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January 2018

Happy, Healthy New Year!

Woot, woot! Happy New Year friend!

I love this time of year. A time to start fresh and new. My latest project that I am SO excited about is the 4Real Food Reboot program which is designed for weight loss, fat loss, and increasing your energy levels without deprivation, hunger, or calorie counting. Check it out here! My first group is starting the reboot today and they are already loving it.
My new 4Real Food Reboot program!
I just received an email from 4Real member Kathy saying, "I actually made yesterday my first day. So far I am loving it!

And yesterday, 4Real member Heather told me, Went to the grocery store earlier...I normally HATE grocery shopping but with your shopping list I was in and out totally STRESS free! I knew exactly what I needed. It was amazing! Xoxoxo

I have another group starting next Monday. Sign up today so you'll be all set to start rebooting on Monday, or just dive right in today! There's no better time than the present.

On the topic of weight loss, the latest research is showing how the time of day you eat can actually affect your weight, as well as blood glucose levels. Below you'll find the link to the latest piece I wrote for Food Network.

And keep reading for healthy, light, and delicious recipes to start you out right for the new year.

Don't hesitate to email me (just hit "reply") if you have questions about the 4Real Food Reboot program. Or read more about it here.

Indy peeps: My next segments on "Indy Style" will be Wednesday, January 17, 10-11am. See you then. (Sorry I missed you last month. I totally threw out my back from a barre class and could not even walk for two days! It was crazy. I'm all better now.)

Until next time, my friend!


“When you think about quitting,
think about why you started.”

— Author Unknown

New Year Resolutions: 7 Healthy Ways to Press Reset Before Starting
Just like you, I consumed more than my fair share of cured meat, sugar, and alcohol over the holiday, partaking in everything that the season has to offer. After the dust has settled, I don’t let it get me down. Instead, I get healthy and reboot my pantry, plate and living room (yes, living room) for a total reboot. Click here to learn the 7 healthy ways I hit the reset button.
A Healthy Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snack to Start your 2018 Off Right
Starting the day with a satisfying, nutritious breakfast helps you stay fueled all morning long while also helping you resist any tempting breakfast pastries that might cross your path.
You might be pleasantly surprised by the fun, pop-y texture and striking color of the black variety of quinoa. Paired with in-season fruit (like right now it's grapes, or whatever is locally "in peak season" near you), leftover rotisserie chicken, and a few handfuls of tender greens, you’ve got a salad that is as striking as it is easy.
Dinner: Spaghetti with Fresh Goat Cheese, Crimini Mushrooms and Arugula
This recipe was specifically created for all you veggie lovers out there.
The earthy mushrooms acquire a meaty texture when sautéed and are balanced by the sweetness of red onions. Arugula adds intensity and color. If you like enhancing savory dishes with fruit, sprinkle in tart cherries or prunes with the red onions for a lovely contrast.
And don't forget a snack!: Red Lentil Hummus with Cumin and Sriracha
I’m not over exaggerating when I say that my husband and I
eat hummus every. Single. Day. I came up with this recipe when we somehow managed to run out of store-bought hummus and all I had were some lentils on hand instead of the usual chickpeas used to make hummus. It's creamy and delicious with pita, crackers or raw vegetables.
Michelle In The News You Can Use

You may think the only way to eat dinner for cheap is to hit a fast food restaurant- not true! Stumped for low-cost, healthy meal ideas? I shared an entire week's worth of delicious, whole food dinners with Women's Health Magazine, all at $2 per serving or less.

Do sleep and meal timing play a role in weight control? In my latest article for Food Network's Healthy Eats Blog, I explained how meal and sleep schedules may help you lose weight.

Are you overwhelmed by the options in the dairy/dairy alternative aisle? The health benefits of milk are "many and varied", so I chatted with U.S. News and World Report Health to help make it an easier decision for you & your family.

For more delicious recipes, clean eating inspiration & help with your 2018 health goals:
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