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Weaver's Wanderings
December 2012,

Dear Tim,
What a eventful fall!  Between moving to a new place and getting settled into the apartment and new routines, and traveling to Washington and Kentucky, we are on the move.  Read on for all the details.

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May Your Laws Sustain Me
Tim & Candy's Next Steps
We've Moved!
Candy's Update
Tim's Update
Prayer Partners Needed

May Your Laws Sustain Me
In “Motivated to Wellness” by Stephen and Ginny Starkey they discuss sustaining motivation by being in the Word of God. A key take away is that God’s Word has so much clarity, it can lead me through any situation. God’s Word encourages, motivates and inspires me. All I have to do is obey God’s directions and have faith in His promises. The idea that God’s Word can sustain motivation in me is a no-brainer right? Well, let me tell you that I chewed on the idea that God’s Word sustaining my motivation through all circumstances for quite a while to find that simple things keep me from going to God’s Word.
First let me take you through a brief overview of the study. Proverbs 16:2 says “All a person’s ways seem pure to them, but motives are weighed by the Lord.” It is key to reveal our hidden agenda; God already knows it. When I seek God to search out my underlying motives, He shows me the darkest corners of my life and can help me develop sober judgment of myself.

Now, have you ever done a biblical sobriety test? No you don’t blow into a device that tells you whether or not you know you’re memory verses. I’m talking about the type of  biblical sobriety test that allows you to calmly and calculatedly measure yourself against the truth of God’s Word. On our website you can read the rest of my thoughts on taking a biblical sobriety test and a special challenge for you this Christmas Season. Visit our website for the rest of the story. 
Tim & Candy's Next Steps
Another year has come and is almost gone!  We continue to see Impact Ministries USA grow, which has been a huge blessing.  As we look to the future people ask, "So where do you go from here?"  Good question.  Much still depends on how rapidly the ministry grows, but our intention is to move into full time ministry at some point in the not too distant future.  We have been in discussions with our bosses at MIT, and if things continue on the trajectory they have been, then by sometime in the spring or summer of 2014 we will need to step away from our jobs at MIT and move forward with Impact Ministries.  For 2013 we are anticipating taking between 10% and 15% of time off without pay in order to travel to Guatemala and events here in the USA.  So we are anticipating transitioning to raising more consistent faith support starting in 2013 to cover additional travel and event expenses as well as a small stipend to cover costs while we are away from our jobs.  We will have more details coming in January once we get things more established.  We are grateful for those who have taken this journey with us so far and look forward to growing our base of prayer and financial support as we transition to full time ministry.  Please pray us as we continue to seek God's direction and guidance.  

We've Moved!
In case you missed it, we moved to a smaller 1 bedroom apartment in Waltham, MA back in August.  It is really working out well as we settle into the new space and routines.  Our goal was to be better prepared for more travel and lower monthly costs, which God supplied in amazing ways.  For those who know Waltham, we are about 2 1/2 blocks west of the square on Charles Street.  Out new address and phone number are:

85 Charles St  Apt #8
Waltham, MA 02453
Phone # - 781-609-7473

Any email address that you have for us that ends in is no longer valid, as we are no longer with Verizon.  You can reach us by email at or

 Candy's Update
I have three specific items I'd like to tell you; first a thank you message, second an update on life, and finally, my thoughts on December. Please consider all three a small gift from me to you. 

I really want to thank everyone in Washington State; all those we met with, those who housed us, lent us a car, had dinner with us, transported us back and forth to the airport, and those who volunteer for Impact Ministries USA. I'm especially thankful for our friends who hold us up in prayer. We see daily the blessings that God pours out in our lives because of those who care for us in various physical ways as well as for those who care for us in prayer. Thanks to each of you for the part you play in our lives and in the lives of those we serve. May you know the pure joy of our Father God in your lives.

As for an update on life: I want to have some earth shattering news, but alas outside of our trip to Seattle and Pennsylvania, we have experienced a new normal rhythm to life. I recently helped out with my departments poster session; it was really interesting. While we work full-time at MIT, each night is spent engaging as church members at Grace Chapel or on some aspect of Impact Ministries USA. Monday night I am a part of a bible study group called 1st Place for Health and Friday nights Tim's part of the leadership team for our Belmont Life Community (our church's small group bible study ministry). Various aspects of Impact Ministries USA keep us hopping; from short-term team coordination to the accounting and everything in between (this is why I am so thankful for our volunteers). So with this new rhythm to life we are seeing God work in incredible ways and look forward to the new year.

