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Weaver's Wanderings
July 2009

Dear <<First Name>>,
As we mentioned in our last newsletter Candy helped coordinate an adult discipleship (Sunday School) class called "Tackling World Sized Issues".  There were a total of seven topics covered in two week segments.  The two weeks that stood out most to me was focused on Materialism - Rich and Poor, Near and Far.  The first week started with the Nooma video titled "Rich".  There was a lot packed into that 13 minute video, but there were a few key things that struck me and others in the class. 
First was Rob Bell talking about the bumper sticker "God Bless America".  He goes on to clearly demonstrate that God has already blessed America exceedingly abundantly more than we could ever have hoped or imagined.  By the world's standard almost everyone in America is rich. 
Most of you know that Candy and I have had one car for most of our married life.  Right now that one car is a 93 Geo metro.  There are times when I wish/feel that we had a newer and nicer car.  Bell pointed out that about 92% of the world doesn't own a car, which really helped to set my perspective straight and be thankful that we have a car at all.
As we discussed things in the class we were challenged to think about when is enough, enough?  Since it seems like enough is always a little bit more we really need to think about what is enough?  This was really timely given our current economic environment.  When do we have enough profits, food, debt, money, etc.  We all need to really think about what is enough.  Candy and I have started this process and have been slowly letting go of some things and freeing up time and space.  While we have a long way to go in identifying what is enough and sticking to it, we invite you to join us on the journey.

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In This Issue:
What's Next?
Life at a Glance
Candy's Update
Tim's Update
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What's Next?
With Candy's graduation (what brought us to Boston) we naturally are asking what's next?  Not that we are rushing to leave or anything, but just trying to discern what we should be focusing on.  Right now with the economy in chaos we are thankful for relatively stable jobs and do not see changing our employment in the near term.  For the next year we will probably hunker down, pay off the rest of our debt and work on building an emergency fund, work on getting in better shape, and also continue to simplify our lives, which has been an ongoing process.  All of these things will make it easier to jump on the next opportunity when it is placed in front of us. 

I recently read this quote from Steven James that challenged us to not become complacent as we continue through life.  I hope it will challenge you to act and join God in what He is calling you to do: “It seemed so much safer and saner to stay there on the seashore of reason than to chance the waves and enter the sea of faith. So God’s children became rational, realistic, reasonable, practical, pragmatic people who abandoned faith for sight, and traded worship for religion.”

on Following God's will may not be "logical" or fit neatly into the life you've created, but that's not the point. I believe God is waiting to tel you how to tep out in faith for him, and the people he loves. Please be praying for us as we continue to listen and learn what our future holds.

Life At A Glance
I never imagened myself moving back and forth across the country. It is incredible to think that 3 years ago at this time we were in throws of deciding to move from our home in Washington State to Massachusetts. I am amazed with the journey the Lord has taken us on over our life time. First at Penn State University, then Washington State, and now Massachusetts; each place has held significant milestones and life long friends. We thank God for all of you and pray your life journey is filled with blessings.

One such blessing in our life was the opportunity to visit Ireland. Our trip was 18 days long and I am refreshed - that is how I feel right now. We came back from Ireland refreshed and rightly so with all the time to decompress from studies, tests, work, and other responsibilities. Now I actually can look back and see how stressed I really was about everthing and I'm glad I did it all, but I am happy that there are no classes this summer. Now on to what is begining as a peaceful summer and hopefully will lead into a fun filled fall.

Life continues to have various ups and downs, but I am really excited about all the things that God has brought our way in the past and continues to bring our way.

Candy's Update
Wow! It seems like it has been forever since I wrote an update. I feel like I’ve been somewhere else for the last 5 months with the world wind of classes, graduation, and our trip to Ireland. For starters I survived Stats & my spring Creativity class was called "Creativity: Genius, Madmen, & the Harvard Student." This class gave me a great perspective about those children I've come across while teaching, who often are considered to have a learning disability, but may have an extremely creative mind that doesn't learn easily in a typical "sit still" learning environment. When all is said and done, I passed my classes and Graduated cum laude on June 4th, 2009. 

Graduation was a lot of fun. My brother and his wife (Darryl & Marlena) came up & brought my parents (Dave & Bonnie) with them; and Tim's parent (Caleb & Barb) where able to make it. In the early morning I joined my fellow graduates for breakfast & line up. We then processed through Harvard Square to the Old Yard where the morning exercises took place. Afterwards, there was lunch with our guest & walking across the stage to receive our diplomas. Then back to the "Old Yard" to listen to the graduation speaker, but I was not feeling well, so we all went back to our apartment. We celebrated with BBQ from Blue Ribbon Barbeque, a cake from Milk Street Cafe & spent the rest of the afternoon visiting. I was so excited that some of our family could visit with us. We spent Friday being tourists with my family in Boston and they left on Saturday. We had a great time with them! We said our goodbyes, I shed a few tears, and Tim and I turned our attention toward packing for Ireland. 

