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Weaver's Wanderings
April 2011,

Dear <<First Name>>,
Spring is finally here!  We are very excited to see no more snow, and look forward to warmer weather.  There are many things going on.  Check out things below to get the whole picture.

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In This Issue:
Waiting on the Lord
Impact Ministires Next Steps
Travel to Duvall & Kamloops, Canada
Candy's Update
Tim's Update
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Prayer Partners Needed   

Waiting on the Lord
Psalm 27:14 - Wait for the LORD: be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.

How is it that from conception we strive for movement. We begin with our first kick in our mother’s womb and it is full speed ahead from that point forward.  As toddlers we want to run, but we can only walk. Then as elementary age kids, we no longer are satisfied to run; but we employ our bike, skateboard or scooter to speed forward. Into the teen years and early 20’s we find the perfect vehicle, motor cycle, or in my case horse.  And if all of that is not enough, technology at any age speeds our connections along. But for God’s divine grace, we might escape His influence in our lives altogether as we speed through life. 

Hurrying along is especially present in my life. Ask one of my friends and they will tell you they don’t know how I can do so many things at once. My boss says I have a wide bandwidth. Somehow,   I  manage to move through life at an unusually fast pace, and I actually think my boss is on to something.

Now my boss is a doctor and a scientist that works in signal processing and computing; and he has a keen business sense. So bandwidth in his context is a combination of a measure of the width of a range of frequencies, measured by hertz; a data transfer rate and a measure of resources needed to complete a task or project.  My concept of bandwidth is my ability to engage in multiple conversations and tasks and process them in a manner that has a productive outcome. But there is a downside to my wide bandwidth. Often with all my speed, I veer out of control into uncharted territory. Let me tell you from experience;  all the bandwidth in the world focused on the wrong thing results in errors, missed opportunities and often self loathing.

Many of you know that Tim and I are in the initial stages of starting Impact Ministries in the United States, and it is an education in waiting on the Lord. My wide bandwidth, high speed mentality is taken to task as we wait for all the moving pieces God has put into play to come together.  Each of us brings a different set of skill to get  Impact Ministries USA off the ground.  I know God wove this opportunity in our spiritual journey. Each day that I am challenged to wait on God, I believe God is teaching me to strengthen my wait on God muscle. As I strengthen my ability to wait, I strengthen my connection to God.

I encourage you to slow down your personal bandwidth, and wait for the Lord: be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.  You too will find that God is working in you a deeper connection with Him and that is worth more than any worldly productivity or gain.  

Impact Ministries USA Next Steps
We continue to make progress in several areas as we continue working with Impact Ministries USA.  First we have had our first US board meeting.  This allowed us to adopt our bylaws and elect our first set of officers.  This will also allow us to get our business license in Washington state and set up a bank account.  Step by step things are starting to take shape!

We also have firm dates to travel to Guatemala this year.  We will be in Tactic from September 11th to 22nd.  We will continue to build relationships in Guatemala, see the ongoing work, and also do some strategic planning for IM USA for 2012 while in Tactic.  We will send out a letter in the near future with more details about our trip.  Keep us in prayer as we continue to move forward.

Finally, we started to move forward again on getting the 501c3 paperwork for the IRS.  We received more information from Impact Ministries Canada and hope to have the paperwork wrapped up and ready to submit to the IRS by summer.  Pray that we complete the paperwork, and identify the organization we want to work with to review and refine our application before submitting it to the IRS. 

 Travel to Duvall, WA & Kamloops, CAN
We will be venturing out to Duvall in November or December to coincide with a Impact Ministries Canada board meeting up in Kamloops, Canada.  It will have been three years since we have last been out to Duvall, and can't wait to get back out there and catch up with people!  Stay tuned for more details as we get confirmed dates.

 Candy's Update
Spring is here! Can I run around in the crisp, but sundrenched outdoors like a wild child just left out of the house for spring break after a snow imprisonment? That is kind of how I feel. I said to Tim that I feel like a caged animal this spring. I am ready for a season outdoors. I am more than ready to get out in God’s beautiful creation with some green instead of white as the main color scheme. Although, I hold within me the wild child longing for spring, God continues to develop maturity within me.
In our last letter I offered Romans 12:1 from the Message as a challenge:
 “So here's what I want you to do, God helping you: take your everyday, ordinary life— your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life — and place it as an offering before God. Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for Him. Don't become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking. Instead, fix your attention on God. You’ll be changed from the inside out. Readily recognize what he wants from you, and quickly respond to it. Unlike the culture around you, always dragging you down to its level of immaturity, God brings the best out of you, develops well-formed maturity in you.”
Well, in the last three months I continued to mature through God’s many avenues.  I required a large measure of maturity at work as I began the process to step down from my co-chair position on the Working Group on Support Staff’s Professional Development Resources Subcommittee. I came to the understanding that if the subcommittee was going to develop further,  I needed to be mature enough to step aside and encourage new leaders to come forward for the group. More maturity came into play with my job responsibilities. I faced losing some time at work and needed to find another person who needed four hours of my time,  and would not expect 20 hours. As I approached a lab manger of a very large group, I became very aware of how much I needed a mentor like her in my work life. So again, I required the maturity to ask, admitting I still need help to develop. There are many more examples at work, and I am humbled by each one.
I am finding that maturity is an unique experience that both humbles and builds up a person, and requires prayer.  Proverbs reminds us that lack of humility has a cost. Proverbs 11:2 a says, “When pride comes, then comes disgrace…" But Proverbs also tells us that humility has a benefit, “ Humility is the fear of the Lord; its wages are riches and honor and life."  I thank those of you who are an Epaphras on my behalf. “Epaphras, … He is always wrestling in prayer for you, that you may stand firm in all the will of God, mature and fully assured” (Col 4:12). I am of great need for someone to wrestle in prayer for me as I continue to mature, so a special thank you to our prayer partners!


