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Weaver's Wanderings
June 2010

Dear <<First Name>>,
Guatemala here we come!  We are gearing up for our trip to Gautemala in mid-July. If you would like to be a parnter with us on this trip we are still looking for people to pray for us while we are in Guatemala and we are gathering supplies to take down to Guatemala.  If you would like to be added to our prayer list just click (here) to send us an email.  You can click (here) for the list of supplies we are gathering.  We will be filling up 3 to 4 suitcases with supplies.  Read on for more information on Guatemala and Impact Ministries (the organization we will be working with).  

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In This Issue:
What is Jesus Worth To You?
Guatemala - Facts and Figures

Impact Ministries
Candy's Update
Tim's Update
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Prayer Partners Needed   

What is Jesus Worth to You?
Just the other day we received a booklet in the mail called "The Radical Question", written by David Platt.  The question he ponders is "What is Jesus Worth to You?"  Do we really believe that Jesus is worthy of sacrifice in our lives?  As he explores scripture he comes to the uncomfortable conclusion that if we really choose to follow the Jesus of the Bible that we really do have to give up everything to follow Jesus.  We do have to love him in a way that makes our closest relationships in this world look like hate.  And that it is entirely possible that he will tell any one of us to sell everything we have and give it to the poor.

However, many of us in the west have recreated Jesus to be a nice middle class Jesus who doesn't mind material security and would never call us to give away everything we have.  A Jesus who is fine with devotion from us that does not infringe on our comforts, because after all he loves us just the way we are.  What we have done is to mold him into our likeness rather than being molded into his likeness. 

He invites us all to believe that we were created for more than a Christian spin on the American dream.  That we have a purpose in our lives that is deeper than having a nice job, raising a decent family, living a comfortable life, and tacking church attendance onto the end of it.  Needless to say it is a powerful booklet and has given us a lot to chew on.  They are giving out free copies of the booklet while supplies last.  You can get a copy by clicking (here).

Guatemala - Facts and Figures
Many have asked us why Guatemala?  After coming out of Urbana last December with the big take away being "He Dwelt Among Us" we were looking for a place to dwell.  An organization or part of the world where we might partner more deeply and longer term.  Based on all the experiences we have had during our lifetime, the experience Tim had working with Impact Ministries in Tactic (central Guatemala) was very attractive and seemed like a logical next step to check out.

Guatemala is a very diverse country with approximately 13.5 million people in a country that is about the size of Tennesee.  About 60% of the population is of Spanish or mixed decent, with the remaining 40% of various indigenous Mayan Indian groups with 23 recognized languages.  The region that Impact Ministries works in is comprised primarily of Poqomchi and Kekchi (Q'eqchi') Mayan Indian groups.  Among all Guatemalans 43% of children under five are malnourished, and within the Mayan Indian groups it approaches 80%.  The incident of stunting, a common indicator of chronic malnutrition, in Guatemala is twice what it is in Haiti.  The average wage for someone in Guatemala is about $4.50 per day, and those living below the poverty line (approx $2.30) among the indigenous people groups is well over 50%, possibly approaching 75%.  Access to education is also lacking in the rural regions with less than half the children attending primary school.  The region around Tactic has been dominated by a religion that combines Roman Catholicism, ancient Mayan traditions and witchraft.  This oppressive religious spirit has kept people in fear, bondage, and ignorance, which has resulted in a fatalistic worldview.  These and other issues make the region around Tactic ripe for the good news of Jesus Christ. 

From what Tim saw and what we can see there is a good deal of overlap in our interests, skills, and abilities, and the ministries of Impact Ministries.  Candy's interest in education fits well with their ministry focus.  They also have needs for short term trip mobilization/organization and fundraising, where Tim could potentially assist.  Right now we are trying to be open and available and using this trip as a vision trip experience to see if this might be where God is calling us to focus.  Please pray for us to hear clearly from God as we continue to seek God's will through prayer and move forward with our trip in July.

Impact Ministries
Impact Ministries ( was started in 1997 in Canada.  In 2000 Les & Rita Peters moved to Tactic (central Guatemala) to come along side a Guatemalan woman who had started a small school (Colegio Beerseba) with about 80 students.  The mission of Impact Ministries is; "To train Guatemalans for leadership by teaching Biblical principles in such a way that they become integrated in their lives and effect spiritual change in their society and to impact North American Christians for third world missions."  Through student sponsorship programs and short term teams Impact Ministries has multiplied over the last ten years.  Impact Ministries now has five elementary schools, an after school program in a sixth community, a junior high school, a Bible Institute, the first phase of a medical clinic, and the Rio de Vida (River of Life) church.  God has moved mightily over the last 10 years as local community leaders are now partnering with the ministry providing land and other assitance to help Impact Ministries bring education and support to their communities.  Approximately 1,200 children are being served in the various schools, getting one hot meal served to them daily, which for some will be the best meal of the day.  It is truly a blessing to see the children’s heart for God and how they sing and pray with their whole heart!