Ireland was incredible! Here are a few highlights. First, we spend two days in Dublin where we visited the Library at Trinity College. The books and artifacts are very old and beautiful. Then off to the Irish National Stud - yes horses - where we walked the beautiful ground and gardens and checked out all the horses. After that we went to Waterford, at which time we learned that our 15th wedding anniversary is actually the "crystal anniversary" & we purchased a seahorse candle stick & had it engraved. We spent two nights in a castle in Tralee & I had a chance to go horseback riding up on a hill where you could look out and see the whole town. We also went around the Ring of Kerry, the Dingle Peninsula, as well as the Cliffs of Moher - all more eloquently described by our photos than with words. One of the highlights of my trip was the opportunity to go riding while in Sligo. I was able to gallop (yes the real deal) on the beaches & ride the country roads along the coast for the day. Finally we spent 3 full days back on the eastern coast touring the extremely ancient heritage sites & taking naps on the beaches. There are much more than those few highlights, but there is a taste of our trip. For more details and pictures of our trip go to our blog at 

Tim's Update
I also am excited that Candy is graduated, and that we had a relaxing and enjoyable time in Ireland.  Being away from work and other responsibilities for over three weeks was like a mini sabatical.  I think that was the first time we had been totally unplugged from everything in a very long time.  It also sounds like we had better weather in Ireland than here in the Boston area (who knew that was possible!)

Life at MIT has continued to be interesting.  With the financial crisis and stock market crash MIT's endowment took a significant hit (about 25% to 30%).  The endowment, which had a market value around $10B provides scholarships and other funding for the Institute.  With the available income from the endowment dropping around $150M annually, MIT has had to tighten its belt.  Each unit has been asked to cut 15% from their general budgets over the next three years.  For my group that has resulted in some layoffs and a week long "furlough" (unpaid time off) in August.  Thankfully I am still employed (they laid off two people on the research team)!  With these measures and possibly another week long furlough in January our department has made the necessary budget cuts and there should not be any more layoffs required. 

Otherwise I'm still volunteering with
Viva (Viva works to network groups together who work with children at risk).  I am in the process of helping them develop their major gifts fundraising operation in the USA with some strategic research.  The organization is headquartered over in Oxford in the UK. 

Grace Chapel's regional and global outreach program is also in the midst of a strategic planning process that I am involved in.  We looked at where the program has come from and where we see it heading in the future.  It is an interesting process and I am looking forward to see how everything shakes out.  It is also about time to start planning for Global Awareness Week for the fall and we are heading back to Urbana (student missions conference) again this year.  Urbana for us is a three year check in that keeps us educated and motivated towards missions.  It has been a great time of worship, excellent teaching, and exposure to what God is doing all around the world!

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Prayer Partners Needed
We have at different times tried to create an ongoing group of people that would be willing to pray for us on an ongoing basis.  As we look to the future we realize that we really need to make a concerted effort to make that happen.  If you would like to receive more frequent (1 to 2 times per month) short updates with prayer and praise items please click here to be added to our prayer partner list.
Prayer Requests & Praises!
*  Praise we had an awesome time with family over Graduation!
*  Praise our trip to Ireland was great!
*  Praise both Candy & Tim have pretty good job security!
*  Pray for us as we seek direction over the rest of this year. 
*  Pray for our contries economic situation.
*  Pray for the strategic planning team at Grace Chapel as we seek the Lord's direction for the regional and global outreach program at the church.
*  Pray for Viva as they go about establishing a major gifts fundraising presence in the USA.

Pictures  - You can always see more pictures by going to our website and clicking on the photos tab on the left hand side.
Candy's' graduation party

Gamer group weekend in Vermont

Torc Waterfall

Horses at Irish National Stud

Abbey near Rock of Cashel

Street view in Ireland

Glendalough, Ireland

Typical old style home - upper class

Cliffs of Kerry

Castle where we spent two nights

The happy couple on vacation!

Glencar Falls

Inside of castle ruins

Kylemore Abbey

Old Mellifont Abbey

Cliffs of Moher

Newgrange and Knowth

Beach at Balbriggan, Ireland

Ross Castle

Typical old style farmer's house

Ireland's National Animal?

Old Gate Tower - Drogheda, Ireland
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