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Weaver's Wanderings
October 2011,

Dear <<First Name>>,
Fall is settling in and the leaves have changed color!  Winter will be here before we know it.  We recently returned from Guatemala and have much to share.  This fall will be busy as we travel to Washinton and BC Canada in November and see family in PA over Thanksgiving.  We invite you to read all about it below.

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In This Issue:
Writing a Better Story
Guatemala Trip & Future Plans
Travel to Duvall & Kamloops, Canada
Candy's Update
Tim's Update
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Prayer Partners Needed   

Writing a Better Story
Abram believed the Lord, and he credited it to him as righteousness - Gen. 15:6

Our current sermon series at Grace Chapel is called Living God's Story - Finding Yourself in the Pages.  We are taking a journey through the entire Bible over 40 weeks.  So far it has been a great series.

What we have seen so far is how God uses very ordinary people in extraordinary ways.  One message in particular about Abraham struck me.  It really emphasized how God calls ordinary people to join Him in writing a better story for their lives, their family, and the world.

We join the story in Genesis chapter 12 with Abram, age 75, as God calls him to a land that he will give him, promising to make him a great nation and blessing all peoples through him.  God asked him to leave his country, people, and father's household.  Abram decides to follow God and in the ensuing chapters we see Abram waver from faith to doubt, back and forth.  At times trusting God totally, and at other times taking matters in his own hands. 

God continues to work with Abram, even after Abram takes matters in his own hands in trying to produce an heir by sleeping with his servant Hagar resulting in a son Ishmael.  God reestablishes his covenant with Abram in chapter 17 renaming him Abraham and promising him again that he would become a father of many nations.  Issac is eventually born, the fulfillment of God's promise.

Fastforward several years and Abraham is once again asked to obey God and offer his son Issac up as a sacrifice to God.  Abraham follows through, trusting God's promise and believing that God could even raise the dead.  God provides a ram as a substitute sacrifice, and reaffirms his promise to Abraham that through him all nations would be blessed.

Life at age 75 for Abram, prior to God's call, was probably pretty normal for his time, maybe even a bit boring.  By placing his faith in God and allowing God to write the story of his life, Abraham's life was never the same and through him the world's story was changed forever.

How about each of us?  Is God calling you to a new adventure?  Are you resisting because it is comfortable where you are at?  God, for whatever reason, chooses to use us to fulfill his purposes.  He doesn't force us, but waits for us to join him in what he is already doing.  I encourage you if you feel like God is asking you to do something even if it seems risky to take the first step of faith and allow God to lead and guide.  The adventure will definitely grow your faith!

Guatemala Trip & Future Plans
We arrived back from Guatemala just over a month ago.  Many have asked, "So how was your trip?"  We have spent the last few weeks going through our pictures and video processing all that God put before us while we were in Guatemala.  We had three main goals for our trip.  First, we wanted to get an in depth view on the ground and get an update on all the projects in Guatemala.  Second, we wanted to continue building and deeping our relationships with everyone in Guatemala.  Finally, we wanted to discuss the long range plans of Impact Ministries and how the US arm could join in.  God continues to bless and allowed us to accomplish these goals in amazing ways.  We have compiled five videos below to help convey all that we saw and experienced.  We invite you to click the links below to explore our adventure.

Intro to Guatemala and Tactic Region (4 mins) -   

2011 Guatemala Trip Report (9 mins) - 

Oscar's Family Interview (7 mins) -

Tim & Candy & Impact Ministries Next Steps (3.5 mins) -

Summary Music Video (4.5 mins)  - 

 Travel to Duvall, WA & Kamloops, CAN
In case you missed it, we will be venturing out to Duvall, Washington from November 5th to 12th.  It has been three years since we were last out in Washington, and can't wait to see everyone again!  Also, during that time we will travel up to Kamloops, Canada on Monday and Tuesday to coincide with an Impact Ministries Canada board meeting.  This will allow us an opportunity to meet with everyone up in Canada.

We have a place to stay, but if someone has a car they could loan us, including allowing us to drive it up to the Canadian board meeting in Kamloops, BC that would be great!

We are planning some gatherings to connect with larger groups of people.  If you would like to connect with us while we are out in WA please contact us!  

