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Life and ministry in The United Methodist Church continue to shift, slow down, speed up, and change again. Loving our neighbors during a pandemic is still a top priority. When it comes to General Conference, until all are able to safely travel around the globe, we could experience even more change ahead. We’re engaged with a number of leadership teams that aim to influence justice-centered decisions while we simultaneously embrace a willingness to be flexible.

In the meantime, RMN's Organizing Team is leaning into this extended wait with a continued focus on Rooted & Rising.  

In most areas, Annual Conference Rooted & Rising teams are meeting with their Organizer every other month, some teams are about to meet for the first time, and some have organized themselves to meet on their own in between. Strategic outreach plans are being developed, and Reconciling United Methodists across the connection are grasping the importance of continuing to expand and grow the Reconciling presence in their Annual Conference. 

The opportunity to get involved in your Conference Rooted & Rising team is ongoing! To join, complete this form and your Organizer will be in touch.

If you don’t have the bandwidth to join your Rooted & Rising team right now, you can still participate. Here are a few ways to get involved:
  • Is your Sunday school class, UMW Circle, music ministry, or youth group interested in becoming a Reconciling Community? If so, consider coaching them through the Reconciling process.
  • Are there several Reconciling United Methodists (individuals) spread across various groups in your church? Get together and form a Reconciling Community as a witness of hope and inclusion in your congregation. Reconciling Communities can be an educational resource and prophetic voice for their churches.
  • Are you connected to United Methodists from other work within your conference, such as lay leadership, disaster relief, etc? They may not know about RMN. Mention your involvement. Have a conversation. Invite them to sign up to be a Reconciling United Methodist.
If you’d like to explore any of these opportunities further, please email your RMN Organizer. Our contact information is shared below, and we’d love to talk with you about how you can make the ministry of Reconciliation a reality in your area.

Never forget, as you engage in conversation with your Sunday school classes, your book or Bible study friends, pew neighbors, and regional groups: you are doing lifesaving work. That's the work of Reconciliation and the work that we're doing together.

A Plowshare Prayer

We stumbled onto a gifted singer/songwriter and an amazing new song over the weekend. Take 5 minutes to listen. You’ll be glad you did!  

Spencer LaJoye is a musician and Artist in Residence at Lakewood UMC in Lakewood, CO. A graduate of Iliff School of Theology, Spencer is a Curator at The Chimney Place, a local live music venue. You can visit their website here.

Connecting Reconciling United Methodists with Reconciling Groups

We’re in the process of updating our database and would love to know which of our Reconciling United Methodists are members of a Reconciling Community, Church, Campus Ministry or Regional Reconciling Group. 

If YOU are a member of a Reconciling group of any kind, please take 2 minutes and complete this form. Thanks so much! 
Let us know you are a part of a Reconciling group!
Your Reconciling work makes a difference. We are so grateful for you!
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Thank you for your support!

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