Wow, it is December! This amazing to me for two reasons. First, it is difficult to believe how quickly the months fly by us. Second, I look forward to December. You might think, "well, everyone looks forward to December... shopping, parties, family, Christmas etc. " But, I can truly say that I look forward to December for completely different reasons. Now it is not to say that I don't enjoy all those things listed above, but we have a very different December than most people. We go to one party and spend a quiet, restful, and invigorating time at home over the Christmas and New Years holiday breaks. This December is slightly different, as we are headed to the Urbana missions conference; but that will be the invigorating part of this December. Over the years, December has turned into a month were I spend more time in prayer and study. I thank God for His gift of the extra down time at the end of the year and pray that each of you find those quiet moments among the hustle and bustle of the season. 

Tim's Update
I hope I don't sound like a broken record, but life continued to be very full of activity this fall!  :) 

In early October we were out in the Seattle area for Missions Fest Seattle.  While out in Washington, I also traveled to Impact Ministries Canadian office for a joint board meeting, which went very well!

In late October I was having some lower back pain, which wasn't going away.  Fortunately, I was able to see a doctor quickly and diagnosed some lower muscle strains and knotting.  I am in the process of healing and having some deep tissue massage and physical therapy exercises to help stretch out the knotted muscles and reduce the lower back strain and pain.

Then in early November I traveled to Louisville, Kentucky for a large medical and dental conference with the goal of recruiting doctors and dentists to come to Guatemala and support the medical and dental clinic in Tactic.  We had a great conference and made connections with over 50 medical and dental professionals and students.  Be praying that some of them will join us next year as we seek to increase the number of medical and dental focused trips to Guatemala. 

We spent Thanksgiving in PA with family and then traveled back home for an Impact Ministries USA board meeting.  During that meeting we squared away everything to work with Ministerios Impacto and help fund the work in Guatemala for years to come.  We are currently processing the end of the year giving opportunity mailer for Impact Ministries USA, and will travel to Urbana in Indianapolis from Dec 27th to Jan 1st. 

We look forward to a slower pace of life in late December and January as we hibernate for a bit before launching into a new ministry season.

Prayer Partners Needed
We continue to include this section in our newsletter because we really do value those who lift us up in prayer!  We have a group of people praying for us on an ongoing basis. As we continue on life's journey we are still looking for at least 16 more people to commit to pray for us on a regular basis. If you would like to receive more frequent (about monthly) short updates with prayer and praise items as they arise please click here to be added to our prayer partner list.

Prayer Requests & Praises!
* For those who have not heard, 
Impact Ministries USA received its IRS 501(c)(3) tax exempt approval! God is so good!
* Our trip to Seattle, WA and Kamloops, BC in October was spectacular! The joint board meeting went well and helped set things up for partnering together over the years to come.
* We had smooth and safe travel for all of our trips this fall!
God provided a great new, smaller apartment!

 Prayer Requests:
* Pray as Tim's back continues to heal.  We are thankful for great medical care and coverage.
* Continue to p
ray that we meet our neighbors and get to know them.
* Pray for our trip to Urbana that we will have a time of rest and renewal.  Pray to that we hear clearly from God as we seek his guidance as we move towards full-time ministry. 
Pray for us as we begin to raise support to make the transition into full-time ministry. 


Santa Biblia

Our new apartment living room area
Our new apt. kitchen/dining area

MIT-HST poster session

MIT-HST poster session

Global Missions Health Conference

Impact Ministries Display

Mark's Feedstore - great BBQ!

West Point

View of Hudson River from West Point

West Point Cannon

West Point Dining Hall - 4,000+ cadets

Calvary Church - missions conference

Candy's mom's dog Cooper

John Lee and his two daughters

Thanksmas celebration

Weaver Family Thanksmas pic


Calendar of Events  
*  Dec hopefully some down time
*  Dec 25 - Christmas in MA
*  Dec 27 - Jan 1 - Urba
na in MO
*  June/July - Tactic, Guatemala
*  Oct. - Seattle,WA - Missions Fest
*  Nov. - Louis., KY - Medical conf.
*  Nov. - PA Thanksgiving

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