 Candy's Update
Fall is my favorite time of year! Crisp mornings, changing leaves ... This summer into fall has been quite a world wind. With all our responsibilities for IMUSA, I had little to no riding. My horse fun has included feeding as fast as possible one night a week and giving lessons on Sunday. I love my students, but when my horse camping trip with the barn gals came up this fall, I was so excited to get some saddle time. It was a fun weekend of six women who only ever see each other in pairs gathered as a group of six and shared 4 horses on a trip in Western Maine. I had the opportunity to get to know some of the gals that I didn't really know very well and reunite with a women I haven't ridden with since early spring. It was a great time. 

Another thing I've really enjoyed is our LIfe Community. A Life Community (LC) is our Church's small group program. It is a group of people that live close to each other and can share life together in a small group studying the bible and support each other through all of life's journeys. Our LC is in the midst of a small baby boom. One gal had her baby a few months ago and the next is due in November. We've had two babyshowers, and out of that has grown the desire to have the LC women gather once a month for a womens brunch. I praise God for the development of Christian women relationships in our group. It has been a great blessing to me and I' really enjoying the fruits of Proverbe 27:17 As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.


Tim's Update
Life has been pretty hectic since our last newsletter.  In late August we spent a week traveling down to western North Carolina around Asheville, NC.  This part of the country has one of the largest concentrations of waterfalls, which I love to photograph.  We spent some time hiking and taking photos, which you can check out to the right.

Then we were preparing to go to Guatemala, and spent 10 days in and around Tactic, Guatemala.  Once we got back we were going through pictures and videos to help tell the story of our trip, and now we are preparing to travel out to Washington. 

In between all of this I have had bronchitis for almost two weeks and am slowly recovering.  Fortunately life at MIT has been fairly calm and my two new co-workers are coming up to speed nicely.  I am looking forward to traveling in November, but hope that the winter is milder with less snow than the past couple years!

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Prayer Partners Needed
We have a group of people willing to pray for us on an ongoing basis. As we continue on lifes journey we are still looking for 9 more people to commit to pray for us on a regualar basis. If you would like to receive more frequent short updates with prayer and praise items as they arise please click here to be added to our prayer partner list.

Prayer Requests & Praises!
*  We had a fun time in western North Carolina, and made it home safely before hurricane Irene arrived!
*  We had a great and safe trip to Guatemala! 
*  Tim now has two new co-workers, which is making his work load more manageable at MIT.
*  We have a place to stay while we are in Washington.
*  We are excited to meet everyone in Canada associated with Impact Ministries.
*  We have raised almost $5,200 towards our goal of $7,200 to cover our trip to Guatemala and first year start up costs for Impact Ministries USA.
*  We raised all the funds we needed to travel to Guatemala.

 Prayer Requests:
*  Pray for our trip to Washington and Canada from Nov. 5th to 12th.  Pray that we would be able to connect with many friends and also establish new friendships with those working with Impact Ministries in Canada.
*  Pray that we would be able to share about Impact Ministries USA with everyone while we are out in Washington.
*  Pray that we would be able to have a car to use while out in Washington.
*  Continue to pray that the 501c3 application submitted to the IRS to receive tax exempt status on August 18th would be approved quickly. 
*  Pray as we travel to PA for Thanksgiving.
*  Pray that we would be able to gather a group of friends and family together in PA to share more about Impact Ministries USA.


Pictures  - You can always see more pictures by going to our website and clicking on the photos tab on the left hand side.

Tim & Candy with Impact Ministries kids

Morning worship at school

The next school expansion project

Young boy at open air market

Local boy transporting produce

Countryside around Tactic 

Claudia and Candy

Local transportation

Tim & Candy with Oscar & his mother

Typical kitchen in lower class home

Western North Carolina

Waterfall #2

Waterfall #3

Campground in western North Carolina

Calendar of Events  
*  Nov 5-12 - WA & BC Canada visit
*  Nov 19-26 - PA Thanksgiving
*   Dec hopefully some well deserved down time
*  Dec 25 - Christmas in MA
*  Jan 1 - New Years in MA

*  Impact Ministries
*  Harvard
*  MIT
*  Candy's Work
*  Tim's Work
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