Tim's Update
This has been a hard winter for me.  The weather and what seemed like never ending snow from late Decebmer through early February really took its toll.  I can't ever remember being more ready for sping and warmer weather.  With being cooped up inside, we worked on some projects around the house.  The biggest one was putting up some shelving in our office that we got for free.  It was a huge blessing and really helped us clean up and organize our office space where I work for MIT two days a week.  We continue to pare down and try to streamline our earthly possessions.  At times a slow process, but we made significant headway as we cleaned up the office and bedroom.

I had the opportunity to excape to warmer climates twice for two quick trips.  First in early February, I traveled to Florida for a conference for work.  Then in early April, I had the opportunity to travel to Augusta Georgia to see a couple of practice rounds of the Masters Golf Tournament.  We had two gloriously beautiful days on the golf course, which is probably one of the best manicured pieces of real estate on the planet.  It was a great time with my dad, and old friend from Penn State, Matt Lindenberg, and his son Ryan.  Check out some of the pictures to the right.

Work at MIT continues along at a steady pace.  The Institute continues to enjoy success in raising funds, which helps to keep me employed.  It is hard to believe I have been there for four and a half years already.  That is the longest time I have been at any place since I left Penn State.  Job stability has not been something that I have experienced until now, and I must say it is a blessing.

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Prayer Partners Needed
We have a group of people willing to pray for us on an ongoing basis. As we continue on lifes journey we are still looking for 10 more people to commit to pray for us on a regualar basis. If you would like to receive more frequent short updates with prayer and praise items as they arise please click here to be added to our prayer partner list.

Prayer Requests & Praises!
Spring is here!
*  Our old Geo Metro died, but God led us to a next to new 2009 Yaris, which we love! 
*  We had a great trip to Lancaster and visit with family over the Christmas holiday.
*  We received some free shelving and did a makeover of our home office.
*  Tim got a short respite from the winter weather while traveling to Florida for a conference in early February.
*  Impact Ministries updated their website; check out the new website at
*  The Glocal Outreach course at Grace Chapel is moving along with 20 to 25 attending the class weekly.
*  Impact Ministries Canada had great board meetings in February as they started to work out how the USA and Canada will work together.
 *  Praise God for our churches new sermon series on "LIVING CLOSE:Fostering Faith-Shaping Friendships." Check it out at:
*  Praise God for our incredible Friday night Life Community (bible study). The study has been quite encouraging.
 Prayer Requests:
*  Pray for Les & Rita Peters (Impact Ministries field directors in Guatemala).  Rita's mother passed away on April 26th.  Pray for peace as they are in Canada with family.
 Pray for Candy's brother David.  He is having surgery for a stricture in his intestine June 16th
*  Continue to pray for us as we work on the 501c3 application for Impact Ministries USA to receive tax exempt status with the IRS. 
*  Pray also for guidance for the Impact Ministries Canada board as they continue to make decisions about the future and pray that they remain open to the ongoing changes.


Pictures  - You can always see more pictures by going to our website and clicking on the photos tab on the left hand side.

Games with Impact Ministries class

Morning worship at school

The next school expansion project

Les Peters - Canadian field director

Some local guys after a soccer game

Students at Chicoy school 

Two local boys happy to see us

Our new to us car

Too much snow!

Office makeover

Office makeover #2

Main Master's Leaderboard

Hole #16 - Redbud

Meticulously removing debris from the sand traps

Calendar of Events  
*  Apr. 30 MIT Open House
*  May 14 Gamers @ Lang's
*   May 29 Abramowicz Picnic
*  Jun. 10-12 Weaver Family Camping
*  Jun. 24-Jul. 4 ACF Reunion & NC
*  Aug. 19-20 Camping, ME
*  Sept. 11-22 Tactic Guatemala
*  Oct. Horse Gal's Trip
*  Nov. Thanksgiving in PA
*  Nov./Dec. Seattle & Canada

*  Impact Ministries
*  Harvard
*  MIT
*  Candy's Work
*  Tim's Work
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