Fast Food at Home. Healthier  (March 2015 issue 2)
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My thin and crispy Chili-Cumin Oven Fries and Creamy Scallion Dip will satisfy any craving.

Fast Food at Home. Healthier.

March 2015  

Hi there, friend,
Wow, do I have some exciting news to share, and you are the first to know. Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 1, I will be appearing on The Doctors, a nationally distributed show, talking about diet-friendly desserts. Check your local listings. I hope you’ll tune in!
Now, on with the other recipes that I’ve been working on. I’ll admit it. I enjoy fast food on occasion. Take for example, Chic-Fil-A. One of my fast food go-tos. Not that I “go to” often, but it’s hard to resist the indoor playground when it’s 100 degrees outside and my daughter is begging to jump around at the playground. Wait, who am I kidding? Fast food comes in handy to save me the trouble of cooking and cleaning, while entertaining the kids. And those chicken tenders and waffle fries can taste oh so good. At the same time, I feel so much better about whipping up my own chicken nuggets, which taste even better, and I feel like super mom knowing that they’re made with nutritious whole foods.

In this issue, I’m sharing a full fast food spread from nuggets to drinks to dessert, most of which can be prepared quickly and simply. Also, check out my menu as it was teased on the front cover of the Arizona Republic and featured in the Food & Dining section, where Karen Fernau interviewed me about the method behind my madness in developing these recipes.
- Michelle

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The Michelle File: My Latest Recipes
Chicken nuggets are everyone's favorite, no matter the age. Unfortunately, drive-thru chicken is often more like mystery meat than whole pieces of chicken. My Oven-Fried Chicken Nuggets with Maple Dijon Dip promise all-white meat chicken baked in a crunchy, savory coating. A kid pleaser and husband pleaser.
Sometimes you want a tasty drink, but don't want the calories and sweeteners that come with sugary drinks. My Orange-Pomegranate Roy Rogers gets its color and sweetness from antioxidant rich pomegranate juice. Craving a cola instead of something fruity? Watch me make my homemade Earl Grey Cola on Arizona Midday!
Whether you follow a gluten-free diet or not, my Turkey and Vegetable Confetti Pizza with Almond-Flax Crust is something you've got to try. Rich with both protein and fiber, and delicious. Watch me on Arizona Midday as I demonstrate how easy it is to put together.
As the weather warms up, the kids start asking for ice cream. And let's be honest, you wouldn't mind having a scoop for yourself! Trips to the ice cream store add up quickly, both in cost and in calories. But with just a few minutes and a few pantry ingredients, you can have my Dark Chocolate Banana Pops instead!
Oldies but Goodies, Reconstructed.
Recently for dinner, I pulled some of my Turkey Vegetable and Oat Mini Meatloaves from the freezer. So I zapped a slice in the microwave, diced it and covered it with marinara sauce on top of spaghetti. I told Scarlet (my 5-year-old) that they were meatballs, so she thought it was business as usual. She literally shoveled it into her mouth. Score. You can find the recipe in my book, or here.
Michelle in News You Can Use

10 Unexpected Stressors that Wreck Health on Greatist

Sleep habits, technology use, and even packaged foods all affect our stress levels. Check out my advice on caffeine intake over at Greatist. So many of us rely on that morning cup of joe, but more is not always better!

Healthy Fast Food on Arizona Midday: I always love stopping by and chatting with the lovely ladies at Arizona Midday. This time we lightened up fast food with pizza, frozen banana pops and a homemade cola. We finished up with oven-fried chicken nuggets and a delicious mocktail!
Seasonally Obsessed
Artichokes: Artichokes can seem daunting if you aren't sure how to prepare them. But this seasonal ingredient is packed with fiber, along with vitamin C, magnesium, and 7% of the Daily Value for potassium. Check out my Easy Grilled Artichokes with Roasted Garlic-Dijon Puree, where I break down how to prepare these somewhat tricky vegetables.
My New Favorite Thing
The Vegetarian Flavor Bible, by Karen Page: If you love cooking from the hip and coming up with new recipes like I do, or wondering what else to do with, say, the fruit pouring from your tree, enter my new best friend, The Vegetarian Flavor Bible, by Karen Page. I love cooking from her previous award-winning book, The Flavor Bible, so she sent me a free copy of her and her husband's latest and greatest to check out. I'm already referencing it for some cottage cheese recipes that I'm working on. Happy cooking. Available in my Amazon store.
Fun with Stella
Yes, I totally use my children as guinea pigs to test my recipes. If they love my food, chances are that other people will love it, too. Here, Stella is tasting the recipes that I created for The Doctors! Hmm, she loves ice cream. Big surprise. And her lucky day--three desserts at once.
Don't have my cookbook yet? You're missing out on over 110 mouth-watering, quick-fix meals filled with clean ingredients that everyone will love! Available at Amazon and wherever fine books are sold. It's also a great gift for the parent who enjoys cooking.
Eat Like Me, Shop Like Me: Check out my new Amazon store. I get a small commission off of anything you buy through my store or link, which helps pay for my IT guy, improving the way I communicate with you online. Check out my aStore here!
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