Yes, you can grill. (June 2016)
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Entertaining this summer? Check out my fit and flavorful summer entertaining recipes. Parties don't have to mean over-indulging when you've got my recipe arsenal on your side!

Summertime...and the grilling is easy.

June 2016

Happy Summer lsdjfd!

Yesterday I stared at my car dashboard and it said 116 degrees. When it gets to that point, dry heat doesn't mean anything is HOT. A perk is that the coffee that I leave in my car before yoga class is still hot when I get back. Seriously, a ceramic mug can almost burn your lips in the AZ summer heat!

With this extreme heat, I'm all about grilling. It keeps your kitchen cool and clean. I'm obsessed. 

I know, I're afraid of grilling. At least, that is what I mostly hear from the ladies. Guys seem to have had the grilling confidence instilled at an early age. 

I cook on a gas grill at home. Easy peasy. Turn on the gas, click the ignition switch, turn the knobs to medium-low or medium, and you're off to the races. Be sure you scrape the grill each time with a metal grill brush. And right before you put the food on the hot grates, lightly brush with oil. I like to use a folded paper towel dipped in canola oil, held with long grill tongs. Lay that food on the hotter part of the grill and don't mess with it until it is ready to flip, or if you want to show off and make perfect diamond-shaped grill marks (I do that sometimes!).

You barely need to add any fat to the food you grill either. Marinating your meats first or rubbing with spices will greatly reduce any potential carcinogens from forming on the meat.  

A few other points to keep in mind:
  • Larger pieces of food (like a pork shoulder) will require lower heat. Small pieces of food do better at higher heat, like medium-high, so you still get the grill marks.
  • A grill basket is a great tool to hold small pieces of food like mushrooms, Brussels sprouts and cherry tomatoes. Skewers are cute, but a grill basket will save you from fussing.
  • You can grill almost anything, including fruit. Pineapple tastes amazing from the grill.
In this issue, it is full of delish and nutrish grilling recipes, plus other dishes you can easily whip together this summer. Preferably eaten under a ceiling fan or in a summer breeze while wearing a slightly damp bathing suit.

Enjoy and have a safe and happy 4th of July!
- Michelle
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