Candy's Update
Summer has arrived and with it's arrival came the successful completion of my Massachusetts State Riding Instructors License. With my license came some riding students - what a joy!  I now provide lessons to a 4 year old, 6 year old, 10 year old, 12 year old, 13 year old and two 15 year old's. Five of them are cousins and they are great fun to teach. The 4 year old reminds me that I need to keep on my toes because being little means, quick learner, quick mover and  quick witted. And my 12 year old is the joy of my life. She only just startd and is soaking up everything and moving more quickly than any student I've ever taught. What can I say; God is so kind to provide such great kids to teach. I pray the Lord blesses you with simple joys that only he can provide.

Tim's Update
Life at work has slowed down, which allowed me to get caught up on many things that fell by the wayside during the last semester.  MIT's fundraising efforts continue to do fairly well given the economic climate.  Cash coming into the Institute is still on track for the best year ever.  The only downside is that new three to five year pledges are down about 20-25%.  

I also had the opportunity to go on a road trip with my dad down to Florida for the STS-131 Space Shuttle launch on April 5th, 2010.  We had a great trip down stopping at Darlington Raceway in South Carolina and racing a few laps around the track that is "To Tough To Tame".  We also had a picture perfect launch early Monday morning on April 5th.  In additon we had the opportunity to check out the Kennedy Space Center, the Daytona 500 Race Experience, and a couple racing group's shops on the way home.  All in all a great trip!

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We launched a website a while back that will hopefully aid us as we try to keep in contact with an ever increasing number of people.  Check it out at  We have a blog there as well that we update in between newsletters!  We love to hear what's going on in your lives as well. Email us any time at either or  

We are also both on Facebook!  You can "friend" us and keep in touch that way as well.

Prayer Partners Needed
We have at different times tried to create an ongoing group of people that would be willing to pray for us on an ongoing basis.  As we look to the future we realize that we really need to make a concerted effort to make that happen.  If you would like to receive more frequent (as praises and prayer needs arise) short updates with prayer and praise items please click here to be added to our prayer partner list.

Prayer Requests & Praises!
*  Praise God provided all of our financial support for Guatemala!
*  Praise there are over 33 people praying for us during our trip.
*  Praise donations of supplies are starting to come in for our trip.
*  Praise that Candy has been experiencing a lot of fatigue in the last few months, but praise God all her blood tests came back negative and with some lifestyle changes the fatigue seems to be relenting some for her.  We are so grateful it is nothing serious.
*  Pray for Guatemala as one of their volcanoes recently erupted and tropical storm Agatha caused major flooding and mudslides.  You can check out news stories on the volcano (here) and tropical storm (here).  Another short summary with pictures is (here). 
*  Pray for our preparations for our trip.  Pray that necessary supplies keep coming in to take down to Guatemala.  We have 3-4 suitcases that we will be filling up and taking with us.  A link to the supply list is (here).
*  Pray that we hear clearly from God as we go on this trip and as we ask Him how we might partner with Impact Ministries.
*  Pray for Tyler (Candy's nephew) and Amanda as they are married June 19th.
*  Pray for Candy's fatigue issue to dissipate and for healing for a recent badly sprained ankle.

Pictures  - We've updated our website and added lots more pictures.  You can always see more pictures by going to our website and clicking on the photos tab on the left hand side.

First School for Impact Ministries

School Construction

Students in San Antonio program

Les & Local Pastor Dedicating Church

First Worship Service

Man Carrying Wood

Local Kids

View of Tactic from the Hillside

Volcano Near Antigua

View of the Countryside

Tourist Market

Darlington Raceway

Tim Beside Racecar

Tim Getting Ready to Race

Dad & Tim at Daytona Raceway

Shuttle Launch

Picture Perfect Launch!

Calendar of Events  
*  June 12th-13th - Camping at Sturbridge, MA
*  June 19th - Tyler Mac's wedding
*  July 12th-22nd Tactic, Guatemala
*  Aug - Camping (TBD)
*  Sept 3-6 - Weaver Reunion
*  Oct 22 - 16th Anniversary
*  Dec 23-Jan 1 - Lancaster, PA

Impact Ministries
Grace Chapel
*  Candy's Work
Tim's Work
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