mom's house for sale. And while I want to spend more time PA, I'm wading through the emotions that come with living at a distance. Everyone goes through transitions in life. I am so glad that there are people like you who lift us up in prayer, walk beside us, and reach out to us as we as we transition into the many different things that are part of life. Thanks for supporting us in prayer!

Tim's Update - Fall Travel

As I write this, I am sitting in the medical clinic in Guatemala assisting with a medical and dental clinic. The clinic is going well, with the doctor and dentist seeing over 200 patients combined.  I will return to MA on Saturday September 14th.

I will be home for about a month and then in late October Candy and I will travel to WA. While there we will have several different responsibilities, first, we will have a display at Missions Fest Seattle. Then we will be visiting with friends and church contacts we have in Washington and updating them on our journey to full-time ministry. Finally, I will travel up to Kamloops, BC for Impact Ministries International Council meeting before heading back to Massachusetts.

Then in early November, I travel to Kentucky for the Global Missions Health Conference. Impact Ministries will have a display there in order to recruit doctors, dentists, and eye care professionals to serve short-term in the clinic in Tactic. Over the last two years this conference has brought us a few doctors and dentists who have served in the clinic in Guatemala. 

Finally, Thanksgiving week we will be in PA for a visit with family. At this point, December looks a bit quieter and hopefully we can catch our breath before we close out the fiscal year for Impact Ministries USA!

Prayer Requests & Praises!
* Tim's foot continues to heal. He has put it through it's paces through two trips in Gautemala.

* Candy's mom continues to recover from her stroke!  Thank you for your prayers.
* We've had 37 people commit to pray for us and 11 people commit to ongoing financial support!

Prayer Requests:
* Pray for Candy's mom as she continues to recover. Pray that the functionality comes back to her right hand and that she continues to make strides in her speech.
* Pray that God uses us where we are to proclaim God's Kingdom. 

* Pray for Candy as she started supporting two new faculty at MIT. Pray that she is able to connect with these professors and their groups. 
* Pray for Candy and her 1st place 4 heath Bible study group as they seek God for balanced and healthy living. 
* Pray for us as we travel to WA in October and Tim travels to KY in November.
Pray for us as we transition into full-time ministry in the Spring. 

Getting ready to go to church

Gathering firewood

The greenhouse at sunrise

Planting greenhouse seedlings

Nurses in training - Isaias & Elvin

Dental clinic

Pharmacy in clinic

Dentist Steve with happy patient

Dentist Steve & Teri/Dr. Tim & Linda

Praying for patients in public hospital

New guesthouse

Traditional Marimba music

Men washing the dishes

Carrying the groceries home

Impact Ministries high school students

Calendar of Events  
*  Oct. - Lanc., PA - Visit w/family
*  Oct. - Seattle,WA - Missions Fest
*  Nov. - Louis., KY - Medical conf.
*  Nov. - PA Thanksgiving

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