FLEX users, there’s something new for you in 2021!

Your Open plan now gives you access to round-trip Communauto vehicles, as well as FLEX ones.

This is an alternative that can come in handy, especially on weekends if you are planning an outing for a few hours outside the city and no FLEX cars are available nearby.

This also means that nearly 1,500 additional vehicles are now available to you in Quebec, in the cities of Quebec, Montreal, Sherbrooke and Gatineau.

You will find more spacious models in stations than the usual FLEX Prius C, such as the Toyota Corolla (sedan model), a mid-size vehicle or the Prius V (family category).

Another advantage, round-trip vehicles can be reserved up to 30 days in advance and for a maximum of 31 consecutive days. Useful when you want the certainty of having a vehicle at a specific place and time!

Except for non-communicating stations, access to these vehicles is the same as for a FLEX. The important thing to remember is that round-trip vehicles must be returned to their station at the end of the reservation. You must also select the start/end dates and times of your reservation in advance. Please be on time as there is no delay between two reservations. You must therefore think of the next user who may have reserved the vehicle immediately after you. For this reason, it’s better to plan some extra time when booking. 

Check out the FAQ to learn more about using round-trip vehicles available by reservation. For a quick overview see this video.

How much does it cost? 

Except for the Prius V (20% surcharge on hourly rental rates; the surcharge does not apply on day rates), the rates are the same as you are used to ($12 /hour, $ 50 /day, 100 km included per trip, 20 ¢ /km after 100 km) with the difference that there is no per-minute rate when you use a vehicle in a station (the minimum reservation time is 30 minutes). Learn more.

The Communauto Team
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